Crawling Mother

Written by Maryam Dalhatu |
Published on:

I feel sad when i see you the same,
For decades you remain lame,
It is indeed a pity or late blame,
But i just pray you shouldn't go the way you came.
Many mock my abilities and call me names,
But no one knows what i feel deep down,
Just like how the sun rise,the dawn shall dawn,
Till then let me continue to mourn as a crawling mother.

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Form of Poetry


Author: Maryam Dalhatu
My names are Maryam Dalhatu Sule,I come from Nasarawa State,Nigeria. I am a Muslim,I come from a family of five. I am 18 years old,I am a student of the University of Jos Nigeria. Writing has been my hobby since five years now,I developed strong passion for writing anytime I see something happening.


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