what a beauty

Written by mohamad safan |
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Did you see her?

Did you admire her?


Did think that she notice you?

Did you believe that she love true?


If that happened, you'd be considered the hero

You will be the king of all people you know


That her beauty makes one opening his eye

And trying not to close it to see her hue


You will say that would not be human body

She doesn't create as other people of moisture


She born to be the queen of the beauty of all persons

and hearts

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Form of Poetry


Author: mohamad safan
ai am a writer and have more blogs for children, family,financial and women. i wrote also books at Amazon and lulu publisher. I have books for children and family. i love reading and writing poems and stories. i like nature and green plants. roses and flowers make me happy. i love winter and summer. rains make me happy and fresh air.
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