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Since the twenties, thirties, and forties, psychologists have tied themselves to the wealth of media advertising. Capitalism is based on fostering competition, and, competition is by nature a divisive pursuit. Hence, a constant division ends in the management of a consumer population that is permanently in a given state of media bred psychological stress. Then too,  what typically follows are such as social and economic unrest, higher crime rates, education, and cultural decline. In short, out of control competition exists as chaos.

Every citizen is branded with a potential economic worth. Life is competition for job dollars;  who wins lives and who doesn't expire early. Wall street traders place their bets on possible people futures while the greed and rules of the poker game mean some worker/consumers will win and some lose; that is, some continue their lives and others die early.

Everyone buys into the competition strategy as if it's the natural way to an end; that is, who and/or what survives  Co-operation, on the other hand, is branded a form of socialism, yet it ends with an ascendent order rather than a descendent state of chaos. The mathematical logic of co-operation is responsible for the order and abundance of life and culture forms on the planet (as compared to the chaos and war, the famine, and death end products of a competitive rule). The mathematics and logic of co-operative order foster all types, qualities, and quantities of consumer/workers and all benefit. Free health care, affordable drugs, a housing market that's not a casino game driven, pensions, a guaranteed income supplement in case of unemployment or low wages, and secure housing.

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