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If Hillary was President now, at least half of the reporters from all news media would be in the unemployment line. Since Trump has become President the news media has been very busy with exaggerated stories and “fake” news stories being written about him and his administration.  It should be clear now to everyone that most of the news media is not doing what they’re supposed to do and report the news without any bias. Instead, they are hoping for that one big story that will make their careers. As a result, they do anything to get attention, even if it means writing lies to increase their sales and get their name out in front of the public. In some cases it would not be surprising if we found the Deep State was paying them to make up those stories with the intent of disrupting the Trump administration any way possible.                                              If Hillary was President now these things wouldn’t be happening. Reporters would be at a loss for any sensational stories. It’s not that there wouldn’t be any stories they could write about; it’s more that they wouldn’t be allowed to write stories about Hillary and the Democratic Party similar like they do now about Trump and the GOP.                                                Let me clarify that; if they value their career and/or their life they wouldn’t write anything bad about a President Hillary and her organization called DNC. History shows If they did, they may end up like so many others have, no career and dead. The list of alleged killings is so long I won’t mention the names of the previous individuals that held incriminating evidence against Hillary and are no longer breathing.  I must admit, the methods of silencing these individuals have been very creative from being mugged yet nothing was taken to lifting weights and unexplainably the bar bell slips and kills the person.  The creativity of mysterious deaths goes on and on.                                                                                               The bottom line is if Hillary were President, most reporters would be instructed to not write any bad press about the DNC or Hillary regardless if it was the truth or not. So for now, they are all in their news rooms making up new stories and high fiving each other whenever their editor is looking for ways of increasing sales by posting another fake story.                   Let’s talk a little more about unemployment. If Hillary were President now, the percentage of unemployed would be so high that the new number would probably pass the previous record high of 24.9 % in 1933 and for sure exceed the unemployment percentage that Obama managed to achieve in his 8 years of Presidency of 10%, compared to Trump’s current number of 3.9%. I’m sure if Hillary were President she would follow in Obama’s footsteps and at least meet his number if not exceed it.                                                                                                                                                      Going back in time, everyone insists that Trump colluded with Russia to win the election but that doesn’t make sense. It was Hillary and Obama that sold Russia more than 20% of our uranium and soon after and very mysteriously, a $145 million shows up in the Clinton Foundation account. It shouldn’t take a senior accountant to figure, based on those facts that the Russians would have preferred Hillary to become President and would have done everything possible to assure that. Yet the news media reported her sale of uranium to Russia was based on wanting to help the USA to make friends with other world powers. Do you really think she did it to improve our relations with Russia or to improve her Foundation’s bank account? Is there a possibility that Russia may have sold some of that uranium to North Korea or other countries that are not high on our list of friends? Talk about gun control, this is a more alarming that handing a loaded gun to someone that may have ideas of shooting into a crowd of people at a local social event.                                                                     It’s very unlikely Hillary would have ever met with Kim Jong-un. Like previous Presidents, she would have ignored what he’s doing or pay him large sums of money to stop what he’s doing and then later ask him to donate to the Clinton Foundation. Let me think now . . . is that what she meant by Pay to Play?                                                                                                     Regardless of any fake stories being written or who would have a job or not there is a major concern I have for who would be running our Government if Hillary were President now. Her daughter, Chelsea, on occasion has talked about getting into politics so more than likely she would have a position but something scarier is the man Chelsea is married to, Marc Mezvinsky. Hillary’s son-in-law is the nephew of George Soros. In case anyone is not aware of whom George Soros is, he’s an 87-year-old billionaire, philanthropist and the founder of the Open Society Foundations (OSF), a non-governmental organization, NGO. There are indications that he has been behind many questionable events in the world today and he himself has stated in interviews that he feels a Godlike need to intervene in the lives of mankind. Why not? He’s 87 and a billionaire and has nothing to lose at that age.                                                                                                                         All the discussions regarding Russian collusion in our elections may well have been started with Soro’s fulfilling his lust for social intervention. He stated numerous times how he was sure that Hillary was going to win the Presidential election, so isn’t it possible that when she didn’t win that he could have contacted Hillary to begin planning how to disrupt Trumps presidency with the intention of Trump being  impeached and possibly Hillary taking his place. Even if she was unable to take his place as President, it is conceivable that Soros and she planned to seek revenge on Trump without any consideration for how it affects the American people.                                                                                                    Whether that’s true or not, Soros has been an individual that has a God complex by his own admission. He’s taken responsibility for a lot of events that have guided the course of human beings. There are indications that he favors the idea of a New World Order with one individual or group ruling the entire world. Keeping that in mind, I’m fairly sure if Hillary were President she would assign a very favorable and lucrative position for Soros nephew that has potential of moving the world a step closer to Soros ideal of a New World Order.                                                                                                         Looking back to 2016 events leading up to the 2016 Presidential elections, the American people were at a point of total distrust of any politician. We were asking for a leader that was not the typical career politician that says anything to get elected and then doesn’t follow through with any of those promises. Trump is a businessman and has demonstrated his desires to improve our country and keep it safe. The anti-Trump people never even gave him a chance since he’s been in office.                                                                                                                                                                                         America should take the advise of a well-known actor that recently commented that for now we should consider Trump as the pilot of our plane and we need to stop banging on the cockpit door complaining and let him fly at least until he lands.

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