Most Common Misspelled English Words

Common Misspelled English Words. A list of the most common misspelled words in the English language.

a lot absence
acceptable accidentally, accidently
accommodate achieve
acknowledge acquaintance
acquire acquit
acreage address
adultery advisable
affect aggression
aggressive allegiance
almost amateur
annually apparent
arctic argument
atheist awful
because becoming
beginning believe
bellwether buoy, buoyant
business calendar
camouflage capitol ,capital
Caribbean category
caught cemetery
changeable chief
colleague collectible
column coming
committed concede
congratulate conscientious
conscious consensus
controversy coolly
daiquiri deceive
definite definitely
desperate difference
dilemma disappoint
disastrous drunkenness
dumbbell embarrass
equipment exceed
exhilarate existence
experience extreme
fascinating fiery
fluorescent foreign
friend fulfil
gauge grateful
guarantee guidance
harass height
hierarchy hors d'oeuvres
humorous hygiene
hypocrisy, hypocrite ignorance
imitate immediately
independent indispensable
inoculate intelligence
jewelry, jewellery (UK) judgment
kernel leisure
liaison library
license lightning
lose maintenance
medieval memento
millennium miniature
minuscule mischievous
misspell necessary
neighbor niece
noticeable occasion
occasionally occurred
occurrence omission
original outrageous
parliament pastime
perceive perseverance
personnel plagiarize
playwright possession
potatoes precede
presence principle
privilege professor
promise pronunciation
proof prophecy, prophesy
publicly quarantine
questionnaire queue
readable really
receipt receive
recommend reference
referred relevant
religious repetition
restaurant rhyme
rhythm secretary
seize separate
sergeant similar
skilful speech
successful supersede
surprise their
tomatoes tomorrow
twelfth tyranny
underrate until
upholstery usable, useable
vacuum vehicle
vicious weather
weird welfare
whether wilful
withhold writing

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