We Live

Written by Paghunda Zahid |
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We live in this world as if we own this place

How we behave as if we are the masters of our fate

We talk, we walk , we act like kings,

But every day, every single moment

We are make aware of our bit

We have no power

We don’t even matter

We were sent without our consent

Our lives will be taken without any warrant

At one moment we are like god

At another we are dust

Our mind,heart, pride, arrogance, attitude, love, loath, passion

Everythingbecomes dreck

Yet we fight, argue, hurt andsquish others

Yet there are wars, hostilities and masacare

Why do we forget?

How can we??


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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Paghunda Zahid
I post my poems there👉 https://www.poetrysoup.com/me/Paghunda I love putting my thoughts into words..
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