Latin Words

A list of Latin words and their definition. Latin word dictionary.

a (ab, abs) [Preposition], abl: from, away from
abactor [Noun], cattle-lifter, cattle-stealer, abductor
abacus [Noun], abacus, ball-frame, counting-frame, buffet
abaetere [Verb], to depart, go away, leave
abavus [Noun], great-grandfather, forefather
abbas [Noun], abbot
abbatia [Noun], abbey
abbatissa [Noun], abbess
abbrevio, abbreviare, abbreviavi, abbreviatus [Verb], to abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten
abdere [Verb], to abstract, take away, conceal, hide
abdicatio [Noun], abdication
abdico, abdicare, abdicavi, abdicatus [Verb], to abdicate, resign
abdomen [Noun], abdomen, belly, lower part of the body
abecedarius [Adjective], abecedarian, alphabetical
abeō, abīre, abiī abīvī, abitus [Verb], to abdicate, resign, absent onself, depart, go away, leave
abhinc [Adverb], ... ago
abiectus [Adjective], commonplace, dismal, trite
abies [Noun], fir, lance, spear, ship, vessel
abigere [Verb], to chase away, drive away, expel, abstract, steal
abitere [Verb], to depart, go away, leave
abiungere [Verb], to divide, separate
abiuro, abiurare, abiuravi, abiuratus [Verb], to abjure, abnegate
ablativus [Adjective], ablative
ablego, ablegare, ablegavi, ablegatus [Verb], to dismiss, turn away
abloco, ablocare, ablocavi, ablocatus [Verb], to invite tenders for, put out to tender, let, rent out
abnato, abnatare, abnatavi, abnatatus [Verb], to swim away
abnegare [Verb], to abnegate, deny oneself
abnegatio [Noun], abnegation
abnepos [Noun], great grandchild
Abnoba [Noun], Black Forest
abnuere [Verb], to shake one's head, abnegate, deny
abnutare [Verb], to shake one's head
abolere [Verb], to abolish, abrogate
abolescere [Verb], to disappear
abolitio [Noun], abolishment, abolition, abrogation, act of grace, amnesty
abomiamentum [Noun], abomination
abominabilis [Adjective], dismal, dreary, ghastly, hideous, horrible, nasty, abhorrent, abominable, alien, awful, gruesome
abominare [Verb], to abhor, abominate, loathe
abominatio [Noun], abhorrence, abomination, horror
aboriri [Verb], to disappear
aborisci [Verb], to disappear
abortio [Noun], abortion
abortus [Noun], abortion, failure, miscarriage
abrenuntiare [Verb], to abjure, abnegate
abrenuntiatio [Noun], abjuration
abrogatio [Noun], abolishment, abolition, abrogation
abrumpere [Verb], to divide, separate, break, break off
abrupte [Adverb], abruptly
abruptum [Noun], abyss, chasm, gulf, precipice
abscedere [Verb], to absent onself, depart, go away, leave, disappear
abscondere [Verb], to conceal, hide
absconse [Adverb], clandestinely, secretly
absens [Verb], absent
absimilis [Adjective], different
absinthiatum [Noun], vermouth
absinthium [Noun], absinth
absolutio [Noun], absolution, acquittal
absolutus [Adjective], absolute
absolvere [Verb], to absolve, acquit
absque [Preposition], apart from, but, except, other than, without
abstinere [Verb], to abstain
absum, abesse, āfuī, ------- [Verb], to be absent, be missing
absurdus [Adjective], absurd
abyssus [Noun], abyss, chasm, gulf, precipice
ac [Conjunction], and
acacia [Noun], acacia
Academia [Noun], Academy
acalanthis [Noun], goldfinch
acanthus [Unfiled], acacia, acanthus
acatium [Noun], little boat
accelerare [Verb], to accelerate, speed up
accendo, accendere, accendi, accensus 3 [Verb], to kindle, set on fire
accensere [Verb], to add
accentus [Noun], accent, stress, sound
acceptabilis, acceptabile [Adjective], agreeable, acceptable, enjoyable, lovely, nice, pleasant,
acceptatio [Noun], acceptance, acceptation, admission
acceptator [Noun], acceptor
accidens [Noun], accident
accidō, accidere, accidī (only used in book in 3rd singular) [Verb], to become, come about, grow, happen, occur
accipere [Verb], to accept, receive, take, take in
accipiter [Noun], hawk, money-grubber
accipitrina [Noun], prey
acclamare [Verb], to acclaim, applaud
acclamatio [Noun], acclaim, acclamation, approval
accognoscere [Verb], to recognize
accommodare [Verb], to add
accrescere [Verb], to accrue, grow, increase
accretio [Noun], accession, accretion, growth, enlargement, increase
accusatio [Noun], accusal, accusation
accusativus [Noun], accusative, accusative case
accusator [Noun], accuser
accuso, accusare, accusavi, accusatus [Verb], to accuse
acer, acris, acre [Adjective], sharp, bitter, ardent
acerbitas [Noun], acerbity, bitterness, severity, rigour, sterness
acerbus [Adjective], acerbic, acid, acrid, harsh, sour, tart, astringent, constringent, bitter, cruel, unripe, green, severe, strict
acere [Verb], to be acid, be sour
acernus [Noun], maple, maple-, of a maple
acescere [Verb], to acidify, sour, grow sour
acetabulum [Noun], vinager-bottle
acetum [Noun], vinegar
Achaemenius [Noun], Persian
Achaia [Noun], Achaea, Achaia, Greece
Achaias [Noun], Greek woman
Acheron [Noun], Acheron
Achivus [Adjective], Greek
acia [Noun], thread
acidus [Adjective], acid, bleak, dismal, dreary, horrible, ghastly, grisly, nasty
acies [Adjective], acerbity, acrimony, acuity, sharpness
acinus [Noun], berry, grape
acipenser [Noun], sturgeon
aconitum [Noun], aconite, monkshood, poison
acquistio, acquistionis [Noun], (f.) purschase, acquistion
acritas [Adjective], acerbity, acrimony, acuity, sharpness
acroama [Noun], reciter, concert, soloist
acror [Noun], acerbity, acrimony, acuity, sharpness
acta [Noun], coast, seaside, shore, beach
Actiacus [Adjective], of Actium
actio [Noun], achievement, act, action
Actium [Noun], Actium
actor [Noun], actor
actuariola [Noun], boat, ship's boat, shallop, sloop
actum [Noun], achievement, act, action, accomplishment
aculeus [Noun], sting, prickle
acumen [Noun], acerbity, acrimony, acuity, sharpness, witticism
acurere [Verb], to sharpen
acus [Noun], needle
acutus [Adjective], abrasive, acerbic, acid, acrid, acrimonious, acute, lurid, sharp, dangerous
ad [Preposition], acc: to, toward, for (purpose), at, until
adagium [Noun], adage, proverb
adamas [Noun], steel
addo, -dere, -didi, -ditus 3 [Verb], to give to, add
addubitare [Verb], to doubt
adducere [Verb], to bring, fetch
adesurire [Verb], to get hungry
adhuc [Conjunction], yet, so far, till now, still (adv.)
adimere [Verb], to abstract, take away
adire [Verb], to advance, approach, come on
adiutare [Verb], to abet, aid, assist, help, accomodate
adiuvo, adiuvare, adiuvi, adiutus [Verb], to help, aid, assist
adjectivum [Noun], adjective
admirabilis [Adjective], admirable, paradoxical
admirabilitas [Noun], admiration
admirari [Verb], to admire
admiratio [Noun], admiration
admirator [Noun], admirer
admitto, admittere, admisi, admissus 3 [Verb], to join, admit, allow, permit
admodum [Adverb], quite, very, very much
admonere [Verb], to admonish, scold, caution, warn
admonitus [Noun], admonition, exhortation
admoveō, admovēre, admōvī, admōtus [Verb], to move to, bring up, apply
admulcere [Verb], to caress, chuck, fondle, stroke
adolescens [Adjective], adolescent
adolescere [Verb], to accrue, grow
ador [Noun], spelt
adorabilis [Adjective], adorable
adoratio [Noun], adoration, worship
adorator [Noun], adorer, worshipper
adorea - adoria [Noun], triumph, victory
adoro, -rare, -ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to worship, adore
adsum (assum), adesse, affui, --- [Verb], to be present
adsum, adesse, adfuī, ------- [Verb], to attend, be present, witness
adulare [Verb], to caress, chuck, fondle, stroke
adulter [Noun], adulterous, adulterer
adultera [Noun], adulteress
adunare [Verb], to join, unite
adunatio [Noun], combination, joining, junction, union
adusque [Conjunction], until, till
advena [Adjective], alien, foreign, foreigner, strange
adveniō, advenīre, advēnī, adventus [Verb], to arrive, end up, get
adventicius [Adjective], alien, foreign
adventus, adventus [Noun], arrival, coming, advent
adverbium [Noun], adverb
adversarius [Noun], adversary, opponent
advesperāscit, advesperāscere, advesperāvit (only used in 3rd singular) [Verb], to get dark, become dark
advocare [Verb], to appeal to, invoke
advocatus [Noun], advocate, barrister, counsel, intercessor, lawyer, solicitor
aedes [Noun], house
aedificatio - aedificium [Noun], building, construction
aedificio, aedificare, aedificavi, aedificatus [Verb], to build
aedon [Noun], nightingale
aeger [Adjective], faint, light, weak, ill, sick, unwell
aegoceros [Noun], ibex
aegre [Adverb], hardly, not easily, with difficulty
aegrere [Verb], to be ailing
aegrescere [Verb], to be taken ill, fall ill
aegrimonia [Noun], grief, sadness, sorrow, gloom, dejection
aegrotare [Verb], to be ailing
aegrotus [Adjective], ill, sick, unwell
Aegyptius, -a, -um [Adjective], Egyptian
aelinos [Noun], elegy
aeneas [Noun], Aeneas
aeneus [Noun], bronze, copper
aenigma [Noun], enigmatic character, mysteriousness, enigma, puzzle, riddle
aeolus [Noun], Aeolus
aeon [Noun], aeon
aequabilitas [Noun], draw, equality
aequilibrium [Noun], equilibrium
aequor [Noun], sea
aequoreus [Adjective], maritime, sea, sea-, of the sea
aequus [Adjective], even, flat, level, smooth, equal
aer [Noun], air, cloud
aerarius [Noun], copper
aeruscare [Verb], to beg
aeruscator [Noun], beggar, market trader
aes [Noun], bronze, copper, money, salary, wage, wages
aesculetum [Noun], oak-wood
aestas [Noun], summer
aestimare [Verb], to appraise, estimate, rate
aetaluta [Noun], love, sexual love
aetas [Noun], age, generation
aeternalis [Adjective], eternal
aeternitas [Noun], eternity
aeternus, -a, -um [Adjective], eternal
aether [Noun], air, ether, heaven, sky
aetherius [Adjective], celestial, heavenly
aethiops [Noun], Abyssinian, Ethiopian
aethra [Noun], heaven, sky
aevitas [Noun], eternity
aevum [Noun], age, eternity
Afer [Adjective], African
affectus, affectus [Noun], (m.) devotion, affection, sense
affigere [Verb], to affix, attach
affluere [Verb], to come flocking in, flow towards, rush towards, stream towards
agamus [Adjective], single, unmarried
agape [Noun], agape, affection, love
agaso [Noun], donkey-driver, groom, stableman
ager, agri [Noun], (m.) field; pl. country
agna - agnellina - agnina [Noun], lamb
agninus [Adjective], lamb, of lamb
agnomen [Noun], byname, nickname, sobriquet
agnōscō, agnōscere, agnōvī, agnitus [Verb], to acknowledge, recognize
agnus, agni [Noun], (m.) lamb
ago, agere, egi, actus 3 [Verb], to do, act, drive, conduct
agon [Noun], competition, contest
agoris [Noun], farmer
agricultio - agricultura [Noun], agriculture, farming, tillage
ah; ai [Adverb], ah, oh, ow
aheneus [Noun], bronze, copper
ait, aiunt [Verb], he says, they say (defective verb)
ala [Noun], armpit, wing, belt, zone, girdle
alauda [Noun], lark
albare [Verb], to blanch, whiten
albus [Adjective], blank, white
alcedo [Noun], halcyon, kingfisher
alces [Noun], elk, moose
alcyon [Noun], halcyon, kingfisher
alea [Noun], die
ales [Noun], indication, omen, portent, precursor, presage, sign, bird
alga [Noun], alga, seaweed
alias [Adverb], another time
alibi [Adverb], elsewhere
alienigenus [Adjective], alien, foreign
alienus [Adjective], another man's, other people's
aliqua [Adverb], anyway, somehow
aliqui, aliqua, aliquod [Pronoun], some, any (indef. pron. adj.)
aliquis, aliquid [Pronoun], someone, something, anyone, anything (indef. pron.)
alius, alia, aliud [Adjective], other, another, else
alleluja [Other], alleluja
allophylus [Adjective], alien, foreign, strange
alneus [Adjective], alder, alder-, of an alder
alnus [Noun], alder
alo, alere, alui, altus 3 [Verb], to nourish, feed, nurse, attend
aloe [Noun], aloe, acerbity, bitterness
alogia [Noun], absurdity, nonsense, rubbish
alsus [Adjective], cool
altare, altaris, altarium [Noun], (n.) altar
altaria [Noun], altar
alter, altera, alterum [Adjective], the other (of two), the second
altitudo [Noun], height
altum [Noun], height, depth
altus, -a, -um [Adjective], high, deep
alumen [Noun], alum
alvarium [Noun], beehive
alveus [Noun], beehive, bath, basin, reservoir, boat, jug, box, container, vessel
alvus [Noun], beehive, stomach, abdomen, belly, tummy
amandare [Verb], to dismiss, turn away
amanuensis [Noun], clerk
amaranthus [Noun], sweet william
amarare [Verb], to make bitter
amare [Verb], to love
amarescere [Verb], to become bitter
amarities - amaritudo [Noun], acerbity, bitterness
amarulentus [Adjective], acerbic, bitter
amarus [Adjective], acerbic, bitter, bleak, dismal, dreary, horrible, ghastly, grisly, nasty
amator [Noun], lover
ambactus [Noun], servant, attendant, serf, villain
ambiguus [Adjective], ambiguous
ambire [Verb], to circumvent, go around
ambitio [Noun], ambition
ambo, ambonis [Noun], (m.) lectern, ambo
ambulo, ambulare, ambulavi, ambulatus [Verb], to walk, take a walk, ‘live’
amens [Adjective], crazy, insane, mad, nuts
amentia [Noun], craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness
amethystus [Noun], amethyst
amica [Noun], friend
amicitia [Noun], friendship
amicus, amici [Noun], (m.) friend
amita [Noun], aunt
amitto, amittere, amisi, amissus 3 [Verb], to send off, lose
amnis [Noun], current, flow, stream
amoliri [Verb], to abduce, turn away
amor [Noun], affection, love, sexual love
amor, amare, amavi, amatus 1 [Verb], to love
amphibolus [Adjective], ambiguous
amphitheatrum [Noun], amphitheatre
amplector, amplecti, ---, amplexus sum 3 [Verb], to embrace
amplius [Adverb], (any) more (comp. adv.)
amplus, -a, -um [Adjective], abundant, ample
ampulla [Noun], bulb
amputare [Verb], to amputate
amygdalum [Noun], almond
an [Adverb], introduces the second of two indirect questions; or, can it be that?
anas [Noun], duck
anathema [Noun], anathema, ban, excommunication
anatina [Noun], duck, duck meat
anatinus [Adjective], duck, duck-, duck's, of a duck
anatomia [Noun], anatomy
anatomicus [Noun], anatomist
ancilla, ancillae [Noun], (f.) maid, (female) servant
ancon [Noun], elbow
ancora [Noun], anchor
ancula [Noun], maid, servant
anculare [Verb], to serve
anculus [Noun], servant, attendant
anethum [Noun], dill
angela [Noun], angel, female angel
angelicus, -a, -um [Adjective], angelic
angelus [Noun], angel
angelus, angeli [Noun], (m.) messenger, angel
anguilla [Noun], eel
anguis [Noun], serpent, snake
angularis - angulatus - angulosus [Adjective], gaunt
angulus [Noun], angle, corner
angustus [Adjective], narrow, close, cramped
anima, animae [Noun], (f.) soul, life, breath, wind
animus, animi [Noun], (m.) heart, mind, spirit
annihilare [Verb], to destroy, quash
anniversarius [Adjective], annual, yearly
annotare [Verb], to note, make a note, write down
annullare [Verb], to destroy, quash
annus, anni [Noun], (m.) year
annuus [Adjective], annual, yearly
anser [Noun], goose
antagonista [Noun], adversary, opponent
antarcticus [Adjective], south, southern
ante [Preposition], acc: before; formerly, previously
antecedere [Verb], to precede
antehac [Adverb], ahead, formerly, previously
anteire [Verb], to precede
antelogium [Noun], prologue
anteludium [Noun], overture, prelude
antenna [Noun], yard
antepassio [Noun], presentiment
antepes [Noun], foreleg, front paw
antepollere [Verb], to exceed, surpass
antequam [Conjunction], before (subord. conj.)
antestare [Verb], to exceed, surpass
antevenire [Verb], to forestall, prevent, exceed, surpass
antevertere [Verb], to forestall, prevent
anteviare [Verb], to precede
antichristus [Noun], Antichrist
antidotum [Noun], antidote
antigerio [Adverb], quite, very, very much
antiquus, -a, -um [Adjective], old, ancient, ancients, forefathers
antistes [Noun], bishop
antistes, antistitis [Noun], (m.) bishop
antitheus [Noun], devil
antrum [Noun], cave, grotto, cavity, cavern, den
anulus [Noun], ring
anus [Noun], anus, arse, ass, old, gammer, old woman
apator [Adjective], fatherless
aper [Noun], wild boar
aperio, aperire, aperui, apertus [Verb], to open, explain
apium [Noun], celery
apographon [Noun], copy
apolactizare [Verb], to despise
apoplexia [Noun], fit, apoplectic fit, seizure, stroke, stroke of apoplexy
aporia - aporiatio [Noun], bashfulness, shyness, timidity
apostolicus, -a, -um [Adjective], apolstolic
apostolus, apostoli [Noun], (m.) apostle
appareo, apparere, apparui, apparitus 2 [Verb], to show forth, appear, emerge
appello, appellare, appellavi, appellatus [Verb], to accost, address
applaudere [Verb], to acclaim, applaud, clap
appotus [Adjective], drunk, intoxicated
appretiare [Verb], to appraise, estimate, rate
apprime [Adverb], quite, very, very much
approbare [Verb], to approve
appropinquo, appropinquare, appropinquavi, appropinquatus [Verb], to draw near, approach
appugnare [Verb], to assault, attack
Aprilis [Noun], April
aprugnus [Adjective], of a wild boar
aptus, -a, -um [Adjective], fitting, suitable, apt (+ dat., ad + acc.)
apud [Preposition], acc: at, among, beside, near, in the presence of
apyrenus [Noun], pomegranate
aqua, aquae [Noun], (f.) water
aquae [Noun], spa
aquaeductus [Noun], aqueduct
aqualiculus [Noun], stomach, abdomen, belly, tummy
aqualis [Adjective], aquatic, water, water-, of water, jug, pitcher, bucket, pail
aquarium [Noun], bar, pub
aquarius [Adjective], aquatic, water, water-, of water
aquila [Noun], eagle
aquosus [Adjective], abounding in water
ara [Noun], altar
Arabicus - Arabius [Adjective], Arabian, Arabic
arabilis [Adjective], arable
aranea [Noun], spiderweb, spider
araneum [Noun], spiderweb
araneus [Adjective], of a spider
arare [Verb], to plough
arbiter [Noun], arbiter, arbitrator, referee, umpire
arbitrarius [Adjective], arbitrary
arbitratus [Noun], arbiter, arbitrator
arbor, arboris [Noun], (f.) tree
arboreus [Adjective], arboreal, tree, tree-, of a tree
arbutum [Noun], arbutus fruit
arbutus [Noun], arbutus, strawberry tree
arca [Noun], box, chest, coffin
arcano [Adverb], clandestinely, secretly
arcanus [Adjective], abstruse, mysterious, secret
archangelus, archangeli [Noun], (m.) archangel
archetypus [Adjective], aboriginal, original
archiepiscopus [Noun], archbishop
archimagirus [Noun], chef
archimandrita [Noun], archimandrite
archipirata [Noun], pirate-chief
arcus [Noun], arch, arc, bow
ardeo, ardere, arsi, arsus 2 [Verb], to burn, glow
arduitas [Noun], abruptness, steepness
arduum [Noun], precipice
arduus [Adjective], high, lofty, tall, abrupt, steep
arena [Noun], arena, desert, beach, sand
arenaceus - arenosus [Adjective], sand, sand-, of sand
arenarius [Adjective], sand, sand-, of sand
Ares [Noun], Ares
argenteus [Noun], silver
argentum [Noun], silver
argilla [Noun], clay, white clay
Argo [Noun], Argus
argumentum [Noun], attempt, test
aries [Noun], ram, tup
arista [Noun], ear
arma [Noun], weapon
armare [Verb], to arm
armarium [Noun], cabinet, closet, cupboard, sideboard
armilla [Noun], bracelet
armus [Noun], arm, shoulderblade, upper arm, upper-arm
arripiō, arripere, arripuī, arreptus [Verb], to lay hold of
ars, artis, artium [Noun], (f.) (practical) knowledge, art, trick
arteria [Noun], artery
arthritis [Noun], arthritis
articulus [Noun], article
artifex [Noun], artist, expert, specialist
artus [Noun], joint, narrow, close, cramped
arundineus [Adjective], cane, cane-
arundo [Noun], baton, cane, stick, fishing rod, reed, pen, arrow
arvina [Noun], fat, grease, bacon
arvum [Noun], field, farmland
arx [Noun], castle
ascendō, ascendere, ascendī, ascēnsus [Verb], to climb
ascensio, ascensionis [Noun], (f.) going up, ascension
asella [Noun], jenny-ass, she-ass
asellus [Noun], haddock
asilus [Noun], gadfly, horse-fly
asininus - asinarius [Adjective], ass's, donkey, donkey-, of an ass
asinus [Noun], ass, donkey
asparagus [Noun], asparagus
aspectamen [Noun], appearance, aspect, look, sight, view
aspirare [Verb], to breathe, blow
aspis [Noun], adder, viper
asportare [Verb], to bring away, carry away
asser [Noun], pole, rod
assessor [Noun], aid, assistant, helper
assiccare [Verb], to dry
assidere [Verb], to sit down, defecate
assiduus, -a, -um [Adjective], constant, unceasing
assignare [Verb], to assign
assula [Noun], splinter
aster [Noun], heavenly body, star
asticus [Adjective], urban
astralis [Adjective], sideral, star, star-, of a star
astrangulare [Verb], to choke, strangle
astrologia [Noun], astrology, astronomy
astrologicus [Adjective], astronomic, astronomical, astronomer
astrologus [Noun], astrologer, astronomer
astronomia [Noun], astronomy
astrosus [Adjective], crazy, insane, mad, nuts
astrum [Noun], heavenly body, star
asylum [Noun], asylum, sanctuary
at [Conjunction], but, however, nevertheless, yet
ater [Adjective], dark, dim, black
Atheniensis [Adjective], Athenian
atheos [Noun], atheist
athleta [Noun], athlete
athletice [Adjective], athletic
atomus [Noun], atom
atque (ac) [Conjunction], and (also), and (even)
atramentum [Noun], ink
atritas [Noun], blackness
atrium [Noun], abode, accommodation, dwelling, residence, living-room, sitting-room, palace, reception room
atrox [Adjective], abhorrent, abominable, alien, awful, hideous, horrible, gruesome, cruel
attemptare [Verb], to attempt, test, try
Attica [Noun], Attica
aucella [Noun], little bird
audeo, audere, ---, ausus sum 2 [Verb], to dare, be bold, have the courage
audiens [Noun], listener
audio, audire, audivi, auditus [Verb], to hear
augeō, augēre, auxī, auctus [Verb], to increase, strengthen
aula, aulae [Noun], (f.) hall, church
aura [Noun], breeze
auraria [Noun], gold-mine
aurarius [Adjective], gold, golden
aureus [Adjective], lovely, gold, golden, gold-coloured
aurichalcum [Noun], brass
auricilla [Noun], earlobe, lobe of the ear, ear
auricomus [Adjective], golden
auricula [Noun], earlobe, lobe of the ear, ear
aurifex [Noun], goldsmith
auris, auris, aurium [Noun], (f.) ear
aurulentus [Adjective], gold-coloured, golden
aurum, auri [Noun], (n.) gold
auscultare [Verb], to listen
Ausonius [Adjective], Westener
auster [Noun], south wind, storm, tempest
austerus [Adjective], acerbic, acid, astringent, constringent, harsh, tart, acrid, bitter, severe, strict
australis [Adjective], south, southern
aut [Conjunction], or
autem [Conjunction], but, and
autochton [Adjective], native
automatum [Noun], automoton
autumare [Verb], to assert, state
autumnus - autumnum [Noun], autumn, fall
auxiliator [Noun], aid, assistant, helper
auxilium [Noun], aid, help
avaritia - avarities [Noun], avarice, miserliness, stinginess
avarus [Adjective], avaricious, miserly, stingy, miser, niggard, skinflint
ave! avete! [Other], hail! hello! goodbye! greetings!
avena [Noun], oats
aversabilis [Adjective], abhorrent, abominable, alien, awful, hideous, horrible, gruesome
aves [Adjective], bird
avia [Noun], grandmother
aviarium [Noun], aviary
avicula [Noun], little bird
avis [Noun], indication, omen, portent, precursor, presage, sign
avitus [Adjective], bird, bird-, bird's, of a bird
avolare [Verb], to fly away
avus [Noun], grandfather, great-grandfather, forefather
axicia [Noun], scissors
axilla [Noun], armpit
axioma [Noun], axiom
axis [Noun], axis, axle, spindle, heaven, sky
baca [Noun], berry, pearl
baccar [Adjective], valerian
baceolus [Noun], fool
bacillum [Noun], stick, little stick
baculus - baculum [Noun], baton, cane, stick
balaena [Noun], whale
balare [Verb], to bleat
balbutire [Verb], to stammer, stutter
ballio [Adjective], good-for-nothing
balneum [Noun], bath
baptisma, baptismatis [Noun], (n.) baptism
baptista, baptistae [Noun], (m.) baptizer, baptist
baptisterium [Noun], baptistery, pool, swimming-bath, swimming-pool
baptizo, baptizare, baptizavi, baptizatus 1 [Verb], to immerse, baptize
barathrum [Noun], ravine
barba [Noun], beard
barbaria - barbaries [Noun], foreign country, want of civilization
barbarismus [Noun], barbarism
barbarus [Adjective], barbaric, barbarian, alien, foreign, foreigner, cruel, uncivilized, Persian
barbitos [Noun], lute
bardus [Adjective], bard, addled, foolish, stupid
barrinus [Adjective], elephant, elephant-, elephant's, elephantine, of an elephant
barrus [Noun], elephant
basiare [Verb], to kiss
basiatio - basium [Noun], kiss
basilicus [Adjective], lovely, regal, royal
basis [Noun], element, foundation, pedestal, supporting base
battuere [Verb], to fight, struggle, strive, beat, hit, strike, make love
beatus, -a, -um [Adjective], blessed, happy
beccus [Noun], beak, bill
bellare - bellari [Verb], to make war, wage war
bellator [Adjective], martial, warlike, warrior
bellatorius [Adjective], military
bellicosus - bellatrix - bellax [Adjective], martial, warlike
bellicus [Noun], military
belligerare [Verb], to make war, wage war
belligerator [Noun], warrior
Bellona [Noun], Bellona
bellum [Noun], war
bellus [Adjective], pretty, charming, lovely
belua [Noun], monster
bene [Adverb], well, okay
benedictio, benedictionis [Noun], (f.) blessing, benediction
benedictus, -a, -um [Adjective], blessed, blest
benignus, -a, -um [Adjective], kindly
beryllus [Noun], beryl
bestia [Noun], animal, beast
beta [Noun], beet
betaceus [Adjective], beet, beet-, of a beet
bibilis [Adjective], drinkable
bibitor [Noun], boozer, alcoholic
bibliopola [Noun], bookseller
bibliotheca [Noun], bookcase
bibliothecarius [Noun], librarian
biblus [Noun], paper
bibo, -bere, bibi, bibtus 3 [Verb], to drink
bicolor [Adjective], bicolour, bicoloured, of two colours
bifurcum [Noun], cross
bilis [Noun], bile, gall
bimus [Adjective], biennial, two-year, two-year-old
bipes [Adjective], two-footed
bis [Adjective], twice
bitumen [Noun], asphalt
blasphemare [Verb], to blaspheme, cuss, curse, swear
blasphematio - blasphemia [Noun], blasphemy
blasphemus [Noun], blasphemer
blatta [Noun], moth
blennus [Adjective], addled, foolish, stupid
bliteus [Adjective], tasteless
boare [Verb], to cry out, scream, shout
boiae [Noun], collar
boletus [Noun], mushroom
bombycinus [Adjective], silk, silk-, silken, of silk
bombyx [Noun], silkworm
bonus, -a, -um [Adjective], good
borealis [Adjective], northern
borrire [Verb], to bubble
bos [Adjective], bovine, bovine animal
botrus [Noun], grape
bovile [Noun], byre, cowhouse, cowshed
bovillus [Adjective], bovine, cow, cow-
bovinari [Verb], to howl, roar
bovinus [Adjective], bovine, cow, cow-
bracae [Noun], pants, trousers
bracatus [Adjective], alien, foreign, trousers wearing
bracchialis [Adjective], arm, arm-
bracchium [Noun], lower-arm, arm, thigh, collateral branch, side-branch, arm of the sea, estuary, firth, scissors
brachium, brachii [Noun], (n.) arm
brassica [Noun], cabbage
breviare [Verb], to abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten
breviarium [Noun], abridgement, abstract, resumae, summary
brevis [Adjective], short, low, brief, shallow, superficial
brumalis [Adjective], winter, winter-, of the winter
brutus [Adjective], awkward, obtuse, dull, stupid, burdensome, heavy, onerous
bubalus [Noun], buffalo, gazelle
bubile [Noun], byre, cowhouse, cowshed
bubo [Noun], little owl
bubulus [Adjective], bovine, cow, cow-
bucca [Noun], mouth, jaw, jawbone
bufo [Noun], toad
bulbus [Noun], bulb, onion
bulla [Noun], button
burdo [Noun], hinny
butyrum [Noun], butter
buxus [Noun], box-tree
caballinus [Adjective], equestrian, horse, horse-, of a horse
caballus [Noun], horse
cacare [Verb], to defecate
cachetcta [Adjective], consumptive
cachexia [Noun], consumption, tuberculosis
cachinnare [Verb], to roar with laughter
cactus [Noun], artichoke
cadaver [Noun], cadaver, corpse
cado, cadere, cecidi, casus 3 [Verb], to fall (down), drop
caecare [Verb], to dazzle
caecitudo [Noun], blindness
caecus [Adjective], blind
caedere [Verb], to butcher, slaughter, drop, overthrow
caelebs [Adjective], single, unmarried
caeles [Adjective], celestial, heavenly
caelestis [Adjective], divine, celestial, heavenly
caelestis, caeleste [Adjective], heavenly, divine
caelicola, caelicolae [Noun], (n.) heaven-dweller
caelicus [Adjective], celestial, heavenly
caelum, caeli [Noun], (n.) heaven, sky
caementarius [Noun], stone-cutter, stonemason
caenum [Noun], mud, dirt, slime
caepa [Noun], onion
caeremonia [Noun], ceremony, solemnity, respectability, venerability, deference, devotion, respect, holy deed, holiness
caeruleus [Adjective], dark blue, dark, dim, green
caespes [Noun], sod, sod of grass, turf
calamus [Noun], fishing rod, cane, reed, blade, stalk, pen, arrow, stem
calathus [Noun], basket
calautica [Noun], kerchief, veil
calcanium [Noun], heel
calceolarius [Noun], shoemaker
calceus [Noun], boot, shoe
calculare [Verb], to account, calculate, count, figure, work out
calculo [Noun], book-keeper
caldor [Noun], heat
caldus [Adjective], warm
calere [Verb], to glow, glow with heat
caliandrum [Noun], hairpiece, wig
calidus [Adjective], warm
caliendrum [Noun], hairpiece, wig
caligatio [Noun], darkness, murk
caliginosus - caligineus [Adjective], dark, dim, fuzzy, misty
caligo, caliginis [Noun], (f.) mist, gloom, darkness
calix, calicis [Noun], (m.) cup, chalice, goblet
callis [Noun], forest path, mountain path
callum [Noun], corn
calo [Noun], servant, attendant
calor [Noun], heat
caltha [Noun], marigold
calumnia [Noun], backbiting, scandal, slander
calva [Noun], nut
calvescere [Verb], to be balding
calvities [Noun], baldness
calvus [Adjective], bald
calx [Noun], hoof, heel, lime
camelus [Noun], dromedary, camel
caminus [Noun], hearth, firebox, furnace, kiln, oven, stove, fire on the hearth
campus [Noun], plain
canaba [Noun], cabin, hut, shack
canalis [Noun], canal, channel, barrel, pipe, tube
cancer [Noun], crayfish
candidatus [Noun], candidate
candidus [Adjective], blank, white
canens [Adjective], grey
canis [Noun], dog
canistrum [Noun], small basket
canna [Noun], cane, reed
cannabis [Noun], hemp
cannetum [Noun], cane-field
canneus [Adjective], cane, cane-
cano, canere, cecini, cantus 3 [Verb], to sing, prophesy
canor [Noun], melody, tune, sound
canterinus [Adjective], equestrian, horse, horse-, of a horse
canterius [Noun], gelding
cantharis [Noun], cantharides, Spanish fly, poison
cantharus [Noun], weever
canticum, cantici [Noun], (n.) song, canticle
canto, cantare, cantavi, cantatus [Verb], to sing, chant
cantor, cantoris [Noun], (m.) singer, cantor
cantrix [Noun], singer, female singer
canturire [Verb], to sing
cantus [Noun], singing, song, music
cantus, cantus [Noun], (m.) chant
canus [Adjective], blank, white, grey
capacitas [Noun], room, space, ability, capability, fitness, suitability
capax [Adjective], ample, bulky, extensive, sizable
caper [Noun], he-goat
capillago [Noun], hair
capillamentum [Noun], hairpiece, wig
capillus [Noun], hair
capiō, capere, cēpī, captus [Verb], to capture, catch, grapple, captivate, get, lay hold of, pick up, take
capio, -pere, cepi, captus 3 [Verb], to take, receive, understand
Capitolium [Noun], Capitol
capra [Noun], she-goat, chamois
caprea [Noun], roe
capreolus [Noun], wild goat, chamois
Capricornus [Noun], Capricorn
capsa [Noun], box
captiosus [Adjective], clever, cunning, sly, smart
captus - captura [Noun], catch, prey, capture
capulus [Noun], cemetery, God's acre, graveyard, coffin
caput, capitis [Noun], (n.) head, chapter, pate
carbo [Noun], charcoal
carcer [Noun], cell
cardimona [Noun], stomach ache
cardinalis [Adjective], fine, great
carduelis [Noun], goldfinch
carduetum [Noun], thisle-field
carduus [Noun], thisle
carere [Verb], to card
caries [Noun], rottenness
carina [Noun], keel, ship, vessel
cariosus [Adjective], addled, bad, rotten
caritas, caritatis [Noun], (f.) love, charity
carmen [Noun], singing, song, poem
carnatus [Adjective], bold, corpulent, fat, thick
carnifex [Noun], hangman, executioner, torturer
carnificare [Verb], to behead, decapitate
carnificina [Noun], torture
carnivorus [Adjective], carnivorous
caro, carnis [Noun], (f.) flesh, meat
carpere [Verb], to pick, pluck
carrus [Noun], vehicle
Carthaginiensis [Adjective], Carthaginian
Carthago [Noun], Carthage
carus, -a, -um [Adjective], (+ dat.) dear, beloved
casa [Noun], cottage, cabin, hut, shack
caseus [Noun], cheese
casia [Noun], cinnamon, lavender
cassare [Verb], to thrash
casses [Noun], spiderweb, snare, trap
cassis [Noun], helmet
cassita [Noun], tufted lark
cassus [Adjective], concave, hollow
castanea [Noun], chestnut-tree
castellum [Noun], fortification
castificare [Verb], to chasten, expurgate, purify, bowdlerize
castimonia [Noun], chastity, purity
castitas [Noun], chastity, purity
castor [Noun], beaver
castra [Noun], barracks
castrare [Verb], to castrate
castratus [Noun], eunuch
castrum [Noun], fortification
castus [Adjective], pious, clean, pure, chaste
casualis [Adjective], by accident, by chance
casus [Noun], accident, fall, accidence, chance, hazard, affair, case, matter, aberration, false step
catachresis [Noun], abuse
cataclysmus [Noun], deluge, flood
catadupa [Noun], waterfall
cataegis [Noun], hurricane
catalogus [Noun], enumeration
cataracta [Noun], waterfall, lock, sluice
catasta [Noun], scaffold
catastropha [Noun], catastrophe
catax [Noun], lame
catechesis [Noun], education
catechismus [Noun], catechism
categoria [Noun], accusal, accusation
catena [Noun], chain
caterva [Noun], troop, troupe
catharticum [Noun], laxative
cathedra [Noun], armchair, pulpit
catholicus, -a, -um [Adjective], universal, catholic
catinus [Noun], course, dish, plate, platter
cauda [Noun], penis, tail
caudex [Noun], stem, trunk, tree-trunk, block, pad, book, list
caudicarius - caudiceus - caudicalis [Adjective], wooden
caulae [Noun], cavity, cave
caulis [Noun], stalk of cabbage, penis, stalk, stem
causa [Noun], affair, business, business deal, case, matter, cause, reason, account, concern, action, lawsuit
causa [Preposition], (improper prep. w/ gen.) for the sake of
causa, causae [Noun], (f.) purpose, reason
causidicus [Noun], advocate, barrister, counsel, intercessor, lawyer, solicitor
cautela [Noun], preservative, caution
cautim [Adjective], carefully, gently, lightly
cautio, cautionis [Noun], (f.) caution, bill, bail
cautus [Adjective], certain, sure, careful, cautious
cavea [Noun], beehive, cavity, cave, orbit
caveō, cavēre, cāvī, cautus [Verb], to beware, avoid, look out for; give security
caverna [Noun], cave, grotto, cavern, den
cavus - cavum [Noun], concave, hollow, cavity, cave, hole
cedo, cedere, cessi, cessus 3 [Verb], to go, yield
cedrinus [Adjective], cedar, of a cedar
cedrus [Noun], cedar
celare [Verb], to conceal, hide
celatim [Adjective], clandestinely, secretly
celebro, -rare, -ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to celebrate
cella [Noun], pantry, chamber, room
cellarium [Noun], pantry
cellulanus [Noun], hermit
celo, celare, celavi, celatus [Verb], to hide, conceal, keep secret
celsus [Adjective], high, lofty, tall, northern
cena, cenae [Noun], (f.) supper, dinner
cenaculum, cenaculi [Noun], (n.) dining room, upper room, upstairs room
ceno, cenare, cenavi, cenatus [Verb], to dine, eat supper
cenobita [Noun], monk
cenobium [Noun], monastery
cēnseō, cēnsēre, cēnsuī, cēnsus [Verb], to decide, judge, think, appraise, estimate, rate
centum [Adjective], hundred, one hundred
centum milia [Adjective], hundred thousand
cera [Noun], wax
cerastes [Noun], cerastes, horned viper
cerasus [Noun], cherry-tree, cherry
Cerberus [Noun], Cerberus
cercops [Noun], ape, monkey
cerebellum [Noun], brain
cerebrosus [Adjective], crazy, insane, mad, nuts, lunatic
cerebrum [Noun], brain
Ceres [Noun], Ceres
cereus, cerei [Noun], (m.) candle, wax, taper
cerevisia [Noun], ale, beer
Ceritus [Adjective], crazy, insane, mad, nuts
cerium [Noun], honeycomb
cernere [Verb], to sift
cerritulus [Adjective], crack-brained, daft, loopy, nuts, weird
Cerritus [Adjective], crazy, insane, mad, nuts
certe [Adverb], surely, certainly, at least (adv.)
certitudo [Noun], certainty
certo - certim [Adjective], certainly
certus, -a, -um [Adjective], fixed, sure, certain
ceruchus [Noun], cord, rope, string
cerva [Noun], doe, hind
cervical [Noun], pillow
cervinus [Adjective], deer, deer-, of a deer
cervisia [Noun], ale, beer
cervix [Noun], force, strength, vigour, neck, courage, back of the neck, nape
cervus [Noun], deer
ceryx [Noun], herald
cesso, cessare, cessavi, cessatus [Verb], to cease, linger, delay
ceterum [Adverb], as for the rest, besides, for the rest, moreover, what's more
ceterus [Adjective], additional, remaining, rest of
cetus [Noun], sea-monster
chalceus [Noun], copper
Chaldaei [Adjective], Chaldean
chalybaeus [Adjective], steal, of steal
chalybs [Noun], steel
chaos [Noun], chaos, tangle
character [Noun], branding iron, brand
Charon [Noun], Charon
charta [Noun], letter, paper
Charybdis [Noun], Charybdis
chasma [Noun], atmospheric phenomenon
chelys [Noun], lyre, tortoise
chersus [Noun], land tortoise
Chimaera [Noun], Chimera
chirurgia [Noun], surgery
chorda [Noun], cord, string
chorus, chori [Noun], (m.) choir, round dance
chrestus [Noun], slave
chrisma [Noun], administration of the last sacraments
Christianismus [Noun], Christianity
Christianizare [Verb], to become a Christian
Christianus, -a, -um [Adjective], Christian
Christus, Christi [Noun], (m.) Anointed One, Messiah, Christ
chrysanthes [Noun], marigold
chryseus [Adjective], gold, golden
chrysizon [Adjective], gold-coloured, golden
chrysolithus [Noun], topaz
chrysos [Noun], gold
cibus, cibi [Noun], (m.) food
cicaro [Noun], darling
cicatrix [Noun], scar
Cicero [Noun], Cicero
cichorium [Noun], chicory, endive
cicirrus [Noun], fighting cock, gamecock, ruff
ciconia [Noun], stork
cicur [Adjective], tame
cicurare [Verb], to tame
cicuta [Noun], hemlock
cimeterium [Noun], cemetery, God's acre, graveyard
cimex [Noun], bug, bedbug, arsehole, bastard, son-of-a-bitch
cinis [Adjective], ash, cinder, gammer, old woman, barrow, burial mound, grave-mound, tumulus
cinnamomum [Noun], cinnamon
cinnamum [Noun], cinnamon
circa [Preposition], acc: around, approximately, about, towards
Circe [Noun], Circe
circulus [Noun], hoop, ring, circle
circum [Preposition], acc: around, about
circumeo, circumire, circumivi (-ii), circumitus [Verb], to go about
circus [Noun], circle
cithara [Noun], zither
citrus [Noun], lemon-tree
civitas, civitatis [Noun], (f.) city
clamo, clamare, clamavi, clamatus [Verb], to cry out, shout, call upon
claritas, claritatis [Noun], (f.) light, brightness, glory, fame
clarus, -a, -um [Adjective], clear, bright, glorious, famous
classis [Noun], class
claudo, claudere, clausi, clausus 3 [Verb], to shut, close, lock
claudus [Adjective], lame
clavis [Noun], key, wrench
clavus [Noun], nail
clemens, clementis [Adjective], merciful
clementia, clementia [Noun], (f.) mercy, clemency
clepere [Verb], to abstract, steal
clepta [Noun], thief
clericus [Noun], clergyman
clerus, cleri [Noun], (m.) clergy
cliens [Noun], protegae, servant, attendant, serf, villain
clienta [Noun], protégé
clima [Noun], climate
clinamen [Noun], acclivity, hillside, slope
clinicus [Noun], doctor, physician
clinopale [Noun], coition
cloaca [Noun], sewer
clura [Noun], ape, monkey
coaxare [Verb], to croak
cochlea [Noun], snail
codex [Noun], stem, trunk, tree-trunk, block, pad, book, list
coercere [Verb], to compel, force
coetus [Noun], coition
cogitatio, cogitationis [Noun], (f.) thought
cogito, cogitare, cogitavi, cogitatus 1 [Verb], to think, plan
cognomen [Noun], surname, byname, nickname, sobriquet
cognomentum [Noun], byname, nickname, sobriquet
cohabitare [Verb], to huddle
coire [Verb], to assemble, congregate, gather, meet, associate, join, pool
coitus [Noun], coition
coleus [Noun], bag, sack
collaborare [Verb], to cooperate, co-operate
collecta, collectae [Noun], (f.) collect, collection
collega [Noun], colleague
collis [Noun], hill
colluctari [Verb], to struggle, wrestle
colluctator [Noun], adversary, enemy
collum [Noun], neck, back of the neck, nape
colō, colere, coluī, cultus [Verb], to cultivate, grow, abide, dwell, live
colonia [Noun], colony, settlement
colonus [Noun], agrarian, farmer
color [Noun], colour, dye
colorare [Verb], to colour, paint
Colosseus - Colossicus [Adjective], colossal, huge
Colossus [Noun], Colossus
columba [Noun], dove, pigeon
columbula [Noun], dove, female pigeon
columbus [Noun], cock-pigeon
columna, columnae [Noun], (f.) pillar, column
combinare [Verb], to couple, match, pair, unite
cometes [Noun], comet
comis [Adjective], affable, friendly, good-natured, kind
commemoratio, commemorationis [Noun], (f.) remembrance, commemoration
commendo, commendare, commendavi, commendatus 1 [Verb], to entrust
commentarius [Noun], diary
commixtio, commixtionis [Noun], (f.) mingling
communis, commune [Adjective], common, joint, unclean
compactus [Adjective], compact
comparare [Verb], to compare
comparere [Verb], to appear, emerge, perform
compati [Verb], to have compassion on, pity
concidō, concidere, concidī, ------- [Verb], to be ruined, perish, fall down
conciliare [Verb], to achieve, acquire, attain, get, obtain
concitare [Verb], to abet, agitate, incite, stir up
conclusio, conclusionis [Noun], (f.) conclusion
condō, condere, condidī, conditus [Verb], to establish, build, place, store
condūcō, condūcere, condūxī, conductus [Verb], to conduct, lead forth
confestim [Adverb], at once, immediately (adv.)
cōnficiō, cōnficere, cōnfēcī, cōnfectus [Verb], to finish
confido, confidere, ---, confisus sum3 [Verb], to trust (in), confide (in), hope (in), (w/ dat.)
confundo, confundere, confudi, confusus 3 [Verb], to confound, put to shame, confuse
coniciō, conicere, coniēcī, coniectus [Verb], to hurl, throw
conor, conari, ---, conatus sum 1 [Verb], to try, strive (+ inf.)
cōnsidō, cōnsidere, cōnsēdī, cōnsessus [Verb], to set down, settle
consors, consortis, consortium [Noun], (m. or f.) sharer
conspectus, conspectus [Noun], (m.) sight, presence
cōnspiciō, cōnspicere, cōnspexī, cōnspectus [Verb], to catch sight of
cōnstituō, cōnstituere, cōnstituī, cōnstitūtus [Verb], to arrange, establish, place
consubstantialis, consubstantiale [Adjective], of the same nature (as), consubstantial (+ dat.)
consuetudo, consuetudinis [Noun], (f.) custom
cōnsulō, cōnsulere, cōnsuluī, cōnsultus [Verb], to consider, consult, ask for advice
continuus [Noun], coherent, connected, consistent
contra [Preposition], acc: against, opposite (to)
contritus, -a, -um [Adjective], contrite
contus [Noun], pole, rod
converti [Noun], convert
convoco, convocare, convocavi, convocatus [Verb], to call together, convene
copa [Noun], hostess, landlady, host, innkeeper, landlord
cophinus [Noun], basket
copula [Noun], belt, zone, girdle
copulare [Verb], to connect, join
coquō, coquere, coxī, coctus [Verb], to cook
coquus [Noun], cook, male cook
cor, cordis, cordium [Noun], (n.) heart, soul; sg. abl. = corde
coram [Preposition], abl: in the presence of
corax [Noun], raven
corbis [Noun], basket
coriandrum [Noun], coriander
corium [Noun], leather
cornix [Noun], crow
cornu, cornus [Noun], (n.) horn, mountaintop
cornus - cornum [Noun], cornel
corona, coronae [Noun], (f.) wreath, crown
corona, coronare, coronavi, coronatus 1 [Verb], to crown
corporalis, corporeus [Adjective], bodily, body, body-, corporal, corporeal, of the body, physical
corpus, corporis [Noun], (n.) body, flesh, corpse
cortex [Noun], bark, cork
corvus [Noun], raven
corylus [Noun], hazel, hazel-tree
costa [Noun], side, rib, abdomen, belly, tummy
cotidianus, -a, -um [Adjective], daily
cotidie [Adverb], daily (adv.)
coturnix [Noun], quail
coxa - coxendix [Noun], hip
crabro [Noun], hornet
craetura, craeturae [Noun], (f.) creation, creature
crambe [Noun], cabbage
cras [Adverb], tomorrow
crassus [Adjective], bold, corpulent, fat, thick, fatty, greasy
crater [Noun], abyss, chasm, gulf, precipice, basin, reservoir, ravine
creare [Verb], to create
creator, creatoris [Noun], (m.) maker, creator
credo, credere, credidi, creditus 3 [Verb], to believe (in), trust (in)
cremare [Verb], to burn down
creo, creare, creavi, creatus 1 [Verb], to create
crepusculum [Noun], dusk, twilight
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretus 2 [Verb], to grow, increase
creta [Noun], chalk
cribellare [Verb], to sift
cribrare [Verb], to sift
cribrum [Noun], sieve
crimen, crimins [Noun], (n.) guilt, sin, crime, blame
crocodilus [Noun], crocodile
crudelis [Adjective], cruel
crudus [Adjective], crude, raw, rough, unrefined, unwrought
cruor, cruoris [Noun], (m.) blood (from a wound)
crus [Noun], leg, paw
crux, crucis [Noun], (f.) cross
crystallus [Noun], crystal
cubus [Noun], die, cube
cuculus [Noun], cuckoo
cucumis [Noun], cucumber
cucurbita [Noun], gourd, pumpkin, squash
culina [Noun], kitchen
culmen [Noun], summit, surface, top
culpa, culpae [Noun], (f.) blame, fault
cultor [Noun], agrarian, farmer, friend
culus [Noun], anus, arse, ass
cum [Preposition], abl: with; (subord. conj.) when, after
cumba [Noun], boat
cunctus, -a, -um [Adjective], all
cuniculus [Noun], rabbit
cunnus [Noun], slut, trollop
cupa [Noun], barrel
cupressus [Noun], cypress
cur [Adverb], why
cura [Noun], thoughtfulness, care, concern
cura, curae [Noun], (f.) care, concern
curculio [Noun], penis
curia, curiae [Noun], (f.) court, curia
curis [Noun], javelin
curo, curare, curavi, curatus 1 [Verb], to heal, cure, care for
curro, currere, cucurri, cursus 3 [Verb], to run, hasten, race
cursor [Noun], runner, courier
curtare [Verb], to abbreviate, abridge, curtail, shorten
curvo, curvare, curvavi, curvatus 1 [Verb], to bend, humble
curvus [Adjective], bent, curved
cuspis [Noun], sting, prickle, javelin
custodio, custodire, custodivi, custoditus [Verb], to guard, watch over
cutis [Noun], skin
cyathus [Noun], goblet
Cybele [Noun], Cybele
cybium [Noun], tuna, tuna-fish, tunny
cycnus [Noun], swan
cylindrus [Noun], cylinder, roller
cymba [Noun], boat
cymbalum [Noun], cymbal
cyparissus [Adjective], cypress
Cytherea [Noun], Venus, Evening Star
dare [Verb], to accord, give
de [Preposition], abl: from, down from, about, concerning
dēbeō, dēbēre, dēbuī, dēbitus [Verb], to owe, ought (+ inf.)
debitor, debitoris [Noun], (m.) debtor
debitum, debiti [Noun], (n.) debt
decem [Adjective], ten
decies centena milia [Adjective], million
decimus [Adjective], tenth
defendo, defendere, defendi, defensus 3 [Verb], to defend
deficio, -cere, -feci, -fectus 3 [Verb], to fail, waste, vanish
deinde [Adverb], then, next, thereupon (adv.)
dēlectō, dēlectāre, dēlectāvī, dēlectātus [Verb], to attract, delight, (pass) take delight in
deleo, -lere, -levi, -letus 2 [Verb], to destroy
delicia, deliciae [Noun], (f.) pleasure, delight
delphin [Noun], dolphin
delubrum [Noun], sanctuary, sanctum, temple
demens [Adjective], crazy, insane, mad, nuts, foolish
dementia [Noun], craziness, insanity, lunacy, madness
dēmōnstrō, dēmōnstrāre, dēmōnstrāvī, dēmōnstrātus [Verb], to prove, show, describe, explain
dens [Noun], tooth
deprecatio, deprecationis [Noun], (f.) earnest prayer, supplication
dēscendō, dēscendere, dēscendī, dēscēnsus [Verb], to go down, come down
desertum, deserti [Noun], (n.) desert
desertus, -a, -um [Adjective], forsaken, deserted
desiderium, desiderii [Noun], (n.) want, need, desire
desidero, desiderare, desideravi, desideratus 1 [Verb], to desire
desino, -nere, desii, desitus 3 [Verb], to cease (+ inf.)
desperare [Verb], to despair
desperatio [Noun], despair
detergeo, detergere, detersi, detersus 2 [Verb], to wipe away, cancel
detrimentum, detrimenti [Noun], (n.) loss
deus [Noun], god
Deus, Dei [Noun], (m.) God
dēvertō, dēvertere, dēvertī, dēversus [Verb], to turn aside, to stay with, digress
dēvorō, dēvorāre, dēvorāvī, dēvorātus [Verb], to devour
devotus, -a, -um [Adjective], devout, devoted
dexter, dextera, dexterum [Adjective], right
dextera, dexterae [Noun], (f.) right hand
diabolus, diaboli [Noun], (m.) devil
diaconus, diaconi [Noun], (m.) deacon
dico, dicere, dixi, dictus 3 [Verb], to say, tell (pass.: be called)
dictator [Noun], dictator
dies, diei [Noun], (m. & f.) day
difficilis, difficile [Adjective], difficult
digitus, digiti [Noun], (m.) finger, toe
dignor, dignari, ---, dignatus sum 1 [Verb], to consider worthwhile, deign
dignus, -a, -um [Adjective], (+ abl.) worthy (of)
dilectio, dilectionis [Noun], (f.) love
dilectus, -a, -um [Adjective], beloved
diligenter [Adverb], diligently (adv.)
diligo, diligere, dilexi, dilectus 3 [Verb], to love
dimicare [Verb], to fight, struggle, strive
discēdō, discēdere, discessī, discessus [Verb], to go away, depart, break up
discipulus, discipuli [Noun], (m.) disciple, student
dius [Adjective], divine
dives, (gen. divitis) [Adjective], rich, wealthy
divido, dividere, divisi, divisus 3 [Verb], to part,divide
divinitas, divinitatis [Noun], (f.) divinity
divinus, -a, -um [Adjective], divine
divus [Noun], divine, god
do, dare, dedi, datus 1 [Verb], to give
-do, -dere, -didi, -ditus 3 [Verb], to put
doceo, docere, docui, doctus 2 [Verb], to teach
doctor, doctoris [Noun], (m.) teacher
doctrina, doctrinae [Noun], (f.) teaching, doctrine
documentum, documenti [Noun], (n.) example
dogma, dogmatis [Noun], (n.) decision, dogma
doleo, dolere, dolui, dolitus 2 [Verb], to grieve, suffer, feel pain
dolor, doloris [Noun], (m.) sorrow, pain
dolorosus, -a, -um [Adjective], sorrowful
domina, dominae [Noun], (f.) mistress, lady
dominus, domini [Noun], (m.)lord, master
domus, domi [Noun], (f.) home, house
donec [Conjunction], while, as long as, till (subord. conj.)
dono, -nare, -navi, -natus 1 [Verb], to give, grant, forgive
donum, doni [Noun], (n.) gift
dormiō, dormīre, dormīvī, dormītus [Verb], to sleap, slumber
draco [Noun], dragon
duae [Adjective], two
dubitare [Verb], to doubt
dubium [Noun], doubt
duco, ducere, duxi, ductus 3 [Verb], to lead, guide
dulcis, dulce [Adjective], sweet, kind
dum [Conjunction], while, as long as, till (subord. conj.)
duo [Adjective], two
duodecim [Adjective], twelve
duodeviginti [Adjective], eighteen
durus [Adjective], hard
dux [Noun], boss, chief, leader
e (ex) [Preposition], abl: from, out of
ecce [Other], look! here! (interjection)
ecclesia, ecclesiae [Noun], (f.) church, assembly
effugiō, effugere, effūgī, effugitus [Verb], to flee (from), escape, elude, run away
effundo, effundere, effudi, effusus 3 [Verb], to pour out, shed, spill
effusio, effusionis [Noun], (f.) outpouring
ego, mei [Noun], I (pron.)
electus, -a, -um [Adjective], chosen, elect
eleison [Verb], have mercy
elementa [Noun], element
elephantus [Noun], elephant
emo, emere, emi, emptus 3 [Verb], to buy
enim [Adverb], for, indeed
eo [Adverb], that way, there, thither, yonder
eo, ire, ivi (ii), itus [Verb], to go
episcopalis, episcopale [Adjective], of a bishop, episcopal
episcopus, episcopi [Noun], (m.) overseer, bishop
epistola [Noun], letter
equus [Noun], horse
ergo [Conjunction], therefore (coord. conj.)
errō, errāre, errāvī, errātus [Verb], to err, make a mistake
error [Noun], aberration, error, mistake
ēsuriō, ēsurīre, ēsurīvī, ------- [Verb], to be hungry, desire, yearn
et [Conjunction], and, even, too
etiam [Conjunction], also, even
Etruria [Noun], Etruria
etsi [Conjunction], although, even if (subord. conj.)
Europa [Noun], Europa, Europe
Eva, Evae [Noun], (f.) Eve
Evangelium, Evangelii [Noun], (n.) Good News, Gospel
evangelizo, evangelizare, evangelizavi, evangelizatus 1 [Verb], to preach the gospel
excelsus, -a, -um [Adjective], high, lofty, exalted
excipiō, excipere, excēpī, exceptus [Verb], to take out, to except
excitō excitāre excitāvī excitātus [Verb], to wake up, call forth, raise
exclāmō, exclāmāre, exclāmāvī, exclāmātus [Verb], to shout, cry aloud, exclaim
exemplum, exempli [Noun], (n.) example
exeo, exire, exivi (-ii), exitus [Verb], to go out, leave
exercitus [Noun], army
exhalare [Verb], to exhale
exigere [Verb], to demand, postulate, require
existimo, existimare, existimavi, existimatus 1 [Verb], to think, judge
exoro, -rare, -ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to beseech
experiri [Verb], to prove
explicō, explicāre, explicāvī, explicātus [Verb], to unroll, undo, explain, expound
exspecto, exspectare, exspectavi, exspectatus 1 [Verb], to look for, wait for
exsulto, -tare, -tavi, -tatus 1 [Verb], to rejoice, exult
extendō, extendere, extendī, extentus [Verb], to stretch out
extra [Preposition], acc: beyond, outside
extrahō, extrahere, extrāxī, extractus [Verb], to draw forth, remove, prolong
faba [Noun], bean
fabrica [Noun], workplace
facere [Verb], to achieve, act, carry out, do, make, perform
facies, faciei [Noun], (f.) face, appearance, view
facilis, facile [Adjective], easy
facio, facere, feci, factus 3 [Verb], to do, make
factor, factoris [Noun], (m.) maker, doer
factum [Noun], accomplishment, achievement, act, action
fagus [Noun], beech
falsus [Adjective], false
falx [Noun], sickle, scythe
fama [Noun], fame, hearsay, renown, repute, rumor, rumour
fames [Noun], famine, hunger
familia, familiae [Noun], (f.) household, family
famosus [Adjective], famous
famulus, famuli [Noun], (m.) servant
fanum [Noun], sanctuary, sanctum, temple
farferis [Noun], coltsfoot
farferus [Noun], coltsfoot
fascia [Noun], bandage, hair ribbon, fillet, bra, swathe
fascinum [Noun], penis
fascis [Noun], bunch, bundle, cluster, sheaf
fateor, fateri, ---, fassus sum 2 [Verb], to acknowledge, confess (+ acc.), praise (+ dat.)
fauces [Noun], abyss, chasm, gulf, precipice, throat, strait
faustus [Adjective], advantageous, favourable
favea [Noun], favourite
faventia [Noun], favour
faveō, favēre, fāvī, ------- [Verb], to favour
favor [Noun], favour
favus [Noun], honeycomb
fax [Noun], comet, atmospheric phenomenon, torch
febris [Noun], ague, fever
Februarius [Noun], February
fecundus [Adjective], fertile, fruitful
feles [Noun], cat
felix, felicis [Adjective], happy, blessed
femina [Noun], woman
femineus - femininus [Adjective], female, feminine
femur [Noun], thigh, hip
fendere [Verb], to fight, struggle, strive
fenestra [Noun], window
feniculum [Noun], fennel
fenum [Noun], hay
fera [Noun], animal, beast
fere [Adjective], almost, nearly
feriae [Noun], vacation
feriō, ferīre, ferīvī, ferītus [Verb], to hit, strike, kill, cheat
ferō, ferre, tulī, latus [Verb], to bring, fetch
ferocia [Noun], audacity, boldness, daring
ferrum [Noun], iron
fessus [Adjective], tired
festīnō, festīnāre, festīnāvī, festīnātus [Verb], to hurry, hasten
festum, festi [Noun], (n.) feast, feast-day
festus, -a, um [Adjective], festal
fibra [Noun], fibre
ficus [Noun], fig-tree, fig
fidelis, fidele [Adjective], faithful, believing
fides, fidei [Noun], (f.) faith, faithfulness
figo, figere, fixi, fixus 3 [Verb], to pierce, fix, fasten
figura, figurae [Noun], (f.) figure, image, fashion
filia, filiae [Noun], (f.) daughter
filius, filii [Noun], (m.) son
filum [Noun], thread
finio, finire, finivi, finitus [Verb], to end, finish
finis, finis, finium [Noun], (m. & f.) end, conclusion, boundary; pl. territory, district
firmo, -mare, -mavi, -matus 1 [Verb], to strengthen, make steady
firmus, -a, -um [Adjective], steadfast, firm
fiscus [Noun], cashier's stand, fund, money box, money-box, till
fistula [Noun], barrel, channel, pipe, tube
flagrare [Verb], to glow, glow with heat, burn
flamma, flammae [Noun], (f.) flame
flecto, flectere, flexi, flexus 3 [Verb], to bend, bow
fleo, flere, flevi, fletus 2 [Verb], to weep, lament
fletus, fletus [Noun], (m.) weeping
fligere [Verb], to beat, hit, strike
flos [Noun], bloom, flower
fluctus [Noun], wave
fluere [Verb], to flow
flumen [Noun], river
fluvius [Noun], river
focus [Noun], hearth
fodere [Verb], to dig, grub, spade
folium [Noun], leaf, sheet
forma [Noun], form, shape
formica [Noun], ant, emmet
formo, -mare, -mavi, -matus 1 [Verb], to train, guide, fashion, form
formosus [Adjective], beautiful, fine, handsome, lovely, fair
fortasse [Adverb], maybe, mayhap, perchance, perhaps, possibly
fortis, forte [Adjective], strong
fortuna [Noun], fortune
forum [Noun], fair, market
fossa [Noun], hole, ditch, pit
fragmentum [Noun], fragment, lump, piece
fragum [Noun], strawberry
framea [Noun], lance, spear
frango, frangere, fregi, fractus 3 [Verb], to break
frater, fratris [Noun], (m.) brother
fraxinus [Noun], ash
fricare [Verb], to rub
frigus [Adjective], cold
frons [Noun], forehead
fructus, fructus [Noun], (m.) fruit
fuga [Noun], flight, run
fugiō, fugere, fūgī, fugitus [Verb], to run away, flee (from)
fugio, fugere, fugi, fugitus 3 [Verb], to flee (from)
fugo, -gare, -gavi, -gatus 1 [Verb], to put to flight, chase away
fulgeo, fugere, fulsi, --- 2 [Verb], to shine, glow
fulgere [Verb], to lighten
fulmen [Noun], lightning
fumus [Noun], smoke
fundo, fundare, fundavi, fundatus 1 [Verb], to establish, found
fundo, fundere, fudi, fusus 3 [Verb], to pour
fungor, fungi, ---, functus sum 3 [Verb], to perform (+ abl.)
fungus [Noun], fungus, mushroom
funis [Noun], cord, rope, string
funus [Noun], death
fur [Noun], thief, female thief
Galilaea, Galilaeae [Noun], (f.) Galiliee
Galilaeus, -a, -um [Adjective], Galilaean
Gallia [Noun], Gaul
gallina [Noun], chicken, fowl
gallus [Noun], cock, rooster
gaudeo, gaudere, ---, gavisus sum [Verb], to rejoice, be glad
gaudium, gaudii [Noun], (n.) joy
gavia [Noun], seagull
gelu [Noun], freezing cold, frost
gemō, gemere, gemuī, gemitus [Verb], to groan, moan
genista [Noun], greenweed
genitus, -a, -um [Adjective], begotten, engendered
gens [Noun], family, nation, breed, race
gens, gentis, gentium [Noun], (f.) family, nation, race, Gentiles
genu, genus [Noun], (n.) knee
genus, generis [Noun], (n.) kind, race, nation
geographia [Noun], geography
germinare [Verb], to germinate
gero, gerere, gessi, gestus 3 [Verb], to bear, manage, conduct
gibba [Noun], bump, hump
gladius, gladii [Noun], (m.) sword
glans [Noun], acorn
globus [Noun], bullet
gloria, gloriae [Noun], (f.) glory
glorifico, -care, -cavi, -catus 1 [Verb], to glorify
gloriosus, -a, -um [Adjective], glorious
gradior, gradi, ---, gressus sum 3 [Verb], to walk, step
gradus [Noun], pace, step, stride
Graecia [Noun], Greece
Graecus [Adjective], Greek
gramen [Noun], grass, herb
grammatica [Noun], grammar
grammaticus [Adjective], linguistic
grandis [Adjective], big, great, large
gratia, gratiae [Noun], (f.) grace, favor, credit; pl., thanks
gratus, -a, -um [Adjective], (dat.) pleasing, agreeable
gravis [Adjective], important, serious, pregnant, with young, burdensome, heavy, onerous
gravis, grave [Adjective], heavy, serious, grievous
grego, -gare, -gavi, -gatus 1 [Verb], to gather, assemble
grex, gregis [Noun], (m.) flock, herd
griphus [Noun], enigma, puzzle, riddle
guberno, -nare, -navi, -natus 1 [Verb], to govern, control, rule
gustos [Noun], guard
gustus [Noun], taste
guttur [Noun], throat
habeo, habere, habui, habitus [Verb], to have, hold, consider
habitō, habitāre, habitāvī, habitātus [Verb], to abide, dwell, live
Hadria [Noun], Adriatic, Adriatic Sea
haereō, haerēre, haesī, ------- [Verb], to stick, cling
Hafnia [Noun], Copenhagen
halare [Verb], to breathe
haliaeetus [Noun], white-tailed eagle
halos [Noun], halo
hara [Noun], sty
harena [Noun], sand
harmonia [Noun], harmony
harpa [Noun], harp
harpagare [Verb], to plunder, rob
Harpyia [Noun], harpy
hasta [Noun], pole, rod
haud dubie [Adverb], no doubt, undoubtedly
Hebraeus, Hebaei [Noun], (m.) Hebrew
hedera [Noun], ivy
hedychrum [Noun], perfume
hei - hem - heu [Adverb], ah, oh, ow, woe
helica [Noun], snail-shell, spiral
hepar [Noun], liver
herba [Noun], grass, herb
here - heri [Adverb], yesterday
heres [Noun], heir
heroicus [Adjective], of a demigod
heroine - herois [Noun], demigodess, heroin, heroine
heros [Noun], demigod, hero
Hesperus [Noun], Hesperus
hibernum [Noun], winter
Hiberus [Noun], Ebro
hibrida [Noun], bastard
hic [Adverb], here, in this place (adv.)
hic, haec, hoc [Adjective], this (demon. pron.)
hiemalis [Adjective], winter, winter-, of the winter
hiems [Noun], winter
hinc [Adverb], here, from here, this way (adv.)
hinnire [Verb], to neigh
hinnus [Noun], mule
hippopotamus [Noun], hippo, hippopotamus
hircus [Noun], he-goat
hirudo [Noun], leech
hirundo [Noun], swallow
Hispania [Noun], Spain
Hister [Noun], Danube
hodie [Adverb], today (adv.)
Holmia [Noun], Stockholm
homo, hominis [Noun], (m.) human being, person
honor, honoris [Noun], (m.) honor
hora, horae [Noun], (f.) hour
hordeum [Noun], barley
horror [Noun], horror
hortus [Noun], park, garden
hosanna [Other], hosanna
hospes [Noun], foreigner, stranger, guest
hospes, hospitis [Noun], (m. and f.) host, guest
hospita [Noun], stranger, female stranger, hostess
hospitalis [Adjective], hospitable
hospitalitas [Noun], hospitality
hospitator [Noun], guest
hospitium [Noun], friendship
hospitus [Adjective], alien, foreign, strange, hospitable
hostia, hostiae [Noun], (f.) sacrificial offering, host
hosticus [Adjective], adverse, hostile
hostifer - hostilis [Adjective], adverse, hostile
hostis, hostis, hostium [Noun], (m. and f.) enemy, host
huc [Adverb], here, hither, this way
hui [Adverb], now, well, well then
humanitas, humanitatis [Noun], (f.) humanity
humanus, -a, -um [Adjective], human
humilis, humile [Adjective], lowly, humble
humus [Noun], ground, soil, earth, land
hyaena [Noun], hyaena
hymnus, hymni [Noun], (m.) hymn
hypotheca [Noun], mortgage
hystericus [Adjective], hysterical
hystrix [Noun], porcupine
Iacchus [Noun], Bacchus
iaceō, iacēre, iacuī, ------- [Verb], to lie, lie prostrate, lie dead
iaciō, iacere, iēcī, iactus [Verb], to throw, cast, scatter
iam [Adverb], already, by now, yet
iam [Adverb], already, now, soon (adv.)
ianitor [Noun], porter
ianitrix [Noun], doorwoman
ianua [Noun], door
Ianuarius [Noun], January
Ianus [Noun], Janus
ibi [Adverb], there, in that place, then (adv.)
ibis [Noun], ibis (bird)
ictis [Noun], marter, weasel
ideo [Adverb], therefore, on that account (adv.)
ierusalem [Noun], Heb. indeclinable noun = Jerusalem
iesus, iesu, iesum [Noun], (m.) (voc. Jesu) Jesus, Joshua
igitur [Conjunction], therefore, then
ignis, ignis, ignium [Noun], (m.) fire
ilex [Noun], holly
Ilion - Ilium [Noun], Troy
ille, illa, illud [Pronoun], that (demon. pron.)
illuc [Adverb], that way, there, thither, yonder
illucesco, illucescere, illuxi, --- 3 [Verb], to shine (upon), become light
illudere [Verb], to jeer at, make fun of, mock
illumino, illuminare, illuminavi, illuminatus 1 [Verb], to make shine, illuminate, enlighten
illustro, illustrare, illustravi, illustratus 1 [Verb], to illuminate, enlighten, explain
imago [Noun], image, picture
imber [Noun], rain
impediō, impedīre, impedīvī, impedītus [Verb], to entangle, hold fast
imperator, imperatoris [Noun], (m.) emperor
imperium, imperii [Noun], (n.) dominion, empire, precept, command
impius, -a, -um [Adjective], wicked, godless
in [Preposition], acc: into, onto, against, for (the purpose of); abl: in, on, among, by means of, with
in aeternum [Adverb], forever
in primis [Adverb], at first, in the first place
in saecula (saeculorum) [Adverb], forever
inaestimabilis, inaestimabile [Verb], to priceless
inanis [Adjective], empty, void
incarno, -nare, -navi, I-natus 1 [Verb], to make into flesh, make incarnate
incaste [Adverb], lewdly
incendium [Noun], fire
incensum, incensi [Noun], (n.) incense
incertus [Adjective], uncertain
incestum [Noun], incest
incestus [Adjective], lewd
incitō, incitāre, incitāvī, incitātus [Verb], to spur on
inclino, -nare, -navi, -natus 1 [Verb], to bend
incubare [Verb], to incubate, sit
inde [Adverb], from there, from then (adv.)
indeficiens, indeficientis [Adjective], unfailing
indigena [Noun], aboriginal, native
indivisibilis [Adjective], indivisible
indulgentia, indulgentiae [Noun], (f.) forgiveness, pardron, concession
induō, induere, induī, indūtus [Verb], to put on
ineffabilis, ineffabile [Adjective], inexpressible, ineffable
ineo, inire, inivi (-ii), initus [Verb], to go in, enter (upon)
inexplanabilis [Adjective], inexplicable
inhaereo, inhaerere, inhaesi, inhaesus 2 [Verb], to cling to, adhere to (+ dat.)
inimicus, inimici [Noun], (m.) enemy
iniquitas, iniquitatis [Noun], (f.) bounty, abundance
innocens, innocentis [Adjective], clean, pure, innocent
innocentia, innocentiae [Noun], (f.) innocence
inobsequens [Adjective], disobedient, insubordinate
īnspiciō, īnspicere, īnspexī, īnspectus [Verb], to consider, perceive
insula [Noun], island
intellegere [Verb], to understand, realize
intendo, intendere, intendi, intentus (-sus) 3 [Verb], to aim (at), look at intently
inter [Preposition], acc: between, among
intercessio, intercessionis [Noun], (f.) intercession
intereo, interire, interivi (-ii), interitus [Verb], to perish, die
interficio, interficere, interfeci, interfectus 3 [Verb], to do away with, kill
interpellō, interpellāre, interpellāvī, interpellātus [Verb], to interpret, disturb, impede, obstruct
intra [Preposition], acc: within, among
intro, -rare, -ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to enter
introeo, introire, introivi (-ii), introitus [Verb], to go within, enter
introitus, introitus [Noun], (m.) a going in, introit
inūrō, inūrere, inussī, inustus [Verb], to brand, inflict, curl, adorn
invenio, invenire, invini, inventus [Verb], to come upon, find
invicem [Adverb], in turn (adv.), one another
invisibilis, invisibile [Adjective], spiritual, invisible
ioannes, ioannis [Noun], (m.) John
iocare [Verb], to jest, joke
iocatio - iocus [Noun], gag, joke
ioculatio [Noun], gag, joke
ipse, ipsa, ipsum [Pronoun], -self (intensive pron. and adj.)
ira, irae [Noun], (f.) anger, wrath
ire [Verb], to go
is, ea, id [Adjective], this, that (he, she, it) (unemphat. demon. pron.)
iste, ista, istud [Adjective], this, that (of yours!) (unemphat. demon. pron.)
ita [Adverb], so, thus, in this way (adv.)
Italia [Noun], Italy
iter, itineris [Noun], (n.) journey
iterum [Adverb], again (adv.)
iubeō, iubēre, iussī, iussus [Verb], to order, bid
iubeo, iubere, iussi, iussus 2 [Verb], to command, ask, bid
iudaea, iudaeae [Noun], (f.) Judea
iudaeus, -a, -um [Adjective], Jewish
iudicare [Verb], to judge
iudicium, iudicii [Noun], (n.) judgement
iudico, iudicare, iudicavi, iudicatus 1 [Verb], to judge
iugum [Noun], yoke
Iulius [Noun], July
iungo, -gere, iunxi, iunctus 3 [Verb], to join, unite
Iunius [Noun], June
iurare [Verb], to swear
ius [Noun], oath
iustitia, iustitiae [Noun], (f.) righteousness, justice
iustus, -a, -um [Adjective], righteous, just
iuvare [Verb], to abet, aid, assist, help, accomodate
Kyrie [Noun], O Lord!
labium - labia [Noun], lip
labor [Noun], job, work, chore
labor, labi, ---, lapsus sum [Verb], to slide, (slip and) fall
labor, laboris [Noun], (m.) work, labor
laboro, laborare, laboravi, laboratus 1 [Verb], to work, labor
labrum [Noun], bath, lip, border, brim, brink, edge, edging, fringe, rand, rim
lac [Noun], milk
lacertus [Noun], arm
lacrima, lacrimae [Noun], (f.) tear (from the eye)
lacrimo, lacrimare, lacrimavi, lacrimatus [Verb], to weep
lacus [Noun], lake, loch
laetitia, laetitiae [Noun], (f.) gladness, joy
laetor, laetari, ---, laetatus sum 1 [Verb], to rejoice, be glad
laetus, -a, -um [Adjective], joyful
lama [Noun], marsh, swamp
lambō, lambere, lambī, lambitus [Verb], to lick, (of rivers) to wash
lamentari [Verb], to lament, wail
lamia [Noun], vampire
lamina [Noun], ghost, phantom
lamium [Noun], deadnettle
lampas, lampadis [Noun], (f.) lamp, torch, flame (acc: lampada)
lanius [Noun], butcher
lanterna [Noun], lantern
lapathum [Noun], dock, sorrel
lapis [Noun], marble, stone
lappa [Noun], burr
largior, largiri, ---, largitus sum [Verb], to grant, bestow
larix [Noun], larch
larus [Noun], seagull
larva [Noun], ghost, phantom
lassus [Adjective], tired
later [Noun], brick
latrina [Noun], brothel, toilet, bawdy, house of ill fame, whorehouse
lātrō, lātrāre, lātrāvī, lātrātus [Verb], to bark, rumble, roar
latus [Adjective], side, broad, extensive, spacious, vast, wide
latus, lateris [Noun], (n.) side
laudo, -dare, -davi, -datus 1 [Verb], to praise
laurus [Noun], laurel
laus, laudis [Noun], (f.) praise
lavo, lavare, lavi, lautus (lotus) 1 [Verb], to wash, pass. be washed, bathe
lectio, lectionis [Noun], (f.) reading
lector, lectoris [Noun], (m.) reader, lector
legio [Noun], army, legion
legō, legere, lēgī, lēctus [Verb], to read
lego, legere, legi, lectus 3 [Verb], to choose, select, read
lenis [Adjective], soft
lente [Adverb], leisurely, slowly
leo [Noun], lion
lepidus [Adjective], affable, friendly, good-natured, kind
letum [Noun], death
levare [Verb], to lever, lift, raise
levir [Noun], brother-in-law
Levita (Levites), Levitae [Noun], (m.) deacon, Levite
lex, legis [Noun], (f.) law, Torah
liber, libera, liberum [Adjective], free
liber, libri [Noun], (m.) book
libero, -rare, -ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to free
libido [Noun], lust, sexual pleasure
licentia [Noun], permission, leave
licet [Conjunction], although (subord. conj.)
licet, licēre, licuit [Verb], (impersonal: only 3rd sing.)
ligare [Verb], to bind, connect, join, tie, tie up
lignum, ligni [Noun], (n.) wood, tree
ligo [Noun], pick-axe
lilium [Noun], lily
lima [Noun], file
limare [Verb], to file
limax [Noun], slug
limbus [Noun], bank, border, edge, shore, brim, brink, edging, fringe, rand, rim
limen [Noun], sill, threshold
limes [Noun], boundary, frontier, limit
limus [Noun], mud, dirt, slime
linea [Noun], line
lingua, linguae [Noun], (f.) tongue, language
linum [Noun], thread, flax
liquo, liquare, liquavi, liquatus 1 [Verb], to melt
lira [Noun], lyre
littera [Noun], letter
liturgia, liturgiae [Noun], (f.) (divine) service, liturgy
litus [Noun], coast, seaside, shore
locus, loci [Noun], (m.) place, location (pl. loca)
locusta [Noun], grasshopper, lobster
lolium [Noun], corn cockle
longus [Adjective], long
loqui [Noun], speak, talk
loquor, loqui, ---, locutus sum 3 [Verb], to speak
Lucas, Lucae [Noun], (m.) Luke
lūceō, lūcēre, lūxī, ------- [Verb], to shine
lucifer, luciferi [Noun], (m.) daystar, morning star
lucinia [Noun], nightingale
lucinius [Noun], nightingale
lucrum [Noun], gain, profit
lūdō, lūdere, lūsī, lūsus [Verb], to play
luere [Verb], to wash
lumbricus [Noun], earthworm
lumen, luminis [Noun], (n.) light, pl: also eyes
luna [Noun], moon
lunaris [Adjective], lunar
lupus [Noun], wolf
lustrum [Noun], forest, woods, brothel, marsh, swamp, bawdy, house of ill fame, whorehouse
lutum [Noun], mud, dirt, slime
lux, lucis [Noun], (f.) light
Lyaeus [Noun], Bacchus
maccus [Noun], buffoon, jester, clown
machina [Noun], work of art, tool, engine, machine, ruse, trick
machinatio [Noun], tool
mactare [Verb], to butcher, slaughter
macula [Noun], blot, spot
maena [Noun], anchovy, arsehole, bastard, son-of-a-bitch
maestitia [Noun], grief, sadness, sorrow, gloom, dejection
maestus, -a, -um [Adjective], sad
maga [Noun], witch
Magdalena, Magdelenae [Noun], (f.) Magdalen
magicus [Noun], magic
magirus [Noun], cook, male cook
magis [Adverb], more (adv.)
magister, magistri [Noun], (m.) teacher, master, rabbi
magnifico, magnificare, magnificavi, magnificatus 1 [Verb], to extol, praise, glorify
magnus, -a, -um [Adjective], great, large, big
magus [Noun], magic, enchanter, magician, sorcerer, warlock, wizard
maialis [Noun], hog, pig, swine
major, majus (gen. majoris) [Adjective], greater, older
mala [Noun], jaw, jawbone
malacus [Adjective], soft
male [Adverb], badly, poorly (adv.)
malle [Verb], to prefer
malleus [Noun], hammer
malogranatum [Noun], pomegranate
malus, -a, -um [Adjective], bad, evil, wicked, miserable
mamma [Noun], udder, breast, teat
mandatum, mandati [Noun], (n.) order, commandment
manduco, manducare, manducavi, manducatus 1 [Verb], to eat
mane [Adverb], in the morning
maneō, manēre, mānsī, mānsus [Verb], to abide, remain, stay, stay over
mantellum [Noun], cloak, mantle
manus, manus [Noun], (f.) hand
marcus [Noun], hammer
mare, maris, marium [Noun], (n.) sea
margarita [Noun], pearl
Maria, Mariae [Noun], (f.) Mary
maritimus [Noun], maritime, sea, sea-, of the sea
marmor [Noun], marble
martes [Noun], marter, weasel, marten
Martius [Noun], March
martyr, martyris [Noun], (m.) witness, martyr
martyria [Noun], martyr, female martyr
mas [Adjective], male
massa [Noun], accumulation, crowd, heap, mass, multitude, pile
masturbari [Verb], to masturbate
matara [Noun], javelin
mater [Noun], mother
mater, matris [Noun], (f.) mother
materia [Noun], matter
mathematica [Noun], astrology, mathematics
mathematicus [Noun], astrologer, mathematician
matrix [Noun], stem, trunk, tree-trunk, account book, record, register
maturus [Adjective], mature, ripe
maximus, -a, -um [Adjective], greatest, very great
medicus [Noun], doctor, physician
medius [Noun], average, mean, middle
mel [Noun], honey
melior [Adjective], better
Melita [Noun], Malta
memor, memoris [Adjective], mindful of (+ gen)
memoranculum [Noun], monument
memoria, memoriae [Noun], (f.) remembrance, memory
memoror, memorari, ---, memoratus sum 1 [Verb], to be mindful of, remember (+ gen. or acc.)
mens, mentis, mentium [Noun], (f.) mind, intention
mensa, mensae [Noun], (f.) table, banquet
mensis [Noun], month
menta [Noun], mint
mentiri [Verb], to lie, tell a lie
mentula [Noun], penis
merces [Noun], salary, wage, wages
merda [Noun], dung, excrement
mereo, merere, merui, meritus 2 [Verb], to be worthy, deserve
meretricium [Noun], prostitution
meretrix [Noun], prostitute
merito [Adverb], rightly, deservedly (adv.)
meritorium [Noun], brothel, house to let, hired house, rented house, bawdy, house of ill fame, whorehouse
meritum, meriti [Noun], (n.) merit
Messias [Noun], Messiah
metallum [Noun], ore, metal, mine
metiri [Verb], to measure
metropolis [Noun], metropolis
meus, -a, -um [Adjective], my, mine
migrare [Verb], to migrate, roam, wander, wander about
miles, militis [Noun], (m.) soldier
mille [Adjective], thousand, one thousand
miluus [Noun], kite
mimus - mima [Noun], actor - actress
Minerva [Noun], Minerva
minister, ministri [Noun], (m.) servant, minister
ministerium, ministerii [Noun], (n) ministry, service
ministrare [Verb], to serve
minus [Adjective], fewer, less
mirari [Verb], to marvel, marvel at, wonder
miror, mirari, ---, miratus sum 1 [Verb], to wonder (at), be amazed (at)
mirus, -a, -um [Adjective], wonderful
misceo, -cere, -cui, mixtus 2 [Verb], to mix, mingle
miscere [Verb], to blend, mingle, mix, shuffle
miser, misera, miserum [Adjective], wretched, pitiable
misereor, misereri, ---, misertus sum 2 [Verb], to have pity on (w/ gen. or dat.)
misericordia, misericordiae [Noun], (f.) mercy, kindness, pity
miseror, miserari, ---, miseratus sum 1 [Verb], to bewail, pity
missa, missae [Noun], (f.) Mass
mitis [Adjective], soft
mitis, mite [Adjective], mild, meek
mitto, mittere, misis, missus 3 [Verb], to send, cast, put
mnemosynon [Noun], monument
modo [Adjective], exclusively, just, only, alone, solely
modus, modi [Noun], (m.) manner, way
moechus -moecha [Noun], adulterer - adulteress
mollis [Adjective], soft
molybdus [Noun], lead
monachus [Noun], monk
monasterium [Noun], monastery
monere [Verb], to caution, warn, advise, counsel, notify, announce
monogamia [Noun], monogamy
monopolium [Noun], monopoly
mons, montis, montium [Noun], (m.) mountain, hill
monstro, monstrare, monstravi, monstratus 1 [Verb], to show, command
monumentum, monumenti [Noun], (n.) tomb, monument
morari [Verb], to act crazy, rave
mordere [Verb], to bite
morior, mori, ---, mortuus sum 4 [Verb], to die
mors, mortis, mortium [Noun], (f.) death
mortificare [Verb], to kill, liquidate, slay
mortuus, -a, -um [Adjective], dead, late
mos [Noun], custom, habit, way, mores
moveo, movere, movi, motus 2 [Verb], to move, affect, actuate
mox [Adverb], soon
mucus [Noun], mucus, phlegm
Mulciber [Noun], Vulcan
mulier, mulieris [Noun], (f.) woman, wife
mullus [Noun], barbel
multitudo [Noun], accumulation, crowd, heap, mass, multitude, pile
multus, -a, -um [Adjective], much, many
mundo, mundare, … [Verb], to clean
mundus, -a, -um [Adjective], pure, clean
mundus, mundi [Noun], (m.) world
munus, muneris [Noun], (n.) gift, offering, task, duty, pl: also bribes
murra [Noun], myrrh
murus [Noun], wall
mus [Noun], mouse
musca [Noun], fly, housefly
musculus [Noun], muscle
muscus [Noun], moss
mussō, mussāre, mussāvī, mussātus [Verb], to murmur, whisper, keep quiet, be at a loss
mustela [Noun], marter, weasel
mustum [Noun], must
muto, -tare, -tavi, -tatus 1 [Verb], to change, exchange, turn
myrrha [Noun], myrrh
mysterium, mysterii [Noun], (n.) mystery
nam [Conjunction], for (coord. conj.)
narcissus [Noun], daffodil, narcissus
nare [Verb], to float, swim
naris [Noun], nose, nostril
narrare [Verb], to narrate, relate, tell
nascor, nasci, ---, natus sum 4 [Verb], to be born, arise
nasus [Noun], nose
natare [Verb], to float, swim
natio [Noun], nation, birth, breed, race
natura, naturae [Noun], (f.) nature, character
natus, nati [Noun], (m.) son, child
nauta [Noun], sailor
navia [Noun], boat
navis [Noun], ship, vessel
Nazarenus, -a, -um [Adjective], of Nazareth, Nazarene, Nazorean
ne [Adverb], that…not, in order not to, in order that…not
-ne [Other], enclitic interrog. particle
nebula [Noun], cloud
necessarius, -a, -um [Adjective], needful, fateful, needed (+ dat.)
necō, necāre, necāvī, necātus [Verb], to kill, liquidate, slay
nefas [Adjective], sinful
nego, negare, negavi, negates 1 [Verb], to deny, say… not, abnegate
negotium [Noun], business, commerce, trade, transaction
nemo (nullius, nemini, neminem, nullo nulla) [Pronoun], nobody, no, none, neither
neque (nec) [Adverb], and not, nor
nervus [Noun], muscle, nerve, sinew, string, tendon
nescio, nescire, nescivi (nescii), nescitus 4 [Verb], to not to know, be ignorant
niger [Adjective], black
nihil (nil) [Noun], nothing, not at all (noun, adv.)
nimis [Adverb], too (much) (adv.)
nisi [Conjunction], unless, if … not, except, but (subord. conj.)
nix [Noun], snow
noceō, nocēre, nocuī, ------- [Verb], to harm, injure, hurt
noctu [Adjective], at night, by night, during the night
nodare [Verb], to knot
noli nolite [Verb], to be unwilling, do not… (imperative + inf.)
nōlō, nōlle, nōluī, ---- [Verb], to be unwilling, wish not, refuse
nomen, nominis [Noun], (n.) name
non [Adverb], no, not (adv.)
nonaginta [Adjective], ninety
nondum [Adverb], not yet (adv.)
nonnus [Noun], nun, monk
nonus [Adjective], ninth
nosco, noscere, novi, notus 3 [Verb], to get acquainted with, get to know (pres. stem); know (perf. stem)
noster, nostra, nostrum [Adjective], our, ours
novem [Adjective], nine
novus, -a, -um [Adjective], new, recent
nox, noctis, noctium [Noun], (f.) night
nubes [Noun], cloud
nullus [Noun], neither, no, nobody, no-one, none
nullus, -a, -um [Adjective], not any, no
numerus, numeri [Noun], (m.) number, multitude
numquam [Adverb], never
numquid [Other], introduces a question expecting a NEGATIVE reply
nunc [Adverb], now, at present
nunquam [Adverb], never
nuntio, nuntiare, nuntiavi, nuntiatus 1 [Verb], to declare, announce
nuntius [Noun], errand, message
nutrire [Verb], to feed, nourish
ob [Preposition], acc: because of
obedire [Verb], to obey
obeo, obire, obivi, (-ii), obitus [Verb], to go to meet, die
obesus [Adjective], bold, corpulent, fat, thick
obitus [Noun], death
oblatio, oblationis [Noun], (f.) offering
oblectare [Verb], to amuse
obscurus [Adjective], dark, dim
observo, -vare, -vavi, -vatus 1 [Verb], to watch, observe
obses [Noun], hostage
obsideō, obsidēre, obsēdī, obsessus [Verb], to sit near, frequent, besiege, invest
occasio [Noun], chance, event, occurence, opportunity
occidaneus [Adjective], western
occidens - occasus [Noun], west, West
occidentalis [Adjective], western
occidere [Verb], to kill, liquidate, slay
occidualis [Adjective], western
occurrō, occurere, occurrī, occursus [Verb], to run to meet, attack, oppose
Oceanus [Noun], Oceanus
octavus [Adjective], eighth
octo [Adjective], eight
octoginta [Adjective], eighty
oculus, oculi [Noun], (m.) eye
odisse [Noun], hate
odium, odii [Noun], (n.) hatred
odor, odoris [Noun], (m.) aroma, odor, smell
officium [Noun], function, job, office, post
olea [Noun], olive-tree, olive
oleum [Noun], oil
olfaciō, olfacere, olfēcī, olfactus [Verb], to smell, scent out, detect
oliva [Noun], olive-tree, olive
Olivetum, oliveti [Noun], (n.) Olivet – a hill east of Jerusalem
olla [Noun], jug, pot, box, container, vessel
olor [Noun], swan
olus [Noun], vegetable
omen [Noun], indication, omen, portent, precursor, presage, sign
omissio, omissionis [Noun], (f.) omission
omnipotens, omnipotentis [Adjective], all-powerful
omnis, omne [Adjective], every, all, everyone
onagus [Noun], donkey-driver
oncare [Verb], to bray
onus [Noun], weight, burden, charge, load
onyx [Noun], onyx
opera [Noun], effort
operire [Verb], to cover
opero, -rare,-ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to work
operor, operari, ---, operatus sum 1 [Verb], to work, perform
opilio [Noun], shepherd
opinari [Verb], to account, deem, opine, think
oppidum [Noun], city, town
opplere [Verb], to fill, fill in, fill up
oppugnare [Verb], to assault, attack
ops [Noun], aid, help, force, strength, vigour, ability
optare [Verb], to desire, wish, choose, elect, pick out
optimus, -a, -um [Adjective], best, very good
opus est [Verb], it is necessary, there is a need (+ inf. or abl.)
opus, operis [Noun], (n.) work, deed
ora [Noun], bank, border, edge, shore, boundary, frontier, limit, coast, seaside, brim, brink, edging, fringe, rand, rim
orare [Verb], to speak, talk, pray
orarius [Adjective], coast, coast-, coastal, of the coast
oratio, orationis [Noun], (f.) prayer, speech
orbis [Noun], circle
Orcus [Noun], death
ordo, ordinis [Noun], (m.) rank, order
orichalcum [Noun], brass
origo [Noun], lineage, origin
orior, oriri, ---, ortus sum 4 [Verb], to spring up, arise, appear
ornithon [Noun], aviary
oro, orare, oravi, oratus 1 [Verb], to pray
orphanus [Noun], orphan
orthografia [Noun], orthography
ortigometra [Noun], quail
oryza [Noun], rice
os, oris [Noun], (n.) mouth
oscitare [Verb], to yawn
ostendo, ostendere, ostendi, ostentus (-sus) 3 [Verb], to show, explain
ostes [Noun], earthquake
ostrea [Noun], oyster
otacustes [Noun], spy
ovile [Noun], fold, pen
ovis, ovis, ovium [Noun], (f.) sheep
ovum [Noun], egg
padus [Noun], thread
paene [Adverb], almost, nearly
paeninsula [Noun], peninsula
paenula [Noun], raincoat
palatium [Noun], palace
palpitare [Verb], to pulsate, throb
palus [Noun], pole, post, stanchion, stake, marsh, swamp, penis
pancratium [Noun], chicory
panis, panis, panium [Noun], (m.) bread, loaf of bread
panthera [Noun], panther, giraffe
papa, papae [Noun], (m.) pope
papaver [Noun], poppy
papilio [Noun], butterfly
par [Adjective], equal, even, level
paradisus [Noun], paradise
parazonium [Noun], dagger
pardalis [Noun], female panther
pardus [Noun], panther
parens, parentis [Noun], (m. and f.) parent
pareo, parere, … [Verb], to obey (+dat)
pario, parere, peperi, partus 3 [Verb], to beget, produce, bear
paro, parare, paravi, paratus [Verb], to provide, prepare
pars, partes, partium [Noun], (f.) part, some
particeps, participis [Noun], (m. & f.) partaker, sharer
parus [Noun], titmouse
parvus, -a, -um [Adjective], little, small
Pascha, Paschae Paschatis [Noun], Passover, Pesach, Pasch, Easter
paschalis, paschale [Adjective], of Easter, Paschal
pasco, pascere, pavi, pastus 3 [Verb], to feed
passer [Noun], canary, sparrow, ostrich
passio, passionis [Noun], (f.) suffering, passion
passus [Noun], pace, step, stride
pastor, pastoris [Noun], (m.) shepherd, pastor
pater, patris [Noun], (m.) father
paternus, -a, -um [Adjective], of a father, paternal
patior, pati, ---, passus sum 4 [Verb], to suffer, allow
patiri [Verb], to abide, bear, endure, put up with, suffer
patria, patriae [Noun], (f.) native land, country, fatherland
patronus, patroni [Noun], (m.) defender, advocate
patruus [Noun], uncle
pauci, -ae, -a [Adjective], few, a few
Paulus, Pauli [Noun], (m.) Paul
pauper, pauperis [Adjective], poor, not wealthy
pavo [Noun], peacock
pax, pacis [Noun], (f.) harmony, peace
peccator, peccatoris [Noun], (m.) sinner
peccatum, peccati [Noun], (n.) sin
pecco, peccare, peccavi, peccatus 1 [Verb], to sin
pecunia [Noun], money
pedes [Noun], pedestrian
pedis [Noun], louse
peior [Adjective], worse
pelicanus [Noun], pelican
pellere [Verb], to beat, hit, strike
pellis [Noun], skin
pelvis [Noun], basin, bowl, pelvis
pendere [Verb], to droop, hang
penetrare [Verb], to penetrate
penis [Noun], penis, tail
pentecoste [Noun], Pentecost, Whitsunday
per [Preposition], acc: through
perca [Noun], bass
perdo, -dere, -didi, -ditus 3 [Verb], to loose, destroy
peregrinas, peregrinantis [Adjective], traveling, subst. traveler, pilgrim
perenniter [Adverb], constantly, perennially (adv.)
pereo, perire, perivi (-ii), peritus [Verb], to perish, die, be lost
perfectus, -a, -um [Adjective], perfect
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus 3 [Verb], to do completely, finish, accomplish
perhibeo, -bere, -bui, -bitus 2 [Verb], to hold out, produce, afford
periculum [Noun], danger, peril
permitto, -tere, -misi, -missus 3 [Verb], to allow, permit (+dat. and inf.)
pernoctō, pernoctāre, pernoctāvī, pernoctātus [Verb], to pass the night
perpetuo [Adverb], uninterruptedly, perpetually
perpetuus, -a, -um [Adjective], everlasting, perpetual
persevero, perseverare, perseveravi, perseveratus 1 [Verb], to continue
persona [Noun], person
persuadere [Verb], to persuade
pertranseo, pertransire, pertransivi (-ii), pertransitus [Verb], to go all about, go away, pierce
perubique [Adverb], all about, everywhere
pervenio, pervenire, perveni, perventus 4 [Verb], to arrive, attain
pervertere [Verb], to ruin
pervetere [Verb], to bribe
pes, pedis [Noun], (m.) foot
pessulus [Noun], bolt
petilus [Noun], gaunt, lean, meager, skimpy, skinny, thin, slender
peto, petere, petivi (petii) petitus 3 [Verb], to ask (for), entreat
petō, petere, petīvī, petītus [Verb], to ask, ask for, beg, bid, request
petra [Noun], rock
petro [Noun], ibex
petroselinum [Noun], parsley
Petrus, Petri [Noun], (m.) Peter
phalarica [Noun], lance, spear
phallus [Noun], phallus
phaselus [Noun], haricot
phasianus [Noun], pheasant
phasma [Noun], ghost, phantom
phaulius [Adjective], bad, miserable, nasty, poor
philema [Noun], kiss
phoca [Noun], seal, sea-dog
phoenicopterus [Noun], flamingo
phthisis [Noun], consumption, tuberculosis
phui [Noun], shame
phylaca [Noun], gaol, prison
phylacterium [Noun], amulet, charm, talisman
physica [Noun], physics
physicus [Adjective], physical, physicist
pica [Noun], magpie
picea [Noun], pine, pine-tree
picus [Noun], woodpecker
pietas, pietatis [Noun], (f.) goodness, tenderness, pity
piger [Adjective], lazy
pila [Noun], ball
pingere [Verb], to paint
pinguis [Adjective], fat, fatty, greasy
pinus [Noun], pine, pine-tree
piper [Noun], pepper
pirus [Noun], pear-tree
piscis [Noun], fish
pius, -a, -um [Adjective], holy, loving, tender, pious
pix [Noun], pitch
placidus [Noun], peaceful
placo, placare, placavi, placatus 1 [Verb], to appease, reconcile
planctus, planctus [Noun], (m.) mourning
plango, plangere, planxi, planctus 3 [Verb], to bewail, mourn
planta [Noun], plant
planus [Adjective], even, flat, level, smooth
platanus [Noun], plane, plane-tree, sycamore
plebs [Noun], folk, nation, people
plectere [Verb], to braid, plait, twine, wreathe, punish
plenus [Adjective], complete, full, integral
plenus, -a, um (+abl.) [Adjective], full (of)
pleo, plere, plevi, pletus 2 [Verb], to fill, complete
plicare [Verb], to fold
pluit, pluere, pluit plūvit (usually only 3rd singular) [Verb], it is raining
plumbum [Noun], pencil, lead
plus [Adjective], more
pluvia [Noun], rain
podagra [Noun], gout
podex [Noun], anus, arse, ass
poema [Noun], poem
poena [Noun], punishment
Poenicus [Noun], Carthaginian
Poenus [Noun], Carthaginian
poeta [Noun], poet
polliceri [Noun], promise
polus [Noun], pole
polypus [Noun], polyp
pomum [Noun], fruit-tree, fruit, apple
pomus [Noun], fruit-tree
pondus [Noun], weight
pono, ponere, posui, positus 3 [Verb], to put, place, set
pons [Noun], bridge
Pontius Pilatus, Pontii Pilati [Noun], (m.) Pontius Pilatus, Pilate
pontus [Noun], sea
Pontus Axenus [Noun], Black Sea, Euxine Sea
poples [Noun], knee
populus, populi [Noun], (m.) people, nation
porca [Noun], sow
porcarius [Noun], pig, pig-, of a pig
porcina [Noun], pork
porcula [Noun], piglet
porculus [Noun], young of a wild boar
porcus [Noun], hog, pig, swine
porta [Noun], gate, gateway, portal
portio [Noun], share
porto, portare, portavi, portatus 1 [Verb], to carry
portus [Noun], harbour, port
posco, poscere, poposci, --- 3 [Verb], to ask, beseech
possibilis [Adjective], possible
possibilitas [Noun], possibility
possidere [Verb], to own, possess
possum, posse, potui, --- [Verb], to be able, can (+ inf.)
possum, posse, potuī, ---- [Verb], to be possible, be able, be able to
post [Preposition], acc: after, behind
postea [Adverb], afterward, later on (adv.)
postis, postis, postium [Noun], (m.) doorpost
postquam [Conjunction], after (subord. conj.)
postulo, postulare, postulavi, postulatus 1 [Verb], to ask (for), pray for, require, demand
potens, potentis [Adjective], powerful (in), having power (over)
potentia, potentiae [Noun], (f.) power
potestas, potestatis [Noun], (f.) power, authority
potissimum [Noun], above all, especially, chiefly, in particular, mainly, principally
potui [Verb], to be able, be able to
potus, potus [Noun], (m.) drink
prae [Preposition], abl: before, in preference to, in comparison with, in consequence of, because of
praebia [Noun], amulet, charm, talisman
praeceptum, praecepti [Noun], (n.) lesson, precept, command
praecipio, praecipere, praecepi, praeceptus 3 [Verb], to command, instruct, teach
praecipitō, praecipitāre, praecipitāvī, praecipitātus [Verb], to fall or cast down headlong
praecurrō, praecurrere, praecurrī, praecursus [Verb], to go ahead, precede, surpass
praedico, praedicare, praedicavi, praedicatus 1 [Verb], to preach, proclaim
praeeo, praeire, praeivi (-ii), praeitus [Verb], to go before
praefatio, praefationis [Noun], (f.) preface
praegnans [Adjective], pregnant, with young
praemium, praemii [Noun], (n.) reward, compensation
praenomen [Noun], first name
praestolor, praestolari, ---, parestolatus sum 1 [Verb], to wait for (+ dat./acc.)
praeter [Preposition], acc: except, beyond, past
praetereō, praeterīre, praeterīvī (-iī), praeteritus [Verb], to pass over, pass by, omit
precare [Verb], to pray
precor, precari, ---, precatus 1 [Verb], to ask, pray
premo, premere, pressi, presus 3 [Verb], to press (upon), oppress
pretiosus, -a, -um [Adjective], precious
pretium, pretii [Noun], (n.) price, ransom, value
prex, precis [Noun], (f.) entreaty, prayer
primum [Adverb], (at) first (adv.)
primus, -a, um [Adjective], first
princeps, prinicipis [Noun], (m.) chief, prince
principium, prinicipii [Noun], (n.) beginning
priusquam [Conjunction], before (subord. conj.)
pro [Preposition], abl: in front of, in behalf of, for, instead of, on behalf of
probare [Verb], to prove
prodeo, prodire, prodivi (-ii), proditus [Verb], to go forth
proelium [Noun], action, battle, scuffle, struggle, fight
profligare [Verb], to conquer
profugere [Verb], to flee, run away
profundus [Adjective], deep, profound
prohibere [Verb], to forestall, prevent
prohibire [Verb], to forbid, prohibit
proles [Noun], child, offspring, young, successor
prōmittō, prōmittere, prōmīsī, prōmissus [Verb], to promise
propagare [Verb], to spread
prope [Adverb], almost, nearly
propheta, prophetae [Noun], (m.) prophet
propter [Preposition], acc: on account of, because of
prostituere [Verb], to prostitute
prosum, prodesse, profui, --- [Verb], to avail, profit, be advantageous (to) (+ dat.)
protectio, protectionis [Noun], (f.) protection
provincia [Noun], province
proximare [Verb], to advance, come close, come closer, come on
proximus, -a, -um [Adjective], nearest (+ dat.), as subst. = neighbor
psalmista, psalmistae [Noun], (m.) psalmist
psalmus, psalmi [Noun], (m.) psalm
psittaca [Noun], parrot
publicus [Adjective], public
puella [Noun], girl, lass, wench
puelus [Noun], bath
puer, pueri [Noun], (m.) boy, child, servant
puera [Noun], girl, lass, wench
pugil [Noun], boxer
pugio [Noun], dagger
pugna [Noun], action, battle, scuffle, struggle, fight, competition, contest
pugnō, pugnāre, pugnāvī, pugnātus [Verb], to fight, struggle, strive
pugnus [Noun], fist
pulcher [Adjective], beautiful, fine, handsome, lovely, fair
pulmo [Noun], lung
pulpa [Noun], meat
pulsare [Verb], to beat, hit, strike
pulvis [Noun], dust
Punicus [Noun], Carthaginian
pūniō, pūnīre, pūnīvī, pūnītus [Verb], to punish
pupa [Noun], doll, puppet
puppis [Noun], poop, poopdeck, stern
purgo, purgare, purgavi, purgatus 1 [Verb], to purify, purge, clean
purpura [Adjective], purple
purus [Adjective], clean, pure
puto, putare, putavi, putatus 1 [Verb], to think, reckon, suppose, guess
putus [Adjective], clean, pure
quadraginta [Adjective], forty
quaerere [Verb], to ask
qualis, quale [Adjective], (of) what kind (of)
quam [Adverb], how, how much, as…as possible (adv.), than (coord. conj.)
quamquam [Conjunction], although (subord. conj.)
quando [Adverb], when? (interrog. adv.)
quantus, -a, -um [Adjective], how much, how great
quapropter [Conjunction], wherefore, and therefore (coord. conj.)
quaqua [Adverb], wherever
quare [Adverb], for what reason?, why? (interrog. adv.)
quartus [Adjective], fourth
quasi [Conjunction], as if, as though, in a way
quattuor [Adjective], four (indecl. adj.)
quattuordecim [Adjective], fourteen
-que [Conjunction], and
quercus [Noun], oak
qui, quae, quod [Pronoun], which? what? (rel. pro.) who, which that
quia [Conjunction], that, because, as, for, since (subord. conj.)
quid [Adverb], why? how? wherefore?
quidam, quaedam, quiddam [Noun], a certain (one, thing)
quidem [Adverb], indeed, at any rate
quies, quietis [Noun], (f.) peace, rest, quiet
quiēscō, quiēscere, quiēvī, quiētus [Verb], to rest, sleep, stop (doing smthg)
quindecim [Adjective], fifteen
quinquaginta [Adjective], fifty
quinque [Adjective], five
quintus [Adjective], fifth
quis, quid [Pronoun], who? what? someone, something, anyone, anything = after: si, nisi, numquid, ne
quisquam, quaequam, quidquam [Pronoun], anyone, anything (used with negative or implied neg.)
quisquis [Adjective], any, whichever, whoever
quo [Adverb], (to) where, somewhere
quod [Conjunction], that, because, since, as (subord. conj.)
quomodo [Adverb], in what manner? how?
quoniam [Conjunction], that, because (subord. conj.)
quoque [Other], too, also
radix [Noun], root, radish
ramus [Noun], bough, branch
rana [Noun], toad, frog
raphanum [Noun], radish
raphanus [Noun], cabbage, black radish, radish
rapulum [Noun], radish
rapum [Noun], turnip
raro [Adverb], seldom
rarus [Adjective], rare
raucus [Adjective], hoarse
ravus [Adjective], grey
re- [Adjective], back, re-
reclino, -nare, -navi, -natus 1 [Verb], to bend back
rectus [Adjective], direct, straight
recuperō, recuperāre, recuperāvī, recuperātus [Verb], to regain, recoup, recover
red- [Adjective], back, re-
reddo, -dere,-didi,-ditus 3 [Verb], to give back, render
redemptor, redemptoris [Noun], (m.) one who buys back, redeemer
redeo, redire, redivi (-ii), reditus [Verb], to go back, return
refugere [Verb], to flee back
regalis [Adjective], regal, royal
regere [Verb], to control, govern, restrain, rule
regificus [Adjective], regal, royal
regillus [Adjective], regal, royal
regimen, regimentum [Noun], administration, government
regina, reginae [Noun], (f.) queen
regio [Noun], district, region
regius [Adjective], regal, royal
regno, -nare, -navi, -natus 1 [Verb], to rule, reign, govern, restrain
regnum, regni [Noun], (n.) kingdom, royalty, kingship
rego, regere, rexi, rextus 3 [Verb], to rule, guide, govern
relegare [Verb], to do away with, dispense with, get rid of, remove, dismiss, turn away
religio [Noun], religion, superstition
relinquo, -quere, -qui, relictus 3 [Verb], to leave (behind), abandon
remex [Noun], rower
remigare [Verb], to row
remissio, remissionis [Noun], (f.) forgiveness, remission
remitto, remittere, remisi, remissus 3 [Verb], to send back, forgive
removeō, removēre, remōvī, remōtus [Verb], to draw back, set aside, take away
remus [Noun], oar
ren [Noun], kidney
renovare [Verb], to renew
reparare [Verb], to earn back, regain, win back, renew, fix, repair
repellō, repellere, reppulī, repulsus [Verb], to drive back, repel
repente [Adverb], abruptly, all of a sudden, suddenly
repentinus [Adjective], abrupt, sudden
repere [Verb], to crawl, creep
reperire [Verb], to discover, uncover, find
reprehendō, reprehendere, reprehendī, reprehēnsus [Verb], to blame, reprove, refute, hold back, check, catch
requiescere [Verb], to repose, rest
requirere [Verb], to need, require
reri [Verb], to think
res, rei [Noun], (f.) thing, matter, affair
resistere [Verb], to resist, withstand
respondeo, respondere, respondi, responsus 2 [Verb], to answer, respond (to) (+ dat.)
responsum, responsi [Noun], (n.) answer, response
respublica [Noun], state
resulto, -tare, -tavi, -tatus 1 [Verb], to resound, rebound
resurrectio, resurrectionis [Noun], (f.) rising again, resurrection
revocō, revocāre, revocāvī, revocātus [Verb], to call back, recover, refer, revoke
rex, regis [Noun], (m.) king
rhinoceros [Noun], rhino, rhinoceros
Rhodanus [Noun], Rhone
rīdeō, rīdēre, rīsī, rīsus [Verb], to laugh, laugh at
risus [Noun], laughter
ritus, ritus [Noun], (m.) ceremony, rite
robur [Noun], oak, oak-wood
robustus [Adjective], strong, vigorous
rodere [Verb], to gnaw
rogo, rogare, rogavi, rogatus 1 [Verb], to ask (for), pray, bessech
Roma, Romae [Noun], (f.) Rome
Romanus, -a, -um [Adjective], Roman
rosa [Noun], rose
rota [Noun], wheel
ruber, rubra, rubrum [Adjective], red
rubus [Noun], blackberry, blackberry bush, bramble
rumex [Noun], dock, sorrel
rumpere [Verb], to break
rus [Noun], country, countryside
russus [Adjective], ablush, blushing, red
rusticus [Adjective], rural
Ruthenia [Noun], Russia
Sabaoth [Adjective], armies, hosts
sabbatum, sabbati [Noun], (n.) Sabbath
sacer, sacra, sacrum [Adjective], holy, sacred
sacerdos, sacerdotis [Noun], (m.) priest
sacerdotalis [Adjective], priestly
sacramentum, saramenti [Noun], (n.) sacrament
sacratus [Adjective], holy, sacred
sacricola [Noun], priest
sacrificium, sacrificii [Noun], (n.) sacrifice
sacro, -rare, -ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to make holy, consecrate
sacrosanctus, -a, -um [Adjective], most holy, venerable
sacrum [Noun], holy object, sacred object
saeculum, saeculi [Noun], (n.) age, world
saepe [Adverb], frequently, often, regularly
saevus [Adjective], savage, wild, ferocious
sagitta [Noun], arrow
sal [Noun], salt
salamandra [Noun], salamander
salire [Verb], to jump, leap, spring
saliva [Noun], saliva
salix [Noun], willow
salmo [Noun], salmon
salsus [Adjective], salty
saltō, saltāre, saltāvī, saltātus [Verb], to dance
salus, salutis [Noun], (f.) safety, health, salvation
salutare, salutaris, salutarium [Noun], (n.) salvation
salutaris, salutare [Adjective], saving, of salvation
salutifer, -a, -um [Adjective], salutary, saving
salūtō, salūtāre, salūtāvī, salūtātus [Verb], to greet, salute
salvator, salvatoris [Noun], (m.) savior
salve! salvete! [Other], hail! farewell! hello! goodbye! greetings!
salvus, -a, -um [Adjective], safe, saved, sound
sambucus [Noun], elder
sancire [Verb], to sanctify
sanctescere [Verb], to become holy
sanctificare [Verb], to sanctify
sanctificatio, sanctificationis [Noun], (f.) holiness, holy mystery
sanctifico, -care, -cavi, -catus 1 [Verb], to make holy, sanctify
sanctimonialis [Adjective], nun, pious
sanctus [Adjective], divine, pious, holy, sacred
sanctus, -a, -um [Adjective], hallowed, holy, (pl.) saints
sandalium [Noun], sandal
sanguis, sanguinis [Noun], (m.) blood
sanitas [Noun], health
sano, -nare, -navi, -natus 1 [Verb], to heal
sanus [Noun], healthy, well
sapiens [Adjective], sagacious, sage, wise
sapientia, sapientiae [Noun], (f.) wisdom
sapo [Noun], soap
Satanas [Noun], Satan
satio, -iare, -iavi, -iatus 1 [Verb], to nourish, satisfy
satis [Adverb], enough, sufficiently, quite, rather
saurion [Noun], mustard
saxum [Noun], rock
scabere [Verb], to scratch
scaena [Noun], scene
scalpere [Verb], to cut, slice
scandalum [Noun], commotion, scandal
Scandia [Noun], Scandinavia
scando, scandere, scandi, scansus 3 [Verb], to climb, mount
scapha [Noun], boat
scarabaeus [Noun], beetle
scelus, sceleris [Noun], (n.) crime, sin
sceptrum [Noun], sceptre
schola [Noun], school
scio, scire, scivi, scitus 4 [Verb], to know
sciurus [Noun], squirrel
scolopendra [Noun], centipede
scorpio [Noun], scorpion
scribo, scribere, scripsi, scriptus 3 [Verb], to write
scriptura, scripturae [Noun], (f.) writing, scripture
scrofa [Noun], sow
secare [Verb], to cut, slice
secundum [Preposition], acc: according to
secundus, -a, -um [Adjective], next, second
sed [Conjunction], but, yet (coord. conj.)
sedecim [Adjective], sixteen
sedeo, seder, sedi, sessus 2 [Verb], to sit (down), be seated
sedes, sedis [Noun], (f.) place, seat
seduco, -cere, seduxi, -ctus 3 [Verb], to deceive
segregare [Verb], to divide, separate
seiungere [Verb], to divide, separate
semen [Noun], seed
semideus [Adjective], of a demigod, demigod
semita, semitae [Noun], (f.) path
semper [Adverb], always, ever
senex, senis [Adjective], old
sensus, sensus [Noun], (m.) feeling, sense, understanding, mind
sententia [Noun], wisdom
sentire [Verb], to feel, sense
separo, -rare,-ravi, -ratus 1 [Verb], to separate
sepelio, sepelire, sepelivi (sepelii) sepultus, 4 [Verb], to bury
sepia [Adjective], sepia
septem [Adjective], seven (indecl. adj.)
septendecim [Adjective], seventeen
septimus [Adjective], seventh
septuaginta [Adjective], seventy
sequor, sequi, ---, secutus sum [Verb], to follow
serenus, -a, -um [Adjective], bright, serene
serpens [Noun], dragon, serpent, snake
serpere [Verb], to crawl, creep
serus [Adverb], late, tardy
serva [Noun], bondwoman, slave, female slave
servire [Verb], to serve
servo, servare, servavi, servatus [Verb], to keep, preserve
servus [Noun], slave
servus, servi [Noun], (m.) servant, slave
severus [Adjective], severe, strict
sex [Adjective], six
sexaginta [Adjective], sixty
sextus [Adjective], sixth
sextus, -a, -um [Adjective], sixth
sexus [Noun], sex
si [Conjunction], if, whether (subord. conj.)
sic [Adverb], so, thus, such
siccus, -a, -um [Adjective], dry
Sicilia [Noun], Sicily
sicut [Other], like, (just) as
sidus [Noun], star
signum, signi [Noun], (n.) sign, miracle, mark
silens [Adjective], silent
silentium, silentii [Noun], (n.) silence
silex [Noun], flint, gravel
silva [Noun], forest, woods
simia [Noun], ape, monkey
similis, simile [Adjective], like, similar to (+ dat.)
simul [Adverb], together, at the same time
simulō, simulāre, simulāvī, simulātus [Verb], to pretend, sham
sine [Preposition], abl: without
sisurna [Noun], mattress
sisymbrium [Noun], watercress
sive (seu) [Conjunction], or if
socer [Noun], father-in-law
socio, sociare, sociavi, sociatus 1 [Verb], to share in, ally
socius, socii [Noun], (m.) companion, ally
socrus [Noun], mother-in-law
sol [Noun], sun
solaris [Adjective], solair, sun, sun-, of the sun
solemnis, solemne [Adjective], annual, solemn, customary
soleō, solēre, (solitus sum) [Verb], to be used to, be accustomed, be wont
solidus [Adjective], firm, solid
solor, solari, ---, solatus sum 1 [Verb], to console, comfort
solus, -a, -um [Adjective], only, alone, solely
solvo, -vere, -vi, solutus 3 [Verb], to set free, break up, pay back
somnus, somni [Noun], (m.) sleep
sono, sonare, sonui, sonitus 1 [Verb], to (make a) sound
sophia [Noun], wisdom
sophus [Adjective], sagacious, sage, wise
sopor [Noun], sleep
sorbum [Noun], mountain-ash berry, rowan berry
sorbus [Noun], mountain-ash, rowan
spatium, spatii [Noun], (n.) space
specio, specere, spexi, spectus 3 [Verb], to look (at)
spectō, spectāre, spectāvī, spectātus [Verb], to consider, deem, look, regard, view, watch
sperare [Verb], to hope
spes, spei [Noun], (f.) hope
spina, spinae [Noun], (f.) thorn
spiritualis, spirituale [Adjective], spiritual, of the spirit
spiritus, spiritus [Noun], (m.) breath, spirit
spiro, spirare, spiravi, spiratus 1 [Verb], to breath
spodium [Noun], ash, cinder
squama [Noun], scale
statim [Adverb], immediately, at once (adv.)
statua [Noun], statue
statuo, statuere, statui, statutus 3 [Verb], to establish, appoint, determine
stella [Noun], star
stella, stellae [Noun], (f.) star
sterilis [Adjective], barren, infertile, sterile, unfruitful
stertō, stertere, stertuī, ------- [Verb], to snore
stigma [Noun], brand
stigmare [Verb], to brand
stimulare [Verb], to abet, rouse, stimulate, stir up
sto, stare, steti, status 1 [Verb], to stand (still)
stringō, stringere, strīnxī, strictus [Verb], to reduce, inhibit, diminish, narrow
struo, struere, struxi, structus 3 [Verb], to build
struthocamelus [Noun], ostrich
studium [Noun], study
stulte [Adverb], stupidly
stultus [Adjective], foolish, addled, stupid
stupeō, stupēre, stupuī, ------- [Verb], to be astounded
Styx [Noun], Styx
suavis, suave [Adjective], sweet, gentle, soft, tender
suavitas, suavitatis [Noun], (f.) sweetness
sub [Preposition], acc: (to a place) under abl: (in or at a place) under
subeo, subire, subivi (-ii), subitus [Verb], to go under, submit to, climb
subito [Adverb], abruptly, all of a sudden, suddenly
subnotatio [Noun], signature
substantia, substantiae [Noun], (f.) nature, substance
subvenio, subvenire, subveni, subventus 4 [Verb], to come upon, assist, come to help (+ dat.)
successus [Noun], achievement, success
sufficio, sufficere, suffeci, suffectus 3 [Verb], to be enough, be sufficient
sui [Adjective], oneself (i.e. himself, herself, itself, themselves)
sulphur [Noun], brimstone, sulphur
sum, esse, fui, futurus [Verb], to be, exist
sumo, sumere, sumpsi, sumtus 3 [Verb], to take, obtain
super [Preposition], acc: above, upon, over; abl: about, concerning
supera [preposition], above, over
superare [Verb], to exceed, surpass
supereffluere [Verb], to overflow
supernus, -a, -um [Adjective], heavenly, celestial
superstitio [Noun], superstition
supersubstantialis, supersubstantiale [Adjective], life-sustaining
supervenio, supervinire, superveni, superventus 4 [Verb], to come upon, overtake (+ dat.), come up, arrive
supplex, supplicis [Noun], suppliant = expressing humble, but heartfelt appeal
supplico, supplicare, supplicavi, supplicates 1 [Verb], to (humbly) beseech
sura [Noun], calf
surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectus [Verb], to rise up, arise
sursum [Adverb], on high, upward (adv.)
suscipio, suscipere, suscepi, susceptus 3 [Verb], to take up, pick up, accept
suscito, suscitare, suscitavi, suscitatus 1 [Verb], to awaken, raise up
suus, -a, -um [Adjective], one’s own (i.e. his/her/its/their own)
synagoga, synagogae [Noun], (f.) congregation, synagogue
Syracusae [Noun], Syracuse
Syria [Noun], Syria
tabula [Noun], board, plank
taceō, tacēre, tacuī, tacitus [Verb], to be silent, say nothing, pass over
taeda [Noun], pine, pine-tree
taedet, taedēre, taeduit (taesum est) (impersonal: only 3rd sing.) [Verb], to be disgusted at
talis, tale [Adjective], such, of such a sort
talpa [Noun], mole
tam [Adverb], so, to such a degree (adv.)
tamarix [Noun], tamarisk
tamen [Conjunction], but, however, nevertheless, yet
tango, tangere, tetigi, tactus 3 [Verb], to touch
tantum [Adverb], only, exclusively, just, alone, solely
tantus, -a, -um [Adjective], so much, so great
tata [Noun], dad, daddy
taurus [Noun], bull
taxare [Verb], to appraise, estimate, rate
taxus [Noun], yew-tree, javelin
tectum, tecti [Noun], (n.) roof, house
tegere [Verb], to cover
tela [Noun], spiderweb, fabric, textile
tellus, telluris [Noun], (f.) earth, land, soil
tempestus [Noun], weather
templum, templi [Noun], (n.) temple, church
temptō, temptāre, temptāvī, temptātus [Verb], to try, put to the test