Vander made me wonder

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        That night I was seated in a hospital bench waiting my grandmother to finish consulting with the doctor.I had put on my earphones to listen to some music.I seemed disinterested with was going on in the hospital because i wasn't new to the place.I used to take my grandmother there who is ninety six now everytime her blood pressure count rose.

        It was during the night and in a hospital anyway,so,i didn't expect to see much.But there is something,i don't remember just exactly how i got myself staring at some receptionist until grandma shook my hand and asked if we could leave.She seemed quite young.

        I didn't think that a place like a hospital would turn to be the best place I've ever frequented.Just how is that possible?Iasked grandma if I could rush to the washrooms but I knew that I was lying.I wanted to say Hi to the beauty and ask if I could borrow her number.She actually told me her name and told she had noticed that I was interested in her.

       She was right,I did like her at first sight.She told me her name was Vander.Honestly,this girl Vander made me wonder just how someone is so prettier than every other creature.

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Author: Hempstone Macharia
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