A - Anarchy

Written by North Calantoni |
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Amber autumn aflame
An aroma of ash appeases the artful arsonist; the adamant anarchist
An audacious attempt at attacking back at our arbitrary accommodations
The ascended advocate our abidance as they affirm their advancement through annihilation
An abstract artifice, artificial affirmation at all aspects
Treated like an array of aliens in their allowed acropolis and the armor turned against them
Most amused with their asinine attractions and amaurotic aspirations
A few too apprehensive to argue and ask for an alternative, afraid of any altercation
The agitated and annoyed assemble, ascertaining truth through awareness at every angle
Amateur acts of anger arise and accelerateAccompanying their adverse assault on our amendments
The alliance ablaze and amassing, anticipating an apocalyptic ambush
As of now, absolution remains absent and anger becomes anxiety among those abandoned
The affluent assure abolishment for the average and all under

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Author: North Calantoni
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