Abc Poems

A - Anarchy
by North Calantoni

Amber autumn aflame
An aroma of ash appeases the artful arsonist; the adamant anarchist
An audacious attempt at attacking back at our arbitrary accommodations

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Morning Glory
by Shaniel Edwards

As  eyes shift from ceiling to window, 

One observes the blackness of the night sky. 

Luna my friend has left me alone, 

She's gone visiting friends at another

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by Zuzanna Salinska

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by mohamad safan

i say that word
she says that word

our hearts that 
our minds believed that

i love you

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Twist, twist
by mohamad safan

The heart is twisted 

Like a dancer did 

When one heard 

A melody 

Telling something important 

Showing the heart interesting 

In hearing a talent 


A bout deathless love 

Giving and sacrifice 


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Beautiful Disaster
by Sianee Ash

A beautiful disaster is how I describe myself, I'm a force to be reckoned with. Like a tornado with precision. I've stated before, I AM a lioness

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by Robert Lillis

Didn't matter for how much I was outcasted
At first I didn't understand why I couldn't fit in
But then I remembered never to give

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The lover gives, does not take
by mohamad safan

In all nations the lover gives

He didn't wait a reward every one wants

He must give his soul to who loves

Even everything

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let me live
by mohamad safan

Let me live at your eyes

One says

You must be a sailor as swimmer or fly

You must have a way to be

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Broken Marriage
by Raynolds Moseamedi

Adherences and allegiances, and monogamy
Browse for the absence of intelligence in her tummy
Commitment and rings, and binding two to one
Doting her temporary

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Crawling Mother
by Maryam Dalhatu

I feel sad when i see you the same,
For decades you remain lame,
It is indeed a pity or late blame,
But i just

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the inner force 2
by mohamad safan

2 the cat
Once, when she found him playing with the cat 
She lifted her up
She warned him at loud
She threw it in

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"Under the Pale Moonlight"
by Andrew Wray


A once bright lit sun, now the dawn of moonlight pierced the sky like rays through a broken window…I sat here on

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The last time i talked about you
by Alishah Ali

I’m a stranger with so much to tell

I’m a loner with power of despair

I’ve been told to be kind and strong

That kindness cost me nothing

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She was abused
by Alishah Ali

I see her as a beautiful butterfly spreading colors wherever she flies

Those sparkling eyes of her can light up the darken sky

Giving us all tears,

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Seasons and times
by Judias Jude

He was yesterday riding on a horse

But I saw him today without a horse

He was bruised and was crying in the mud

But now I see

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Love Oh, Love
by Christina Kalinga



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Mundane Entity (ME)
by Juanita Smith

To be like me,
You will always be in tears
You will never be free
Your life will be haunted by your fears
You will

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No More
by Savannah Otto

No more covering my mouth to muffle my screams 
No more convincing me it's okay when it isn't 
No more "Shh they don't have to

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United States
by Layla Fischer

John Trump is the
and current President
of the United States
television personality

What separates the winners from the losers is how

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