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I've been trying to read for a while now

but I cannot concentrate.

Someone has been running on my mind

and messing with my heart rate.


From the last time we were together

he has been consuming my thoughts.

His laugh brings a smile to my lips

and his memories bring joy to my heart.


I remembered the way he looked at me

like he could see right through.

And the gentle way he held me

made me wonder if he felt the love too.


The seductive way my name rolls off his tounge,

rings in my ears

and the way he shows me true kindness

and expresses tender care.

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Form of Poetry


Author: Skilled Poet
Even though I like writing based off my current mood, I find it more comforting writing on a topic given by another individual or individuals. It is quite easy for me to express myself through pen or paper or in this case keyboards.


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