My loathing for injustice

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As the hands of time tick by, realisation comes flooding in. I've lost it... My childhood innocence... Where has it gone? The days of playing with anyone and everyone without prejudice and discrimination. The days of acceptance seem lost to so many. 

You can't even watch TV or go on your phone without having violence, discrimination and racism pushed in your face so casually, it's become this generations norm. It's got to the point where it's not only accepted but it's used for entertainment. 

I grew up In a time where casual racism was normal... Laughing at people for things out of their control like their height, weight, physical impairments and so on but not once did I realise the impact words can have. Now it's plastered all over the internet for everyone to see, and comment without a second thought to how our actions are affecting people because it's on a screen so it's easy to forget that these are real people dealing with their own struggles.

I'm scared for my childrens future, if this mindless ignorance continues to grow no one will be free to live their life without others thinking they have a right to capture your misfortune and plaster it all over the internet for amusement.

Hatred has become one of the most destructive feelings that fuel people's actions. Why does the colour of people's skin determine how they are treated, what doors are open to them and most of all how they are made to feel about themselves? In my eyes there is only one race THE HUMAN RACE.

Technology should be a platform used to boost people, we should be elevating eachother, embracing our differences and celebrating them. We need to end the stigmas attached to disability, mental health, sexuality and such. Educate yourself delve into the unknown and understand why it is you feel a certain way about people and if you come to realise you were just following the masses then you know it's time to change. 

Only now have I come to realise that the shit people throw at me is the manure I need to help me grow as the best version of me. 

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Author: Sianee Ash
I am a fierce fighter for what is right. I hate injustice and I am confident if we all worked together this world could be a great place again for future generations.


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