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Punma brought a puppy though I was not in opinion to keep any dog and so was her mum. After long request and with some force ultimately she brought a puppy from neighbor paying 150$. It was very white. It was named Yiti representing white tiger. It grew very fast. In some days it learned to go up stair in the home. One day there was no body and I came from outside. As I went up stair Yiti also climbed up. When I was going down after changing dress it crawled near down steps. I thought that it would like to remain up or wanted to do something there. Then I went up to up stair to roof it also climbed up. When I wanted to go down it again crawled seeing down stairs to me. I thought he wanted to go to roof. I went around roof and it also moved around. When I went down it remained in upper stair. I failed to understand it. Yiti remained there and I provided some food there. Later Punma told me that Yiti has learned to go up but not coming down. I became little sad for not understanding that Yiti was requesting me to carry down with me.
One of the main jobs of Yiti is to bark when new persons come at home. It does not bark to everyone. If he feels that person is regular comer of home he does not bark. For some people he barks if he thinks that even he or she are regularly coming does not belongs to home by heart. Those persons who like Yiti treat specially by shaking whole body and tails and wants to leaks feet and jumps over legs. It barks with big noise when outside dogs or cats passes through his area and want to jump if he was free. If he is released he barks to dogs and chase to some extent. Outside dogs also get afraid even they are stronger this puppy.
One day there was some kind of ceremony in the next to our home. It is my brother’s home but it has been rented to others and have become our good neighbor. Many people were coming and going. Yiti was barking from our side every time people going from home but not barking when they were coming. It seemed to us that it was barking thinking that they were taking something from home.
There one women come to our home in the morning for collecting cow milk. That time Yiti will be in side home kneeled in the post of staircase in front of gate. That woman plays some time with Yiti and then got to kitchen for taking milk bottle. While going back again she spends some time. Yiti become so happy with her. I do not know what exactly she does but I can hear from my room her talking to Yiti. I do not think that Yiti understanding what she is talking but action and affiliation that she express must be understandable to Yiti.
Once my friend Japanese came to my home. He became quickly affiliated to Yiti. He also has got dog in him home in Japan. He played with Yitt as if he understands him well. He allowed Yiti to chew his hand thinking that it helps Yiti to satisfy itching teeth. Once I had to visit foreign for a long time. I wanted to take Yiti with me. But I was not sure whether quarantine will allow me to take Yiti or not.

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Author: Nam Raj Khatri
Environmental Engineer from Nepal. Interested in art, photography, writing and short movie making on natural acting.


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