Unspoken Words

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As dawn come
As sun rises up
As cold air embraces me
The time I thought I’ll be happy
Full of expectations
Full of dreams
The dancing leaves
The ripen fruits
The Flowers as they bloom
Gave me hopes, dried my tears
The singing of the birds
The outcry of the poor
The echo of his voice
Children’s laughter as they enjoy
The sweet smile of my mother
The flapping of roaster’s feathers
The sweet scent coming from the kitchen
Wash away my heartaches and pain
The sweet smile in each person I’d meet
As I walked along the crowded Street
Searching for his face
Widen my pace
Nothing I have seen
Words remain unspoken
As sunset passed by
A time when stars start to glimpse up in the Sky
“Cause only my pillow knew
Too late, regrets follow.
Hated this unspoken words
Striking the very core of my heart like swords
Too late to say
'Cause he’s far away.
Summer starts
A time he departs
As he lay his head back down
And sleep safe and sound
Rest! That is FOREVER!
Picture is my only souvenir
As you laid down in a coffin
Due to Tremendous accident
Thank you, my dear Boyfriend
I’ll treasure you ‘till the end
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Author: ladyonfire


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