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A glimpse of Calvary let me see,

Thine agony Thou suffered for me

Redemption for all Thine goal

Thou sheddest Thy precious blood

To ransom the darkest soul


Upon the accursed tree

Thou gavest Thine all for me

Make me Thy vessel, dear Lord

Thy message for all to proclaim

And win lost souls o'er all the land


A holy vessel, I will be

To win lost souls is my goal

Sanctify me so I may glorify Thee

Make my life a shining light

That illuminates the Truth of Thy Life


I am Thy servant, Lord

I give my life to Thee

Use me how Thou can

Redeem my soul from my sin

Shine Thine Light through my soul


Teach my Thy ways, dear Lord

Help me turn my back

On my wicked, selfish ways

Instead, lead me down Thine path

To righteousness giv'n from Thee


An example of Christ, I would be

That all men through me may see

Their need for a Savior to come

And cleanse each and everyone

From the dark, tangled web of sin

Mold my life each day

Draw my soul close to Thee

Press my life into Thy mold

And make me into Thy witness

Of the blessings of Thine forgiveness


I give my life a sacrifice

To Thee, I give every vice

Teach me to honor Thee

and fear Thy wondrous ways

Thou art holy and pure,

Lead me in Thy Truth.


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Form of Poetry


Author: Rebekah Gibson
I have always enjoyed writing from a young child. I would write poems about my life.


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