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Wherever life might take you, it takes you there to learn and experience something new. No matter the cliché sayings we've heard from all around the world, eventually, one ends up speaking the same words out their mouths or end up living by it.




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The Plan

6/25/2018 9:03:24 AM

It's 05:10 AM and the alarm goes on. It's again another day to start a mission which I have committed myself to. I turn it off to continue with my sleep and wake up a couple of minutes later. And as always, I first start of by plugging the heater on and fix my hair. I bath, get half dressed and decide whether (more...)


6/24/2018 3:57:05 PM

I'm Not All About The Fake Life Anymore. All The Pretending And Taking It All In, Waiting For The Right Time To Burp And Spit It All Out, Has Officially Come To An End. Fake Relationships For Time Pushing And Wanting To See If Real Love Is There, Waiting To Catch Feelings Whilst Still Being Fully Entertained By Infatuation And Lust (more...)


6/19/2018 6:20:01 AM

It Has Taught Us Nothing But Competition. That Your Neighbours' Daughter And Son Cannot Out Do You Or Be Better Than You. It Has Taught Us That You Cannot Have It All To Yourself, All The Success, The Good Life, The Cars And The Money, While They Have Nothing But Their Old Rusty, Unfortunate And Misprivileged Life. It Has Taught (more...)



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