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When I ask if you're hungry, i am asking if you might like some beef, pork, or chicken? This week over 20 meat processing plants have closed down due to Covid-19, with hundreds in each plant showing symptoms, then testing positive for the virus. How long were they breathing on that meat, and did a few of them even cough? Hmmm...

We know that viruses mutate, and as we know meat is animal FLESH. Might that virus mutate to live, thrive and even infect meat? I doubt if it might show up as a mucus, although there is that early possibility, but perhaps it might mutate into flesh eating. Will they throw out that meat? I suppose they would throw out what meat had already NOT been shipped out, but.... but.

Okay, enough for that. I doubt if anything might ever be the same as it once was known as life on Earth. I have heard talk that Mother Nature is cleaning up man's mess, and that, i suppose, is a valid arguement. But...there's always that but. Has mankind learned anything, or are we rushing back to pollute our newly beautiful and vibrant blue skies with chemicals that man has been releasing into the atmosphere for decades? I fear that is exactly what is happening. The Mighty buck talks. But what will happen then... next time?

Better news... fear is a very low vibration, as well as a virus is a very low vibration. So... let's raise our vibration. Which reminds me that Many, Many people are saying that Earth is shifting from the third dimension to the fifth dimension. I have heard a LOT about this. Of course, I am not an expert, but they say that mankind will have to move, vibrationally, into the fifth dimension. This is not fearful at all. Again, it is just a matter of raising your vibration. Raising your vibration into what? Into the Christ Consciousness. That is what that theory is dependent upon. Millions of people on Earth are already vibrating in that higher consciousness.

I will recomend reading, "I Am The Word" by Paul Selig. It is a channeled text, and sports the notion that for the reader of the book, it will take you right into the Christ Consciousness by the end of the book. I am reading it, i am only at chapter three, but I have experienced several vibrational shifts in my life energy already. Nothing that lasted too long, but an alignment, nonetheless.

Take good care, World. Be patient and wise. Stay home. 

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Card image cap Laura Spears - I think you have a good point about Mother Nature. I have seen more stories online about rare births of animals at zoos as well as personal comments on Social Media about sightings of everything from squirrels to snakes. I saw a deer in my yard for the first time in several years. We have had an extreme increase in moths in particular. When we walk in our yard, several moths fly up every few feet. There are probably fifty or sixty moths on the outside of my kitchen window right now. Definitely an increase in the population of living things.

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