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As my eyelashes flutter open, I awake to see your arm extended towards me. You’re beautiful, just strikingly beautiful, and I think maybe it’s just how sunrise cascades through the windows and catches your eyes, but I realize that you’re just as beautiful today, as you were in the dark last night. You lean in to press your soft lips against my eyelids. “Good morning, sweetheart.” The words omitted from your mouth sound like music. I smile in reply. I sit up in our bed, as if to leave, but you pull me back down. “Five more minutes? Please?” You beg me to stay, so I do. You know I could never walk away from you, especially when it’s Sunday morning and I have absolutely nowhere to be, other than with you. No matter how long I stay, it never feels like it will be enough. A lifetime with you would feel like a day. I’m scared to blink for fear of losing a moment in your presence. I breathe you in like I am suffocating and you are the oxygen i’ve been craving. I gaze into your eyes, your gentle, hazel eyes. I’m awestruck now, as I realize how they seem to outshine the entirety of the stars in the darkest midnight sky. You’re smiling at me now, the same child-like smile you flash at me every time you’ve jumped out of a dark corner and scared me. As often as you’ve done that to me, I feel my safest when i’m with you. You move towards me and put your arms around me, as if you’re fire and I am ice, I am melting. I could lay in bed with you all day, without hesitation. I close my eyes and let myself drift away to sleep in your embrace, you are my favorite place, you are my escape.

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Author: Gabrielle Bidwell
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