Lyric Poems

For Granted
by Nadine Oraby

We take life for granted and we think we have forever, but we don’t.

We take our health for granted until we catch a cold,

People never

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by sabrina espanio

Love wasnt supposed to feel this way 

dont you remember hearing me say 

ever since the first day that if i gave

you my heart not to treat

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Count the days
by Alyssia Ivelja

Everything that you said, replays inside my head. Reminding me that I will be fine. When did you become the voice of my piece of mind

And you

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Little Baby
by Breanna Gass

Wiggly little baby all around

Even if you don't make a sound

You wiggled your way into my heart

And this was from the very start

Mommy loves you

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by Brandon Connor

Independent laws, moral tune

Reserve applause, infernal loom

Creator clause, fatal monsoon

Turn tables above, summer bloom

Floweth love, beguiling June

Flying dove, impeccable croon

 Abundant crime, seasonal doom

Existential times, big

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The cock in my hood
by Rita C. Chima

It crows at the dawn of day

Despite sun or rain

Its crowing resounds in my head

As I turn and toss on my bed

And when I step

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Plans are made to be broken
by Micah Harris

i'll try to make it up to you

 I don't mean to cancel

 it's just that I'm a important man

This world needs me and I need them 


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Warrants and Arrests
by Micah Harris

It's 90 degrees

and I'm down on my knees

Begging God please

Don't forget about me

I'm the cause of the disease

My hearts in my chest

And it's failing to

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The Beginning
by Micah Harris

You know that you want it

You're so disappointed

You know that you've owned it

but no one knows it

Just say how you're feeling

You're making a killing

But still

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