WHO IMF IBRD And ADB Money To India Health Finances Human Rights Violations And Corruption

Written by P. S. Remesh Chandran |
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India, especially the State of Kerala, receives billions of dollars as financial assistance, grants and loans for development in the health sector, from such international agencies as the WHO, IMF, IBRD and ADB. All this money belongs to the world’s people and when it reaches India, it is squandered 95 percent through corruption, unaccountability and human rights violation. People who give money for good purposes have the right to know how it is utilized and if there is transparency and fairness at the receiving end. Without ensuring these conditions, no one will give money to anyone as assistance, grant or loan. And no one will give money to corrupt human rights violators.

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First published in November 2014. How world people's money in international funds are misused.

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