Are There Aliens Out There

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                                                              Are There Aliens Out There?

What if there aren’t any real aliens out there? At least not the kind we think of when we watch the sci-fi movies. What if all those reports of aliens are real but all those aliens were actually our distant relatives and were not some small, green, big eyed creatures named E.T. or any huge machine-like creatures as portrayed in the movie, “War of the Worlds”? Sound impossible? Well, let’s look at some of the evidence and then you can decide for yourself if the aliens people allege to see and have contact with are actually nothing more than our own long lost relatives.                                                             DNA, or deoxyribonucleic acid, is the hereditary material found in human cells. Every living organism has DNA but did you know when doctors code your DNA for whatever reason, they admit they don’t know what 75% of it is or how we got it. A lot of scientists and doctors refer to that percentage as “junk” DNA. When they code DNA they only use 25% of the total DNA because they don’t know what the other 75% is and can’t tell you where it came from. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a scary thought that someone I entrust to take care of my medical needs doesn’t even know what 75% of our cells genetic makeup is or why we have it, let alone, where it came from.                                                                             We could look into the potential of another one of those conspiracy theories and think that maybe they do know but the Government persuades them not to tell the general public to avoid mass panic worldwide?                                                     Let’s leave the conspiracy theory conversation for another day. Everything we’ve seen and heard lately I think there is a damn good explanation for where that “junk” DNA came from and how we got it and just because the doctors don’t know or aren’t telling us doesn’t mean it doesn’t change the real reason we have it.                                                                   Modern medicine has proven that DNA is passed on to us from our parents and their parents before them and so on. What if that portion that doctors can’t explain originated from our original ancestors? I’m referring to the first life forms that are responsible for the creation of mankind as we know it today. No, I’m not talking about that fictional couple Adam and Eve that ate apples given them by some huge snake. Unless you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid that some matchbook preacher gave you that story sounds more out of this world than any alien encounter ever did.                                                            In the scientific community, it’s a known fact that prior to humanoids showing up, there were other forms of life inhabiting the Earth. One of those life forms was the great apes which included chimpanzees, gorillas and orangutans. Scientists have skeletal remains that have been carbon dated to prove the apes were on the Earth long before man. It's estimated that about 6 million years ago there existed a common relative between humans and chimpanzees referred to as a CHLCA or Chimpanzee Human Last Common Ancestor that somehow evolved into humans and chimpanzees as we know today. It has not been proven yet what occurred with the CHLCA that caused it to evolve into humans and chimpanzees but whatever it was, it was a significant event. Now keep an open mind and consider the possibility of another life form being responsible for the CHLCA’s evolving into two different forms approximately 4.6 million years ago, one human and the other ape or chimpanzee?                                                                                                                            The human form may very well have been what we call Neanderthal man. No one is 100% sure of the stages Neanderthal man went through but it's possible they evolved into what we know to be mankind today. Once created there may have been multiple events such as earthquakes or lack of food that caused them to move to different regions of the Earth and depending on the environment they evolved from the huge hairy forms into the Cro-magnum man. Some may argue that the Neanderthals were a totally different species than Homo sapiens or Cro-magnum man but all those theories are just that, theories. The possibility of scientists from another planet performing scientific studies in order to salvage their race is a very strong theory. Especially if that other planet was once similar to Earth with oceans, land and plant life but now was nothing more than a barren wasteland. I am sure there are now scientists on Earth that are studying the possibilities of other planets Earthlings could retreat to if and when the situation calls for it.                                                                          If another planet’s life form was forced to evacuate and they found Earth to be the closest planet suitable if they performed some changes such as cross breeding, it would explain where the DNA doctors refer to as junk DNA came from.        Earth’s scientists have been studying the planet Mars and there is strong possibilities that it wasn’t always a dried up rock. There is strong evidence that it once was a flourishing planet with oceans and land that possibly supported a life form. What if those Martians had been studying Earth as an alternative refuge when the time came for them to leave Mars and Earth was their best choice for their race to survive?                                                                                                      Consider how we use the Earth’s resources and keep in mind that some day sooner than we think the Earth will end up like Mars as a barren wasteland in the near future if we continue to abuse the natural resources with no thought of maintaining them or replacing them. We may already be heading in the same direction as Mars and need to evacuate or else perish. There is another theory of why Mar’s environment is like it is. The Earth and Mars were created approximately the same time but since Mars is half the size of Earth, it cooled much faster and when it cooled, it lost its magnetic field allowing the Sun’s powerful solar-winds to strip particles from the unprotected Martian atmosphere, making it uninhabitable. This did not happen overnight. Martians were around for a long time and were already traveling to other planets searching for places to move to when the time came to evacuate. Earth was their most logical choice and the most suitable for Martian life if they took certain actions ahead of time. Thinking that Earth may go through a similar situation with its atmosphere as Mars did the Martians decided to build their cities inside the Earth to avoid any of those potential hazards.                                   Living underground, they had to create an artificial Sun and build amazing cities to continue life as they knew it but still be able to research and explore space. For convenience, safety and just out of common sense, they created two ways of entering and exiting the inside of Earth; one opening at the North Pole and one at the South Pole.

I don’t have to go into details about how scientists are forever experimenting with all forms of life and Martian scientists are no different. They began in depth experiments with the life on Earth, in particular the great apes. At some point, maybe from simple curiosity or perhaps another need for survival of their species they began cross breeding with great apes, particularly the chimpanzee. The results evolved into the human race as we know it today. It’s possible that the initial results created were the early known life forms we refer to as Neanderthals.                                                                    Experiments of placing the resulting life forms in different regions around the world may explain some of the physical differences we see in the human race now.                                                                                                                             All of this may sound like something out of a sci-fi movie but sightings of flying saucers have been described in artwork long before any known formal writing existed. Numerous examples have been discovered painted and etched on rock walls in caves and in Egyptian tombs dating back thousands of years. Some of these depictions are showing what can be taken for as Martians wearing special helmets for breathing. The Earth became inhabitable for Martians but in the beginning, when they first arrived on the surface their bodies had to adjust so they used gas masks to breathe Earth’s air. Those masks along with the other their advanced technology Martians were seen as super beings or gods with super spiritual powers.                                                                                                                                                                            Imagine how our technology of today would appear to a person living in the year 1100 AD. What if they saw you arriving in a helicopter? They’d think you were a god, descending from the heavens and surely they would want to document the event with drawings on a stone wall or a stone tablet that would resemble what they interpreted as a god.                    Today, most if not all of the sightings of flying saucers and so called aliens are only the descendants of those original Martians that cross-bred to become us, Earthlings. They are continually researching and exploring the Universe and still monitoring life on the surface of the Earth, watching everything we do and at times getting directly involved with the evolution of man.                                                                                                                                                                   The experiment is ongoing. This is evident from all the advanced technical events the human race has had over the years that can only be explained as results of outside sources. Look at some of the more well-known individuals such as Leonardo daVinci or Nicola Tesla that suddenly came up with amazing ideas and inventions.                                    Leonardo daVinci was not only a famous artist in the late 1400 to early 1500’s but also an inventor of technology and designs that to this day, scientists still cannot explain. He designed the first flying machine, the aerometer (which measures wind velocity), the aerial screw (a preliminary design of the helicopter), a fighting tank, scuba gear and a list that goes on and on. What may be contributed as a result of Martian input was the fact that most of these designs were not created until after a two year period of his life from 1476 to 1478 that he was unaccounted for, or was missing. When he did show up and people asked where he had been he claimed to have found a mysterious cave and remained inside it the entire two years with no further explanation.                                                                                                                                        What if that cave was an entrance to the vast world the Martians created inside the Earth? Once inside as an experiment they filled him with these futuristic ideas knowing he would share them with the rest of the world. The Martians may have used him as a catalyst to advance mankind as part of their future experiments.                                                            Another person that may have been influenced by Martians during the late 1800’s and early 1900’s was Nicola Tesla. He was one of the most knowledgeable inventors of all times. His expertise was electrical energy and communications. Although he was never documented as to mysteriously disappearing for years he did claim that in 1899 while working at his Colorado Springs laboratory he received radio signals from extraterrestrials. Unfortunately, the scientific community thought his claim was crazy so it was never followed up on. If it had been we can only imagine what the results might have been. Some of his inventions include the creation of AC electricity. He was working on ideas that would have allowed ‘free energy” for everyone but shortage of funding and again, public opinion was not ready for his advanced thinking. My guess is big corporations didn’t want to give electricity away for free so they portrayed him as a scatter-brained scientist which ultimately gave the public a negative impression and thus prevented his proposal of free electricity. Imagine the impact on societies worldwide if we had free electricity available everywhere in the cities or out in the country on all seven continents. Not only was Tesla a proponent of free energy but he was also engaged in wireless communications. He had successfully demonstrated a robot using radio waves 11 years before Marconi was awarded the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the radio.                                                                                                                                                                                    Over the centuries, there have been many individuals exposed to Martian advanced technology and shared it with all of mankind to assist in our advancement and survival. Whether or not Governments secretly know about the Martians and don’t want the public know the truth out of a fear of mass hysteria or perhaps they do know and are cooperating with the Martians to control the human race we may never know.                                                                                                          If you’re wondering why the Martians don’t come out and tell all of us about their existence; stop and ask yourself; would any scientist tell the monkey they’re experimenting on why they are doing the experiment?



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