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Ask Ron What if Hillary Were President Now

9/20/2018 1:29:32 AM

Ask Ron What  . . . If Hillary was President now, at least half of the reporters from all news media would be in the unemployment line. Since Trump has become President the news media has been very busy with exaggerated stories and “fake” news stories being written about him and his administration.  It should be clear now to everyone that (more...)



Experienced writer of technical articles as well as "job seeking knowledge" and

"general short stories".  Author Novel:  "A New Start"


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- "Machine Design" - "Sorting Out Pressure Ratings"

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- “Hydraulics & Pneumatics”  – “A Guide to Recognizing the Causes of Hose Failure”

- “Design Engineering”  – “Shop Talk”

- “Fluid Power Journal” Systems Integrator Directory ’02 – “Do Your Hoses Need More Protection?”

- “Fluid Power Journal” Certification Directory ’02 – “Parker Hannifin Helps with WTC Clean Up”

- “Design Engineering”  – “8 Simple Rules to Problem-Free Plumbing”

- "Machine Design"  -- "Predicting the Life of Hydraulic Hose"

- "Fluid Power Journal"  - "Analyze This Equipment"

- "Design Engineering"  - “Technical Services in Asia”

- “Design Engineering”  –"Preventing Leaks"

- “Fluid Power Journal” -“Is There a Doctor in the House?”

- “Hydraulics & Pneumatics”  – “Ensure a Healthy Life for Your Hose”




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