Rhyme Poems

by Onyx Perth

Walking on thin ice

Searching the universe for a new vice.

One wrong step could mean never again waking

One step... cracking, another step... breaking.

I watch as another

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by Onyx Perth

When I fall asleep I wake up in another place.

A different time, a different world, a different face.

Everything is so vivid, so real, so different,

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A Short Session
by Onyx Perth

My mind unstable foundation.

They keep talking,

through dreams, comes communication.

A combination,

another citation

never any satisfaction

(Look over here, another distraction)

Formation into another illustration

division by another diversion.

So, what version

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Poetry Is Of Everything
by Lawrence Ingle

Poetry is of everything,

Inspired emotions,

from the hearts that bring,

That certain notion,

could be a song to sing,

Of minds devotion,

Poetry is

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Students Shaky Sing-A-Long
by William Kekaula


***A bolted school bus amidst bobbing heads rolls downhill...  


Fictitious dank bathroom basin bailing;

a mother's kiss and general list spelled.

That rickety school bus horn toots,

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Do You Feel It
by Paghunda Zahid

It that time of the year

When everybody comes out of their fears

Every Life is enjoying this phase

For Weather is too good these days

After the freezing

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Fall Of Autumn
by William Kekaula


The deep south, confused summer, autumn's blight,
Nature's microwave is on overdrive,
Dog day noons, sultry dusk undress the night,
Escapist schemes, routes north relief,

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Read Between The Lines
by William Kekaula

It was the point of a meaningless moon,
That being dealt life, its absolute gloom,
Vague stars shone hope to reposed past of Earth,
Dusk hath casts a

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LUDix-Rym: Thine Art Loveth
by William Kekaula


HARK, whilst thee singeth melody,

gauged labyrinths midst harmony,

ransom subconscious, placed thee free,

persuade possessed, heed thy purged glee,

beg reposed heart thy beating plea.

Themes prune labor to

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The Poets Are Dead
by Tim Hoffman

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The Small Dog from Shansi
by William Kekaula


There was a scholar from Shansi City,
Miffed by folks he stayed in an priory,
Peaceful, but bothered by its many bugs,
So he bundled

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The Beach
by ALAN marsh

As the ocean waves strike at me,
And the yellow sand greets the sea.
As the passing by flock of seagulls screach,
The cool gentle wind whistles through

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by ALAN marsh

Moon rules over the twilight,
Owl captures everything in his sight.
When moon is out the moonflower glows,
Meanwhile,the cool wind swiftly blows.

All the creatures are gone to

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Days That I Remember
by Michael Henry

Days That I Remember


There are days that I remember

And many I do not

Those happy days, those golden days

When I thanked god for my lot

When I

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The Tangled Web
by Michael Henry

The Tangled Web

“Oh! What a tangled web we weave

When first we practise to deceive”!

(Marmion, Sir Walter Scott. 1808)


How true those words from long ago


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by Michael Henry


When mighty rivers flow upstream

And oceans turn to sand

When forests cease to birth their trees

And mountains leave the land.


When sun no longer

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Morning Glory
by Shaniel Edwards

As  eyes shift from ceiling to window, 

One observes the blackness of the night sky. 

Luna my friend has left me alone, 

She's gone visiting friends at another

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Moral Of The Story-Gendercide
by Brian Pierre-Alexander

The leaks are out 
The moral of the story shout
You talk about you care
But in truth and in fact you fear
He, she, them, who gov-over-men

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Ben's Back
by Austin Mitchell

a Poem
by Austin Mitchell

That morning we ran to school
We had to be early
The morning was so cool
We could see

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meet again
by sabrina espanio

keep asking how im feeling i always say the same thing
could be better could be worse some days i still feel the hurt
other days im

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In My Pocket
by Adelaine Lowe

Frozen memories,

Lost in time.

Tattered corners,

Forever mine.

And in my pocket you may lay,

Until I need you again some day.

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by Adelaine Lowe

Growth by Adelaine Lowe

For once I am happy

Yes, that may be true.

Still, nobody can bring me down

Quite like you do.


I will still cry I

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Not Nice
by Amanda Baker

Oh, little girl, that’s not nice not nice at all Those are not nice names to think, Let alone say or call Oh little boy that’s not nice

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Happy First
by Amanda Baker

Can't please everyone No matter how hard you try Can't make everyone Happy So why would you just comply Always make sure you're happiness Is what you first

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by Amanda Baker

Forget all the sad It will only bring you down Let go of all you're hate You Can't be happy with a frown

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