Are You a Daddy's Girl

Written by Nadine Oraby |

It is believed that daughters usually lean more to their fathers. We always hear “daddy’s girl” and we even see it printed on baby girls’ clothes. It is something that is confirmed by almost every human being in every generation since ever. So it is not a trend or a mere description. It seems like there is a true far more stronger bond between a daughter and her father. Personally speaking, I don’t call it the girl prefers her father to her mother. Maternal love and paternal love are almost equal. I think that fathers tend to be gentler to their baby girls for they flatter them on permanent basis and make them their princesses. It gives the father strength and power to feel that he is the first man in his daughter’s life and her super hero. That is why; you’d always see fathers are far more protective for their girls than the mothers. They are overwhelmed by their baby girls’ cuteness and tenderness. It is mutual since girls also feel more attached to their daddies who make them feel like the only girl in the world and she feels lavishes, pampered and treated like a fairytale Disney princess. That is why; daddies can’t help but fall in love with their baby girls’ little details starting from their hair down to their tiny toes. I believe fathers carry so much love in their hearts that just can’t be measured. Surely mothers are the same but my topic now is concerned with fathers only. And here is a letter that a father wishes he could send to his baby girl who didn’t choose her fate to be separated from her loving dad,

Dearest baby girl,

Your papa misses you so much and wishes he could see your beautiful face and hug you tightly. I know it’s too early for you to be reading and writing but I know one day you’ll grow up to be a beautiful young lady that will have a bright smart mind and enough wisdom to differentiate between what is right and what is wrong. You’ll ask yourself too many questions that you’ll probably get no reasonable answer for, but don’t bother yourself too much and just know I love you and I will always be here around waiting for you to find me, to care for me, to stay with me and never part. Baby girl, since the day you were born, I finally found a reason to live for and a goal to pursue, which is to raise you up to be a strong, successful, hard working, excellent and talented young lady. I have always wished to be your role model and a good example for you to look up to. By the way, this is still my goal and I am not giving up on it as long as I am alive. I’ll make you the happiest because you deserve it, because you’re the apple of my eye and my forever wish. You’re the blood running through my veins, the air I breathe and the sun that shines my every day. Forgive me for I never chose to abandon you and never will trust me because I’ll be always here and I am sure you’ll come back to me and we’ll have so much fun like we did before when you were just a couple of months old. We’d run and play, we’ do everything you’d love to do. I hope I can make you smile from your heart and I hope you’ll know how much I love you my angelic baby girl. I miss your little fingers, your charming eyes, your baby teeth, your hair and everything about you. I hate not seeing you for so long but I am trying my best to be with you forever. If not now, I know soon it will happen. My girl I want you to know and understand what a father’s love is. It is genuine, kind and too protective.  A father sacrifices his life for the sake of the well-being of his kids.  He works night and day just to secure their living and fulfill their wishes. He might go days without sleeping just to provide for you security and peace. He’d give up on something he wants, to get you what you love as long as it will make you happy, he is the happiest ever. A daddy only thinks about establishing the best future for his kids and plans to make it work out perfectly. Your daddy is a loving, caring and selfless dad. He wished nothing but to have you around and make your dreams come true. I would never have chosen to be separated from you. You’ll understand very soon everything. I don’t want you to grow hate for anyone, it’s not your fault my princess but fate sometimes fail us, however we should not surrender and always make sure that it is never too late to find the truth and to make things right. You’re the emblem of love, you can correct the wrongs and I’ll always be keen you have a mind of your own that defines your terms of freedom and independence. Never settle down for what you believe is wrong; never accept to be forced on something you don’t like. Follow what your heart tells you and think it in your mind, I am sure daddy’s girl inherited his pure heart and kindness; therefore, I am not worried about you getting misguided. Stay safe my little cupcake, remember your father who always wanted the best for you. 

Baby girl it’s your dad here speaking

Waiting for you now and for you, ever seeking

I know it is too early for you to be reading

The words I write for you while my heart is bleeding

With agony and sorrow and never ending pleading

I wish you could feel how your papa is sadly feeling

For not having you around and not always meeting

But trust me baby girl I miss you more than words can tell

I’d abandon the whole world and follow any path you’re leading

I am always here forever for you as long as my heart is beating



Your Daddy.

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Author: Nadine Oraby
I am Nadine, I am Egyptian and an English Literature TA at University. I am an English and Global Perspectives teacher at an International school. (IGCSE). I am a poet and writer. I write articles and scripts for YouTube channels.
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