Ben's Back

Written by Austin Mitchell |
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a Poem
by Austin Mitchell

That morning we ran to school
We had to be early
The morning was so cool
We could see clearly

That Ben was back
We were glad, we were sad
To see Quaco get the sack
We really felt bad
Oh, how we loved when he was around
When Quaco was around
Our recesses were the longest ever
Our lunchtimes were forever
But now Ben was back
And we had to be on time
No more looking back
No more endless lunchtime
We were sad, we were glad
We knew what we had
We had to learn our lessons
For all the right reasons

No more skylarking,
Discipline was back
No more late coming
Quaco was gone, Ben was back
Adapted from a collection of poems: Glengoffe Days

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Author: Austin Mitchell
Writing-Profile of Austin Mitchell Austin Mitchell has so far written two novels and is completing another. He has written many short stories, a few plays and poems. Several of his short stories have been published in his homeland. He has read hundreds of novels and has read widely on the subject. He has also attended a few writing workshops.


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