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I grew up in rural Lima, Ohio. My first poem was written in 1987. I didn't actually begin writing until 2002. I decided to finally compose a book because so many have told me I should. I am always constantly writing. Check Poetry and quotes from my Heart on Facebook


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Arts and Culture ~ Poems The Poets Are Dead
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Hypnotized
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Shred
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Crawl From The Ashes
Arts and Culture ~ Poems She Walks
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Crying In The Rain
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Last Night
Arts and Culture ~ Poems Magic


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I am your traditonal romantic poet. I write of love, happiness, sadness and inspiration. I have one book available virtually anywhere called Poetry From My Heart. I'm really hoping to publish my 2nd soon. Self publishing is just pricy. I run a blog and page on Facebook called Poetry and quotes from my Heart. I look forward to reading everyone's amazing work here. I hope you enjoy mine

Tim Hoffman



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