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Hello, greetings and welcome! I am a freelance writer from London who is here for my love of writing. My passions include reading, movies, music and getting ignored by my fiancé's dogs. I am looking to do creative writing as well as reviews; whether it be for movies or breaking down lyrics and their hidden meanings. In all honesty I will endeavor to write anything that you want me to.


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I am aware that biographies can be loathsome to read as well as being an overly self indulgent project to the point of arrogance. This therefore, is why I will strive to keep my own self indulgent project short and direct, whilst giving you a brief glimpse into my character.

I am London born but am constantlymoving countries. My strongest passion in life is travelling. Seeing the world and all of her crazy, unique beauty she has on offer.  As I am costantly hopping between countries and cultures, my point of view and opinions are forever changing and adapting. This, I believe, is undoubtedly my strongest tool when it comes to writing.

Travel grants me a vast amout of reading time - what else will can you do when the line for boarder control at Marrakech takes 3 hours to crawl through. I am a fond lover of fantasy works such a George R R Martin's 'A Games of Thrones', but I have recently found that my fondness has shifted towards the classic horror genre. Works such as Mary Shelly's 'Frankenstien' and Bram Stoker's 'Dracula' display hidden social commentaries about the time they live in (or in Stokers case, the insanity and influence of Vlad the Impaler) as well as just being great reads. 

Writing is a great passion of mine and I would implore any of you reading this to just pick up a pen and start. However, if you do not have the time for this, then allow me to help!

I look forward to working with you and the new exciting projects you bring.

A. Cridland



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