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  • Country: India
    Kardungla Pass is the highest motor-able road in the world. This Picture was taken from my phone while I was heading to the Pass. The Zig-Zag lines that you see
  • Country: India
    Two Gerbara flowers, where one is shying away as I click. My first pic with the SLR :)
  • Country: India
    Dogs are truely mans best friend. Dey Never let u down, Always be aroun, Fight for you and most importantly never hurt you :) Dis pic is of Lacy, labrador..
  • Country: India
    Destination: Karnataka
    Your daily black coffee was once full of color :) The coffee fruits were freshly picked and kept for drying in the sun. This picture was clicked in a Coffee
  • Country: India
    After every sunset, there will be a sunrise.. One needs to have patience and wait for it :) Never lose hope :) This picture was clicked in Coorg,Karnataka,India.
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