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My blogs are random thoughts on random subjects. These blogs are my own personal opinions and are not meant to start any kind of comment war.  As far as using brand names in my blogs, I will mainly generalize about product names and not be specific unless I am making a recommendation.  If there is a spelling error, and it does not seem to be fixed within a few weeks, let me know.  I will do my best to spell correctly and use proper grammar.   Please do not comment about grammar unless it seems to dramatically alter the point I seem to be making. Feel free to comment about similar experiences.  I am a woman who is between the quarter century and half century mark.  I love sarcasm and puns. 

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Author: Laura Spears
I like to write in my spare time and would like to do Children's Books.


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Card image cap Lawrence Ingle - Hello Laura and Catherine, I just started publishing my children's books on Amazon's KDP publishing site. I only write children's short story rhyme books. I started writing these books at an early age of about 45 years ago and I'm just now getting them published. I know Ms. Catherine says she doesn't like children's poetry, but hopefully after reading something I've written, I can change her mind a little bit. My first book is about a little boy and his pet fishing worm going fishing and is actually a funny story that might bring out a laugh or two. My website is: "Billy Amigo & Lil' Willy Wiggle" is my first publication there, and my next one is a Halloween funny ghost story rhyme called: "The Haunted House, Bubba Rouse & The Halloween Mouse" which should be published before the end of the month. Then my next one getting published by the middle of November will be: "The Mule In The Marijuana Patch" funny funny funny.. I wish you all the greatest success in all of your future endeavors and thank you for taking the time to read my text here.
Card image cap Catherine Lindsey - I am posting my blogs within the same framework as you. My opinions, my thoughts, my concerns. I do hope to read more from you, Laura. I enjoy writing children's books also, but strangely enough, not children's poetry. Take care, Catie :)

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