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  • Country: Indonesia
    Overlooked - A boat that was overlooked to be a view that adorn puddles of the river.
  • Country: Indonesia
    The Eye Of Day A beam of sunlight that will set behind thick foliage narrate as if an eye that looks like a look behind the trees
  • Country: Indonesia
    Street Cub On Sunset A moment of rest at sunset on a journey with street cub riders
  • Country: Indonesia
    Rest On Beach A resting place where they have exhausted approached after sailing.
  • Country: Indonesia
    Rainbow Under WaterFall A natural phenomenon caused by the refraction of sunlight shining on the waterfall splash, causing the emergence of a rainbow under the waterfall
  • Country: Indonesia
    Slice Of Sunset Light A beam of sunlight which is protected by the cloud stack, causing obstruction of the sun and make the light appear truncated and bring unique
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