Count the days

Written by Alyssia Ivelja |
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Everything that you said, replays inside my head. Reminding me that I will be fine. When did you become the voice of my piece of mind

And you know its true, when your gone god knows I miss you. And I count the days in many ways. From one to ten and back again. And then....

I feel fine. Your voice has calmed my mind. What a beautiful symphony. You play the cords so blissfully. I hear your voice harmonise with your guitar. And I know though you are far. You will always be here with me.

And you know its true. When your gone god knows that I miss you. And I count the days in many ways from one to ten and back again. And...

Your voice meets me so calmingly. Easing my tears so tenderly. And you erase my fears, that i have had for all these years. Because I know that soon you will be home with me.


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Author: Alyssia Ivelja
Alyssia Ivelja is an Australian teacher, who has recently moved to Dublin Ireland with her partner. Her interests include, education, technology, travel, cooking, learning foreign language, performing arts and writing.


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