Days That I Remember

Written by Michael Henry |
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Days That I Remember


There are days that I remember

And many I do not

Those happy days, those golden days

When I thanked god for my lot

When I thought things can’t get better

And rejoiced in all I had

Though in my heart I always knew

That with good days come the bad


There were days that brought the sunshine

And days with chilling rain

There were days of happy laughter

And days of numbing pain

Some days were filled with simple hope

And some were filled with dread

Sometimes I would regret the days

When my heart controlled my head


But through it all, in retrospect

When I think of days gone bye

And remember all life’s ups and downs

That have made me laugh or cry

Or recall the days of youthful fun

And those of quiet rest

I thank the stars I lived them all

And know that I’ve been blest.



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Author: Michael Henry
Born in Ireland and raised in England, I have travelled widely both before and after my arrival in Australia which I have called home since 1966. I have a Certificate III in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I have also edited texts for published works. Now, with working life behind me, I'm looking to indulge in my passion and see what the future holds...
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