Wild Child

Written by Nebechi Grace Ezennaya |
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She upholds her exceptionality

And rubs it on the faces of her counterparts.

She's brave and bold,

Leading an explicit life of modesty.


A true alpha she is

She's a fierce expression of beauty

The centre of attraction.

Her alluring and well crafted figure 

Makes you turn on the lights.


She's smart and sturdy

Athletic and capricious

She keeps her head high

Swaying her hips as she walks by.


She's sweet and foxy

Lush and hunky.

She's like lemon...

Incredibly refreshing but not meant for the weak.

She's got a great taste

She does no sub-standard stuff


She loves herself as others

But gets haughty with the naughty

She knows she's priceless

She also knows that she's tough

But won't compromise to suit the frail.

Some say she's cold and aloof,

Unpredictable and standoffish

But she's perfectly humane

She's only a wild child who craves understanding.


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Form of Poetry


Author: Nebechi Grace Ezennaya
I am Nebechi Grace Ezennaya, born December 22nd, 1998. I'm from Anambra State, Nigeria and a student of Applied Microbiology and Brewing at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka. My hobbies are dancing, reading, writing, listening to music and making researches.I write essays and all kind of poems.
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