young lady living in a fantasy world.

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The is a young lady living in the fantasy world.............

the young dark beautiful girl lady, with brown big eyes, small noise, red lips, she is short in height, lives with her tall and big mother who looks strict in a face. The young lady every day after school, she locks her room and lies in a bed and look at the roof. The young lady name is THEMBI....

In the afternoon Thembi came home and greet her mother " Hi mom "

and she went straight to her bedroom and locked the door, she throws her bag in the chair next to the window and lies in the bed. and she said "Hey mom, Hey mom how was your day? yoooh mine was so good I found new friends Dali and Cindi, They are so nice and beautiful we get along very well and her mother responded Wow nice, I'm so happy for you. And she responds and says I know. and she went and open the oven, and took her lunch  , and she pours a juice, ( The loud voice says ) Wash those dishes when you are done! Thembi smiles and says Alright and she went to her balcony and sat in a chair and watched people passing next to her house. 


Thembi saw her friends passing down the road Dali and Cindi and she jumped with joy and screamed calling them Dali! ! , Cindi !  and they looked back waving their hands smilling come come, and she went down stairs running she left her food in her chair. Her face was filled with joy. In sixteen years of her life she never had any friends. They played ,played and played they were laughing, sharing childhood stories, its felt like they are three sisters. They even formed their group name " 3 sister's". Thembi  couldn't believe that she have friends and the thing that amazed her that everyone in her neighborhood was friendly and talking to her . Even those boys in the corner who likes to stop and laugh at her was also playing and talking with her in a respectful manner. Thembi kneel down and shout and say" thank you lord" her friends looked at her and they also kneel down And they also shouted  "thank you lord" Dali stays with her both parents and Cindi stays with her grandmother. As the day goes on they realise that its time to go home it's late now. They were all in tears when they split their ways . Thembi stood in gate and look at them as they were going . Thembi  was smiling alone. Then the loud shouting voice. Thembi  open this door!. why you not responding when I am calling you ? Come and eat your lunch now !!! Thembi' s mother leave the door and went back to the kitchen. Thembi  jump and scream oh no where are my friends, Oh lord I don't have friends and tears went down as she leaves her room walking to the kitchen.............. The  End

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Author: lindelwa ntini
Writing vanishes my problems, heals my pain , writing is my inspiration , shows me the side of me that i don't know, the brave & smart , Writing is part of my values and beliefs , The person that i am when i'm not writing is a fake me , because by then I am not free i'm living to please other people but not me. But in my writing i am not afraid to say NO ,I am FREE.


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