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I am Nadine, I am Egyptian and an English Literature TA at University. I am an English and Global Perspectives teacher at an International school. (IGCSE). I am a poet and writer. I write articles and scripts for YouTube channels.


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Love types

10/11/2018 1:54:25 PM

Have you ever had that feeling when you never really seemed to have had enough spending time with the most important and most favorite person of your entire life? Yes? This is what I call “deep real love”. The topic I am writing about is catchy on so many levels but especially for those lovers who are recently in relationships. (more...)



I am Nadine, I am Egyptian, a graduate of English Girls' College (E.G.C) and an English Literature and Linguistics major. I am currently doing my post-graduate studies in English Literature. I am an English and Cambridge Primary Global Perspectives teacher at an International school. (IGCSE). I write poetry and motivational articles. I worked as a scriptwriter for a  famous Youtube channel named (did you know). I have also worked as a freelance content writer for two blog sites ( I also have some experience in content management and articles formatting. Taking into consideration the fact that my studies require a lot of research, I am a researcher. I do content rewriting as well which is fresh and original. I am Egyptian, thus my mother tongue is Arabic; and I do write in Arabic too. English is my second language but I have excelled in it as a result of my studies since I was 3 years old up till today. I am so passionate about reading and reciting poetry. I have a beginner Youtube Channel dedicated to reciting poetry (modern, romantic, metaphysical, Victorian, etc.) link: ( I also love voice acting and dubbing. I sometimes do voiceover whenever I get the chance. I write to express myself and inspire others. I wish I could become a public speaker one day and tell people my story and how I manage to stay positive no matter how hard life gets. Studying English Literature has made a prolific writer and a very critical thinker; I have started having a better understanding of life and living more than once through reading different books written by different writers in different eras! I wish I could get famous one day for conveying my message to the world through my simple works of poetry and writing. 



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