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Writer of logic Articles, Children Stories, Adult fiction, and Deep poetry. Been a published writer now for over thirty-five years.. Writing is my passion along with many other off the road experiences. Never the less. I thought I would write a few stories.. Thank you Derena Bree


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Hello Everyone!  .

.I am a freelance writer, poet, writer of logic, inspirational, children, adult stories, fiction and non-fiction.

I have been writing for thirty-five years, a mother of six children, grandmother of four grandsons..I have

always had in mind,  what would happen, if everything we saw in our mind eye, and wrote, came from maybe

another dimentional universe. I started writing my first story, with a name of the story title, in a dream one night..I never

once had a desire to write, only skate for hours and so badly wanted to make skating my life's deserved destiny..

I have wrote many stories and now in the last few years, have been writing very deep poetry and inspirational writes,from my intunitive insights..

I am a practical Nurse, high-fashion Model, Security Officer, and a heart listener of people, who need to be listened too..I

have many paths I travel upon, and walking into nature enlightens me greatly. At the present time, I am going over my notes to write a book about my twin brother who died in prison..He left me all his journels of fifteen years.  The Book I desire to to name is! "Secrets Behind Prison Walls".

So I have much on my plate and being a heart writer is my inspirational light.




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