7 Best and Unforgettable Honeymoon Destinations for 2019

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Are you getting married and planning a honeymoon? Of course, you are. Just after the wedding, newlyweds often feel like living it up and this is the perfect time for a journey of a lifetime. With that in mind, it's hard to conjure a more romantic scenario than a honeymoon spent on an exotic island or some remote tropical destination! Well, scenes of golden beaches with paradise sunsets from the most beautiful postcard locations are what await you and your significant other in this article of the seven best and most unforgettable honeymoon destinations for 2019. 


Swimming in turquoise water and sunbathing on the white sands of a tropical island in Tanzania sounds like the best realization of relaxation. Zanzibar has much to offer also for newlyweds. Together, you will be able to observe multicolored fish while enjoying the warmth of the waters of the Indian Ocean. However, if you are a couple who are bored with passive retreats, Zanzibar will thoroughly satisfy you with a range of activities. Volleyball is very popular there so you can join the local enthusiasts on the Zanzibar beach.

Water sports enthusiasts will be delighted with excellent conditions for kitesurfing and diving. The culmination of each day should be watching the sunset - it's worth seeing it from the deck of a local dhow boat or during a romantic dinner. Freddie Mercury's homeland will seduce you, not only with landscapes but also with architectural richness.

The capital of Zanzibar, Stone Town, is a must during the honeymoon trip to Zanzibar. This town is a real cultural melting pot filled with various flavors and aromas. You will feel the magic of this place while going through the bustling bazaars, narrow streets, and while tasting local specialties like shish kebab, grilled octopus, or freshly roasted coffee. You will discover Arabic houses and Indian ornaments; you will absorb with all your senses the unique atmosphere of this culturally diverse Zanzibar community.


Bali is a large and diverse island, that seduces with its charm. Bali offers a fantastic experience to both nature lovers and those who are the life of the party. Seminyak, which is the tourist center of Bali, will prove to be a real treat for couples who love the urban climate, cosmopolitan bars, and excellent restaurants. With its impressive wide beaches, Seminyak is a mecca of surfers, so it may motivate you to reach for a board and try to surf the waves. 

On the other hand, in Ubud, the cultural capital of Bali, you will feel real magic watching the famous Balinese dance this is traditionally performed around a campfire. It is also worth going to the Balinese village of Sidemen, where you will find fabulous rice terraces. While in Sidemen, make sure you go for a massage and do not forget to visit a local shaman! Numerous temples and ubiquitous Balinese mysticism will bring you into a state of gratitude and cheerfulness.


If you dream about a honeymoon in the captivating nature, away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, then Seychelles is for you. The largest island of Seychelles, Mahe, seduces not only with heavenly beaches but it also surprises with lush vegetation. It is quite different from the ones you can see in the US or Europe. You can walk through forests that give off a strong, pleasant scent while losing yourself entirely in laziness in the shade of palm trees or enjoy yourself on the sun loungers with refreshing drinks. You will be amazed by the picturesque hills and numerous plantations that fit into the unique landscape of the island. Seychelles could not exist without the famous island of La Digue, whose beaches were named by CNN as one of the 10 most beautiful in the world. Newlyweds will find everything that is needed to spend their dream honeymoon on this island. Multicolored gardens, unique architecture, and sandy beaches will stay at the forefront of your mind forever. You can explore La Digue with bicycles, on foot, or with horse carts. On the island of Praslin, you will have the opportunity to visit the tropical forest, where you can see giant 40-meter palm trees and black Seychellois parrots! Your honeymoon in Seychelles will not only bring you vanilla from local plantations but also a golden tan.



Thailand has endless beaches, unearthly landscapes, fabulous and private islands, soothing massages, delicious food, safe travel, and affordable prices; everything that the body and soul need to relax fully.

There's a reason Thailand is the number one among holiday exotic destinations. Everyone will find something for themselves there. Those thirsty for impressive city life and a multitude of attractions will thoroughly enjoy the benefits of Bangkok; a city that never sleeps. If you wish to break away from the hustle and bustle of civilization, there are private islands that delight with wildlife and prominent beaches.

You will not eat anywhere as deliciously as you will in Thailand. Fresh fruit, aromatic spices, and a wealth of ingredients will satisfy everyone.

Thailand is the perfect place for a honeymoon because of the long season. Due to the diverse weather in various parts of the country, you can visit there almost all year round.


Central Java Mountains
Central Java Mountains

Indonesia is a country of smiling people, delicious food, and is a real vacation paradise. For honeymooners, it provides a unique opportunity to relax in a friendly atmosphere and achieve an unforgettable adventure.

The Indonesian archipelago has as many as 17,000 islands! The changing landscapes that accompany the travel between the islands will satisfy almost every traveler's whim. You may favor lounging on one of the thousands of beaches that are literally a "take your pick" of white and delicate, yellow, or completely black sands. The icing on the cake of relaxation is the wealth of excellent massages and spas.

There are plenty of unique places for fans of active leisure. You will easily find places for diving, trekking, and cycling. For those with a thirst for adventure, you can climb the active volcano or meet the dragons from the island of Komodo. The ideal season for visiting the islands falls between May and October.


Ilocos Sur Philippines
Ilocos Sur Philippines

A paradise for sunbathers, lovers of water sports, and voyeurs of extraordinary landscapes; the Philippines has seven thousand islands offering a whole range of holiday experiences. It is also an Asian phenomenon because the Philippines is a Catholic country. Omnipresent religious symbols give the feeling of immediate settlement at the other end of the world!

The Philippines is a great place to experience wedding moments in the winter-spring period. So, if someone is planning their honeymoon between December and April,  Philippines is a definitively great place to go.

You can pick up beautiful paradise beaches. There is no shortage of touristy commercial places where every attraction is at your fingertips. Thirsty for more private or exotic moments, honeymooners will be able to enjoy them on one of the quiet and charming islets. The Filipino archipelago also abounds in many uninhabited, wild islands that you can romantically sail.

For active people, this country is almost perfect with a wide range of water sports including catamarans, surfing, and kitesurfing along with lots of other events on the beach scenery.

French Polynesia

Imagine the most beautiful place on earth, where the sand is delicate and as white as a sheet; the lagoon shimmers with hundreds of colors, plant green hits with saturation and smells with flowers around. Now multiply these impressions three times and add the houses floating on the water. It is French Polynesia, a place whose beauty is supposedly impossible to capture in a photo.

Polynesia is the most beautiful archipelagos in the world. Therefore, do not be surprised by the excessive amounts of money that you must devote to fulfill your wedding dreams of paradise.


A honeymoon is one of the most important times for setting the foundation of your relationship, so do not lose an opportunity to have the time of your life. The possibilities are endless, and often it may be harder to choose a honeymoon destination than a wedding dress. Still, nothing holds you back from visiting all these places at another time in your marriage.

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