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Penning down a piece of writing that will catch the attention of readers is something that needs organization. The author needs to display high levels of creativity to prove that he is worth having his piece reach the audience. To be a creative writer, you need a variety of elements to spice your piece of writing. Among the things you need to do include:

1. Read Extensively

To achieve creativity, one must be a scholar. You need to read many books, journals and all sort of materials. Reading extensively will open your scope for ideas. Having exposure to the thinking of other authors will help you learn how other people think. Take time to read on a variety of topics from different authors even if the content at times is not within your line of likes.

2. Research the Subject Matter

Despite being a creative writer, you need to research the topic you are writing about. Even though the topic may be fictional, elements of truth need to be identified. Don't trust yourself too much that you can’t consult the ideas of previous authors who have written on the same. It is always a wise idea to consult.

3. Organize Your Facts

To be creative in your writing, you need to follow a process in writing down your thought. You need to identify the topic you need to write about, get the requirements to facilitate you write and then pen down a rough draft. The rough draft will be a map to lead you on writing your final piece. Proceed to pen down your ideas on a piece of paper. Incorporate all the necessary facts to make your work authentic. After all that is done, take time to proofread your work. Your writing needs to be free of grammatical and punctuation errors as they likely put off many readers.

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