The Modification of Technology

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If there is one thing I have noticed about Technology is that, it keeps modifying itself. We all ask ourselves, "What Is Technology" ? and do we ever get to conclusions and answers about it? , I doubt it. Well, I for one think it's remarkable. It delivers and it disappoints. It's like a dragon that, at first, there is no fire to breathe out and later, as years passed by and once it has grown into a fully developed dragon, you cannot stand the heat that comes towards you, and by that I refer to ' Upgraded systems, hardware, and software', that has been introduced, modified and kept in innovation.

It is the big, yet intangible things that cannot or can be seen such as Wi-Fi and hardware components, which are used on a daily basis, be it for different reasons. It keeps advancing more and more each day and the results are outstanding, although not easily understood. We are most certainly surrounded by it and most importantly, we are part of it. The one thing I've also learned about it is that, no matter how innovative it becomes, and no matter what device or system or even modification that might be done to improve it, there's always one aspect that will be missing to the newly introduced concept, prior to the old version of it.  What I mean is that there is always one ability that the new achievement will not be able to perform compared to the old achievement. Technology is more than what we see on the outside. There are systems and translators behinds every technological device there is in the world. For you to be able to communicate with your device, be it a laptop, tablet, mobile, there are software and hardware components working as a mediator between the two of you. Devices cannot understand what you write in plain text and you cannot understand what it responds in plaintext either. All this sounds complicated and difficult, and trust me, it kind of is. But once you get to understand the concept and what it means as well as how it works, you will then get to see that, It's actually manageable. 

There are pros and cons of technology, which might be seen and viewed differently by each and every one of us. Yes, it has brought people closer in terms of mobile communications, if perhaps individuals are far apart or there's quite a bit of distance between them. Yes, it has made it easier for people to learn and know more about what is happening around the world. And yes it has most certainly made it more convenient for people to be social, to finds places which they are headed to much quicker, to give directions and for people to be able to notify you if you're in a process of building something for yourself and seeking support. I do not deny any of that. Though, my concern is that it has minimized communications in person. It has somewhat eradicated the significance of traditional ways of doing things. Society cannot now sit and have conversations because all we are interested in, is what's happening on social media. Who has posted what, where and with whom? The new generation thinks it's rather normal to be on the phone than to actually sit, listen and share ideas without having to be influenced by the sickness of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). 

The creators of aspects of technology did not intend to execute communication but to enhance it. Tim Berners-Lee,  father of the Web. Vint Cerf,  father of the Internet and Bob Metcalfe, father of the Ethernet, wanted to introduce people to the fast moving pace of the world, yet instill the importance of traditional base of communication.

 That is my Technology to you.

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Author: Nkoloti Mofokeng
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