Sianee Ash


I am a fierce fighter for what is right. I hate injustice and I am confident if we all worked together this world could be a great place again for future generations.


Arts and Culture ~ Short Stories My loathing for injustice
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Beautiful Disaster


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I describe myself as a beautiful disaster because no matter what s**t life throws at me I use it like manure to help me grow. 


if I can help even one person by writing about my life and the struggles I've had and how it pulled me down to the pits of dispair before breaking free and embracing my demons and making them my b***h then that's amazing! 


im raw and honest about taboo subjects, I'm passionate and I'm not afraid to speak out... It's taken many years to get to this point but I'm here and I want people to read what I've got to say so they know they're not alone.



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