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I like to write in my spare time and would like to do Children's Books.


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Intro to Blogs

10/29/2019 8:00:08 PM

My blogs are random thoughts on random subjects. These blogs are my own personal opinions and are not meant to start any kind of comment war.  As far as using brand names in my blogs, I will mainly generalize about product names and not be specific unless I am making a recommendation.  If there is a spelling error, and it does not (more...)

Random Rant Movies

10/29/2019 7:56:45 PM

Don't you just love it when one of your favorite movies comes on TV. You know, the ones you will stop whatever you are doing to watch, if you see that it is on. My family will sit and wait for certain parts of a movie just so that we can quote our favorite lines at the appropriate time. How (more...)

Random Rant Hotels

10/29/2019 7:54:28 PM

What is with this new trend in hotels that don't have curtains that close?  Now I realize that some chains have removed those heavy drapes because of the threat of bed bugs, but I like having more across my windows than some filmy see-through fabric.  Nothing disturbs sleep like bright sunlight coming through the window first thing in the morning.  (more...)



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