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I can't imagine when a great thing didn't come from a whisper

A whisper of the wind...

A whisper of the body...

A whisper of the mind...


I can hear whispers

My revelation is why the host can't hear theirs

Their 'conscious' actions deviated and permeated by a world that doesn't understand itself


The whisper of the wind may mean rain

Rain births new beginnings which rid us of thoughts provoking loneliness and depression


The whisper of the body

Is vagrant chemistry, timid's enemy

Blighted by the one who seems more attractive to me


The whisper of the mind

My greatest joy

Leads to thoughts that can't be replicated

Transcends ripples in the social hemisphere

Sending chills down the 'wrong men's' spines


I wake up...

And I'm standing in the rain

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Form of Poetry


Author: Shawna-Lee Lawrence
I am a poet at heart, so wildly in love with the imagination and the fruit bears from my soul
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