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I am currently working as a theatre nurse. Love to write in my spare time. Have started a number of stories but have not completed any. Goal is to write a novel, but fear of failure seems to be holding me back. Hoping this forum will give me the support and motivation I need. Would like to try my hand at some writing jobs.


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Ideas a plenty, words a scarcity

7/24/2018 6:10:06 AM

So I was at work today, when one of the surgeon started talking about a workshop he had attended  on endometriosis. They were working on women cadavers, all who had died in their early twenties. He expressed how he found it suprising how young they were. While listening to this, my inner writer perked up. This would be a great (more...)



Hi there.

My name is Angelique Kriedemann. I am a 48 year old Mother of two, wife to one and theatre nurse by profession. I enjoy all these roles, however within me waiting to emerge is the writer. 

I was born in Zimbabwe formally known as Rhodesia. I left Zimbabwe with my parents in 1981, to live in South Africa where I completed my schooling and registered nursing training. Got married at 23, had my daughter in 1996 and was divorced by 1998. I moved back with my parents, where I met my wonderful husband in 2001. We got married in 2003,  my son was born five years later. Due to safety concerns for our children we immigrated to New Zealand in 2009 and have never looked back. New Zealand is a wonderful place.

I am still nursing, I work four days a week in the operating theatre, best job in the world.

So, about my emerging writer. 'She', has made a number of attempts to come out, even got as far a writing a children's story and trying to self publish unfortunately, this led to a lot of money being giving to an internet scam. The next step was trying to publish the story with local publishers. One of these wonderful people offered to publish my story with some other stories, however at the time ( kicking myself ), I wanted to have a stand alone book. After that not so clever decision, I did not write for sometime, The numerous false story starts do not count.

The need to write never leaves, however it gets muted at times. At present the volume is on full.




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