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Cannot comprehend the intensity

realizing myself as a living being, roaming

around this world without a reason

I know in full extent, we have a purpose to continue

on with reason and unity to control our emotions

yet we walk into the distance of no thought what

is meant for us to strife to find happiness in the

deepest form of our consciousness.

It is not a easy situation to calm ourselves enough

to where to begin, without some kind of spiritual

guidance, leading us through our own universe by

means of total awareness we capture in time, with

our own attention, to be our own teacher, finding

answers from our super-consciousness, which takes

time to listen and believe, what is pouring through

the universe into our minds, that can be understood

in a way, we ourselves can understand. We may be

one, but we all think at different levels, learning

when we have strength and indifference to pursue

answers by ourselves, when it is right for us, but it

will become a reality, like telepathic will soon be what

we do the best, their will be no questions asked as we

revolve without notice, become a new being, a new

energy completing our Universal plan, of starting

over again and again..

We are all super beings, gods in our time of creation,

when giants roamed the world, and creation continued

again with super-minds developing man made humans

that will try to improve living in a mechanical world,

with only Mother Nature sharing her beauty with us

without a tenderness of surreal intellect, That is

man made, not to decay and leave a legacy, that

living was never real, but created by humanoids to

advance life without purpose or reason.


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Form of Poetry

Dramatic Verse

Author: Harriet Shea
Writer of logic Articles, Children Stories, Adult fiction, and Deep poetry. Been a published writer now for over thirty-five years.. Writing is my passion along with many other off the road experiences. Never the less. I thought I would write a few stories.. Thank you Derena Bree


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