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Underneath,who knows the existence of darkness?

But only that it is there,striving places in our souls,places untold of knowing.Like an Underworld of its own feeding on humanity,mankind killing out its own.Kindness face of but deep game life endless battle.Hatred consumed,love hanging on the end.UnderWorld,what holds key to the man in the sewer,life has been not kind why those profit for themselves.A slave even to his on being we struggle to place ourselves.Define ourselves in life's trials of journey,we even tempt that in ourselves.Like rats we are put to extinct,the drugs kills,the food poison,our animals that roam are done in sport.We kill what we work hard to build. We even kill that deep in as we over populate each having hatred for the other.Sewers run water just as trash itself streets carry.No remorse,no decency,one all for one no prisoners taken,no love one has in darkness without light.Even in shadow who knows truly underneath but only the one who lives it.Even the strong has a weak point in flesh but those in darkness,they see fear for survival.They only know what's Underneath,life's existence.

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Author: Steve Harvell
Southern gent from 2 light town,inspired by older generation. A Godly man of heart,dedication to survival and dreams. No failure but will to succeed actions. Inspired by Love,my journey long. Death is certain,there's always light in solution. Being proud your accomplishments is to strive,never stop swimming. A dream is Reality if you willing risk to find achievement. Inspire others,LOve another!


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