Using Writing as a Form of Meditation

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Using Writing as a Form of Meditation preparation

Using Writing as meditation can be very useful. Many people love to write. Writing can be very calming and relaxing. I know, for me, when I write I go into a zone. Writing calms and relaxes me. I seem to be in another time and space when I write. I am a Reiki Grand Master and I have practiced meditation for over 15 years.

When I am writing, I have a relaxing environment. I have a room in my home; I use as my office. The room is red and brown. These are grounding colors. The colors of your room can help you relax. I filled my room with books and my spiritual collection. I usually write sitting on my couch with my dog by my side. These things help me relax. It’s very helpful to have things to help you relax in the room you are writing in. I also burn scented candles. Smells can affect your mood. I highly recommend burning scented candles or having flowers in the room you are going to write in.

If you are going to use writing as meditation, I highly recommend you don’t try it when you are in a foul mood, frustrated, annoyed, or upset. You should try to calm yourself down in other ways first. I have read where it’s good to write when your emotions are strong. So, write a few pieces about your emotions than try writing as a form of meditation.


Using Writing as a Form of Meditation

When I write, my breathing is different. I breathe deep breaths. This helps me to relax. I do this until my breathing goes into its own rhythm. I love to write poetry. Poetry is my favorite type of writing. I often wrote poetry as a child. I highly recommend writing your favorite types and styles of writing while using writing as a form of meditation.

I often go into my own world while I am writing. This just happens to me a lot. I am sure there are many other writers out there like this. Zoning out is a form of meditation. So writing is a great way to meditate. Even if you never realized you are meditating while writing. 

Every writer has at one point or another felt like something or someone else was guiding their writing. The ideas just seem to flow freely. You write like where was no tomorrow. Using writing as a form of meditation does this for me.

I hope you enjoy this article. Thank-you for reading.

Love and Light Brenda Marie.

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