Where Did My Someday Go?

Written by Oyenuga Temilola |
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Recently, a tiny voice in my head has been asking me about the 'someday' I always dreamed of as a kid. The 'someday' that I vividly painted while laid in the dark on my tiny bed back in the confines of my mother's cramped apartment.  How I thought of so many beautiful things!  Moments when  I live in a very big house with a comically large studio for the many artworks I'd do and the books i'd read in my library on weekends. Moments when I wake to the sweet scent of a loving husband  and the heartwarming chatter of adorable kids in the next bedroom. Moments  when I visit friends and we talk about how our someday had crept in on us and it is so beautiful that we can't believe it is actually happening.  I imagined them all--to intricacies.

Somewhere, however,  down the lane, amidst the daily hustle and tussle ; the constant strive and thrive, the search for validation--and the anxiety tugging at its tails,  I lost my 'someday'. Just like streamlined smoke that disappears rapidly in the air, it has diffused with little next to nothing traces and I'm just left with the empty echoes of what I defined as 'someday'. Some say this is what reality is; the huge gap between the expected and actuality. 

To sleep as a kid with so many dreams in your soul and wake as a single and struggling  forty years old bartender itchy on the heels for tips from drunk customers, I can't help but ask,  "Where did my 'someday' go? 

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'Where Did My Someday Go?' is a work-in-progress fiction by Oyenuga Temilola. It is a narrarive that exposes the thin line between ideality and reality, the death of dreams and the quest to rise again and the voids of abuse. Oyenuga Temilola is still pouring her soul on empty white sheets to give voice to the 'unvoiced'. And she is coining her own words too in this good-to-read book!

Author: Oyenuga Temilola
I am a graduate of the Lagos State University with a B.Ed, English language. I believe the literary world is a view to aesthetic reality. Passionate about writing, I embrace it in its entirety. From screenwriting to short stories and novels, I explore both fictional and non fictional themes and intend to reach out to the aesthetic souls clothed by the human bodies.


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