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I have always enjoyed writing from a young child. I would write poems about my life.


Arts and Culture ~ Short Stories The Miracle in July
Arts and Culture ~ Short Stories The Cave
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Calvary


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I grew up in a small, Mid-Western town. Circleville, Ohio is your typical small town America when it comes to values and family relationships. Circleville is home of the world reknowned Pumpkin Show (information can be found here: 


I was homeschooled as a child. I grew up in a restaurant waiting on customers, cooking their food, and talking about their journeys throughout the US and the world. I learned about the geography of the world and the history of WW2 because of a large world map that covered one whole wall of our restaurant. 


I studied Early Childhood Education and Special Education at Cedarville University. In 2010, I graduated with a master's degree in Literacy and Learning in the Content Areas from Walden University. Teaching writing and grammar is a passion of mine. I have been teaching primarily at the high school level for the past 12 years. 


I enjoy writing and proofreading. I often write essays and nonfiction research papers for fun. Additionally, I dabble with some poetry. I have submitted some of my poems to contests, but have not heard back yet about the results of the competition. 



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