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My favorite place in the world is Virginia Beach, Virginia Beach is a great place to swim, relax, run around or just plain have fun! I used to live extremely close to Virginia Beach, Youngstown to be exact. However now I live in Ohio, and I miss being able to drive 4 minutes down the road to Virginia Beach. I use to go there with a bucket and walk around the beach to try to find little crabs. One time I even started digging a hole, and found a bunch of baby crabs inside of it, they all starting pinching me. Then one day while on the Virginia Beach Boardwalk my mom brought me into a little souvenir shop and we found a section that was selling little Hermit crabs. They were so adorable, and they were only ten dollars including food, and a tank. I had this little crab with my other pets (two cats) and he lived a very long life. On top of the cool ocean, and the great boardwalk, another great thing about Virginia beach is that is where my dad worked. My dad worked for the coast guard, and his military base he worked at was based on the beach. You could go up and see the boats leaving, but since my dad worked there I even got to go and ride around on one which was awesome. We lived next to Virginia beach for the four years my dad was stationed there, but then moved to Ohio because we had family there, and honestly we were sick of it. While living there was ok for the four years, it wasn’t ideal. However it is still an amazing vacation spot if you want to go and stay a night on the water, but make sure you go when its not hurricane season.

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Author: Kaden Brickner
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