Chef's Hands

Written by Deryl McCauley |
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Chef’s Hands

The thing about a chef’s hands is that they tell a story.

Strong from gripping sauté’ pans for hours at a stretch.

 Impervious to heat from open flames and screaming metal.

The knuckles swollen and lined from years of cracking and scraping.

The curious callous inside the index finger, a mark of a true chef.

 Rough fingertips that no amount of lotion can smooth.

Hands made from ice and fire, tempered with sweat and steel.

Hands used to hundreds of wounds, from thousands of battles

with knives, mallets, even the odd zesting incident of ’97.

Hands with character to spare. Each line, a trial in the trenches

Each scar a story. Capable of surgical skill and at times brute force.

Yet able to cradle with angel like tenderness.

The rough hands of a working man.

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Form of Poetry

Free verse

Author: Deryl McCauley
I am a former chef and current English Teacher. I write short stories, poems, and I am currently working on my first play.


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